Descrição do produto

In the center of the historic center of Athens, next to your Hadrian’s Gate waiting to share good Greek food.
We offer a wide variety of breakfast, coffee, juices and authentic Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by our own homemade wine. Efcharis was recently renovated, so as to remind of a traditional yard.



1. Toast
(ham*, cheese and tomato)
2. Club sandwich
(triple toast bread with cheese, ham*, bacon,
lettuce, tomato,
fried potatoes and sauce)
3. Crepe
(with ham*, cheese, tomato and pepper)


4. Cheese pie Skopelou
5. Spinach pie Skopelou


6. Simple
7. Ham* (with cheese and tomato)
8. Special
(with ham*, cheese, mushrooms, peppers and onions)
9. Bread


10. Lettuce
(with fresh finely chopped onion and dill)
11. Cabbage and carrots
12. Green stuffs
(wild or cropped greens depending on the season)
13. Fresh beetroots
(with bulbs and leaves)
14. Greek Salad
(with tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper,
feta cheese, olive oil, olives and oregano)
15. Green salad
(with lettuce, rocket and parmesan)
16. Mediterranean salad
(with spinach, rocket, goats milk cheese,
lola Rosso and radish)
17. Gardener salad
(with lettuce, red cabbage,
tomato, cucumber, onion and feta cheese)
18. Tuna salad
(with tuna, lettuce, red cabbage, lollo rosso,
cherry tomatoes and parmesan)
19. Efharis
(with lettuce, red cabbage, rocket, tomato,
cucumber, lollo rosso, radish, parmesan & sauce)
In the salads we use olive oil.
*Pork shoulder.

Meat varieties

20. Meat variety (small plate)
(includes: thin pork steaks, grilled sausage,
fried meatballs, chicken fillet, cheese
croquettes, courgettes croquettes, tomato,
cucumber, tzatziki, freshly cut
fried potatoes, pickles, peppers and olives)
21. Meat variety (large plate)
(includes: thin pork steaks, grilled sausage,
fried meatballs, chicken fillet, cheese
croquettes, courgettes croquettes, tomato,
cucumber, tzatziki, freshly cut fried potatoes,
pickles, peppers and olives)

Seafood varieties

22. Sea food variety (small plate)
(includes: octopus** with vinegar, fried squids**,
grilled shrimps**, anchovies, grilled sardines, fish
roe salad and seasonal green stuffs)
23. Sea food variety (large plate)
(includes: octopus** with vinegar, fried squids**
grilled shrimps **, anchovies, grilled sardines,
fish roe salad and seasonal green stuffs)

Traditional cooked

24. Mousakas
(a traditional dish made from layers o f potatoes,
eggplants, minced meat topped with
creamy bechamel sauce from wheat flour)
25. Lamb
(with potatoes and lemon sauce baked
in the oven in a parchment paper)
26. Gemista
(peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice
baked in the oven)
27. Green beans
(in their season)


28. Feta cheese
(D.O.C., the classic white cheese made from
sheeps or goats milk, from the region of Grevena)
29. Kefalograviera cheese
(D.O.C., a semi-hard, ripened cheese,
mildly salted and delicately scented
from the region of Amfilochia)
30. Goat cheese
(a slightly salted cheese from Ipeiros region, reminiscent of buttermilk)
31. Cheese variety
(includes feta, kefalograviera metsovone, goats cheese and Myconian cream cheese)

Partidas a frio

32. Potato salad
(salad with potato, finely chopped onion, parsley and olive oil)
33. Tzatziki
(a dip of strained yogurt, grated cucumber, melted garlic and oil olive)
34. Tyrokafteri
(is a mixing of soft cheeses with slightly spicy pepper flavor)
35. Kopanisti Mykonou
(spreadable cheese, made in Cyclades islands,
with slightly salted and spicy taste)
36. Fava
(Yellow split peas of Santorini with chopped
onion and olive oil)
37. Skordalia
(a dip made with garlic, mashed potato and olive oil)
38. Taramosalata
(fish roe mixed with bread crumbs and mashed potato)
39. Black-eyed beans
(boiled, served with fresh chopped onion)
40. Fried peppers
(served with olive oil
and balsamic vinegar)
41. Eggplant salad
(a dip made from peeled roasted eggplant, grated onion, crushed garlic, olive oil and vinegar)
42. Cretan dakos
(barley rusks with finely chopped tomato, soft cheeses, olive oil, parsley and oregano)

Frutos do mar

43. Anchovies marinated
44. Anchovies fried
45. Sardines grilled
46. Squids** fried
47. Octopus** marinated in vinegar
48. Octopus** grilled or fried
49. Shrimps**
(grilled or fried. Served with grilled vegetables)
50. Shrimps**
(saganaki, baked in a clay pot with tomato, feta cheese and peppers)
51. Sea bream
(fresh, grilled and served with green – stuffs and olive – lemon sauce)
52. Codfish
(fried, served with skordalia dip)
53. Fish of the day
(ask us for them)


54. Napoliten
(with fresh tomato sauce and cheese)
55. Bolognese
(with fresh veal mince meat and cheese)
56. Carbonara
(with sour cream, ham*, bacon, mushrooms and cheese)
57. Marinara
(with seafood and fresh tomato sauce)
*Pork shoulder
**Frozen product

Iniciantes quentes

58. Zuccini courgettes fried
59. Fried Potatoes
(freshly cut fried potatoes)
60. Baked feta cheese
(in foil with tomato and paprika)
61. Saganaki
(fried gruyere-type cheese)
62. Haloumi
(a traditional Cypriot cheese on the grill)
63. Cheese croquettes
(mix with 4 kinds of cheeses)
64. Courgette balls
(kneaded with goat cheese and dill)
65. Giant beans from Kastoria region
(baked with tomato and herbs)
66. Mushrooms
(grilled pleurotus)
67. Vegetables
68. Meatballs
(fried from fresh mince meat and herbs)
69. Flogeres
(spring rolls stuffed with ham* & cheese)
70. Flogeres
(spring rolls stuffed with eggplant & feta cheese)
71. Grilled sausage
(from Trikala region)
72. Grilled peppers
(stuffed with different kind of cheeses)
73. Melitzanato
(chopped eggplants, mixed with 3 kinds of cheeses and tomato, baked in a clay pot)
74. Tigania
(fried thin pork steak, with lemon sauce)
75. Mpekri meze
(small pieces of pork meat, baked with tomato
& peppers, with a slightly spicy taste)
76. Homemade cheese pie bites
(stuffed with feta cheese & anthotiro cream cheese)
77. Homemade dolmades
(grape vine leaves, stuffed with rice & minced meat)
In the frying we use sunflower oil.
*Pork shoulder

Carne grelhada

78. Filé de frango
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes and rice)
79. Chicken souvlaki
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes, rice, pita bread and tzatziki)
80. Grilled chicken
(with sour cream and mushrooms)
81. Fork chop
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes and rice)
82. Thin pork chops
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes and rice)
83. Gyros pork**
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes,
pita bread and tzatziki)
84. Kempap
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes, pita bread and tzatziki)
85. Veal chop
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes and rice)
86. Pork tenderloin
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes and rice)
87. Veal burger
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes and rice)
88. Burger stuffed
(with gruyere cheese
served with freshly cut fried potatoes and rice)
89. Pork souvlaki
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes pita bread and tzatziki)
90. Lamb souvlaki
(served with freshly cut fried potatoes, pita bread and tzatziki)
91. Lamb chops
92. Mix grill
(includes: pork tenderloin, chicken fillet, burger and sausage)

Vinhos brancos

93. Glass of wine, 150ml
94. Wine carafe, 500ml
95. Glass of retsina, 150ml
96. Retsina, 500ml
97. Domaine Efharis
(700ml Chardonnay, Malagouzia)
98. Strofilia
(700ml, Roditis, Savvatiano)
99. Amethistos Lazaridi
(700ml Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Asirtiko)
100. Moshofilero Boutari 700ml, Moshofilero
101. Domaine Vivlia Hora
(700ml Sauvignon Blanc, Asirtiko)
102. Santorini Sigala 700ml Asirtiko
103. Domaine Gerovasileiou
(700ml Asirtiko, Malagouzia)

Vinhos rosés

104. Domaine Efharis Ro, 700ml Syrah
105. Amethistos Lazaridi, 700ml Cabernet, Sauvignon
106. Domaine Vivlia Hora, 700ml Syrah

Vinhos tintos

107. Glass of wine, 150ml
108. Wine carafe, 500ml
109. Glass of Sangria, 150ml
110. Sangria carafe, 500ml
111. Domaine Efharis
(700ml Grenasche Rouge, Syrah, Merlot)
112. Papaioannou Driofillos
(700ml Cabernet Sauvignon)
113. Domaine Vivlia Hora
(700ml Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot)
114. Katogi Averof
(700ml Cabernet Sauvignon, Agiorgitiko)
115. Kava Boutari
(700ml Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko)
116. Niabelo Sigala
(700ml Mandilaria, Agiorgitiko)
117. Domaine Gerovasileiou
(700ml Syrah, Merlot)


118. Draught, small glass, 300ml
119. Draught, large glass, 500ml
120. Amstel, 500ml
121. Heinekcn, 500ml
122. Alfa, 500ml
123. Amstel Pilsner, 500ml
124. Fischer, 500ml
125. Sol, 330ml
126. Bios, 330ml
127. McFarland, 330ml


128. Coca Cola, 250ml
129. Coca cola Zero, 250ml
130. Coca cola light, 250ml
131. Sprite, 250ml
132. Fanta orange, 250ml
133. Fanta lemon, 250ml
134. Soda water, 250ml
135. Tonic water, 250ml
136. Natural carbonated mineral water, 250ml
137. Mineral water, 1lt


138. Glass of tsipouro, 40ml
139. Carafe of Tsipouro, 200ml
140. Tsikoudia shots, 25ml
141. Tsikoudia carafe, 100ml
142. Tsipouro Tirnavou, 200ml


143. Glass of ouzo, 40ml
144. Ouzo MINI Mytilene, 200ml
145. Ouzo Varvagianni, 200ml
146. Ouzo Plomari, 200ml
147. Ouzo Dimino, 200ml
148. Ouzo Tirnavou, 200ml


149. Whiskey simple, 40ml
150. Whiskey special, 40ml
151. Vodka, 40ml
152. Gin, 40ml
153. Tequila, 40ml
154. Baileys, 40ml
155. Campari, 40ml
156. Martini, 40ml
157. Metaxa 3*, 40ml
158. Metaxa 5*, 40ml
159. Shots, 25ml


160. Greek coffee
161. Double Greek coffee
162. Nes cafe frappe
163. Filter coffee
164. Expresso
165. Double espresso
166. Espresso freddo
167. Cappuccino
168. Double cappuccino
169. Cappuccino freddo
170. Freddoccino

Cafés especiais

171. Nescafe frappe with ice cream
172. Nescafe frappe with Baileys
173. Cappuccino freddo with ice cream
174. Cappuccino freddo with Baileys
175. Irish coffee


176. Hot or cold chocolate
177. White chocolate
178. Cold chocolate with ice cream


179. Tea hot or cold various flavors
180. Tea with cognac
181. Extra whipped cream

Fruit juices

182. Orange juice
183. Lemon juice
184. Apple juice
185. Banana juice
186. Pear juice
187. Fruit punch
188. Fruit punch with alcohol
189. Fruit salad
(from fresh fruits of season)
190. Amita
(orange, lemon, peach, pineapple, mixed)


191. Baklavas
192. Walnut cake
193. Ravani
194. Chocolate cake
195. Chocolate souffle
196. Kataifi
197. Cheesecake
198. Apple pie
199. Yogurt with honey
200. Crepe with chocolate, banana and biscuit
201. Halvas with semolina, homemade
202. Candied fruit in syrup
(sour cherry, cherry, quince, bitter orange)
All sweets are served with ice cream with 2 € moreover

Ice cream & milkshakes

203. Vanilla
204. Chocolate
205. Strawberry
206. Peanut
207. Kaimaki
208. Special Efharis (Surprise)
209. Strawberry Sorbet
210. Lemon Sorbet
The ice-creams are served with 2 scoops.