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Inspired by the white of the Aegean islands we created our restaurant in Kamari.

Creative Greek cuisine from local ingredients, local wines next to the sea and closer to it our sunbeds where you can enjoy from the early morning hours your coffee and breakfast until the evening excellent cocktails from our bartender.

Welcome to White Restaurant.


1. Gazpacho cold Santorini tomato soup
2. Refreshing cucumber soup
(with traditional yoghurt and fresh herbs)
3. Traditional Santorinian tomato balls
(with fresh herbs and yogurt dip)
4. Smoked eggplant duet
(with fresh tomato & feta cheese)
5. Feta cheese wrapped in crispy pastry with honey and black sesame
6. Santorinian Fava with grilled octopus & caper sauce
7. Beef fillet carpaccio
(with sea salt, pine nuts, parmesan & extra virgin olive oil)8. Marinated Salmon Tartar
(with avocado, wasabi & small green salad)
9. Stuffed shrimps
(with creamy cheese & crab wrapped in kataifi pastry with spicy pepper sweet sauce)
10. Bread
11. Olive oil in portion
12. Barley rusks
(flavored with truffle oil, Santorinian tomato tartar, capers & feta cheese with oregano)
13. Greek traditional salad
14. Carpeze style
(with colourful tomatoes, fresh mozzarella mousse & basil pesto)
15. Nest of parmesan
(with spinach, rocket, pine nuts, caramelized figs & balsamic dressing spiced with vinsanto)
16. Escarole rocket salad
(with pear, walnuts, gorgonzola, dijon mustard & honey dressing)
17. Variety of green salads
(with roasted nuts, orange & manouri cheese & raspberry dressing)
Risotto – Pasta
18. Seafood risotto & saffron
19. Risotto with mushroom variety & truffle oil
20. Penne with chicken, sundried tomato, basil & sour cream
21. Shrimp pasta for two
22. Linguini with basil pesto & baby rocket
23. Linguini bolognese
Pot or Pan
24. Oriental stuffed tomato & pepper with raisins & pine nuts
25. Traditional mousaka baked in clay pot
26. Chicken fillet
(with sundried tomato, herbs and feta cheese with florentine risotto & creamy mustard seed sauce)
27. Pork fillet mignon
(with sweet potato purree, variety of mushrooms with vinsanto & schinos)
28. Carre of lamb
(with parmesan polenta, spinach sauteed with herbs and raspberry sauce)
On the grill
29. Beef fillet (200gr) with bearnaise sauce
30. Beef Chateaubriand (500gr) with aged old beer sauce*
31. T-bone steak (500g)(45min)
32. Chicken souvlaki
(marinated with mustard seeds, pita bread & tzatziki)
33. Pork souvlaki
(marinated with oriental spices, pita bread & tzatziki)
34. Classic burger with bacon & French fries country style & homemade bread
(100% beef 200gr, with cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup, green salad, tomato & pickles)
35. Gorgonzola burger & French fries country style & homemade bread
(100% beef 200gr, with gorgonzola, fried onions, mayonnaise & pear chutney)
36. Truflle burger with french fries flavoured with truffle oil & parmesan & homemade bread
(100% beef, parmesan, green salad, glazed onions & florinian peper chutney with vanilla)
37. Chicken Burger with bacon & french fries country style fries & homemade bread
(chicken fillet, green salad, pickles, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard)
38. Salmon fillet
(with cauliflower tabbouleh, baby potato & spicy mayonnaise sauce)
39. Fish of the day
* served with french potatoes flavored with rosemary & brussel sprouts sauteed with bacon.
40. Chocolate souffle with ice cream and seasonal fruit
41. Poached pear in vinsanto syrup & yogurt mousse
42. Creme brulle with ice cream & seasonal fruits
43. Panna cotta a la Greek, with yoghurt, honey and walnuts
44. Ice cream
(chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peanut, caramel, banana, peanuts, stracciatella,mango sorbet, lemon sorbet, strawberry sorbet)
Water – Refreshments
45. Mineral water 1L
46. Mineral water 0.5L
47. Sparkling Water 0,75L
48. Sparkling Water 0.25L
49. Soft Drinks
(coca cola, orange, lemon, sprite, soda, tonic)
Beer – House Wine
50. Alfa 0.5L
51. Alfa 0,3L
52. Amstel / Mythos 0.33L
53. Heineken 0.33L
54. Corona 0.33L
55. Glass of house wine (red, rosé, white)
56. House Wine Carafe 500ml
57. House Wine Carafe 1L
Wine List
White Wine
58. NYKTERI, Canava Roussos
(Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani. White colored with golden reflections and complex ammo bouquet with hints of fruit,honey and vanilla. In the mouth, rich and fleshy texture. Ideal match with grilled fish, smoked meats and sausages.
white sauces and cheeses.)
59. DOLPHINS SANTORINI, Avantis Estate
(Dry, Mild, White. Assyrtiko. Medium lemon yellow color, an amazing synergy between the crystal almost pure varietal fruit(peach, lemon) and a smoky minerality (flint) featuring wines from terroir little warming, such as Santorini and chablis.)
60. KATSANO, Gavalas Winery
(PCI CYCLADES. Dry white wine 85% Katsano and 15% Gaidouria, grape varieties that cover only 1% ofthe total vineyard in Santorini. The harvest commences in early August. Gavalas’ Katsano is a drywhite wine possessing green highlights and a nose of sweet ammas of flowers, honey and lemon blossom.
On the palate it develops a rich taste with an exceptional balance, pleasant acidity and a long after taste.
It accompanies superbly all seafood and white meat dishes with light sauces.)
61. AA Domaine Sigalas(Assyrtiko 75% Athiri 25%. Colour straw blonde, bright, with a nose of ripe citrus fruit.With refreshing acidity and a delightful after-taste. Ideal to accompany traditional Greek recipes.)
Rose Wine
62. EAN, Domaine Sigalas
(A rose wine composed from the red varieties of Santorini, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano.Has bodied, refreshing acidity, soft tannins and a long aftertaste. Enjoy the cool or in combination with salads,fried fish and fruit either alone as an aperitif)
63. VOUDOMATO, Gavalas Winery
(PGI CYCLADES. Dry roze wine. Fruity character, with aromas of fresh cherry and pomegranate.Soft in the mouth, metallic taste and refreshing acidity with delicate pleasant tannins thatintegrate the rich body and structure of the wine. Accompanies a big variety of food(seafood, fish, pasta, white meat and meat with tomato sauce)
Red Wine
64. TERRA NERA, Artemis Karamolegos Winery
(PGI CYCLADES. Mandilaria 100%. Youthful nose with red fruit aromas, beautifully combined withspices and mediterranean herbs. Stylish and immediate on the palate combining high freshness,crispy fruit, tannic firm structure and elegant personality. Exceptional combination withcharcuterie plate or dear to combine it with salmon or tuna on the oven. Enjoy it in pairingwith comfort food such as pasta bolognese, pizza or burgers.)
65. MERLOT, Boutari
(Red, Dry. Strict selection of grapes from the international variety merlot.Impressive deep red colour and intense aroma of red fruit, dominated by strawberry,blackberry and sweet spices, such as vanilla and cinnamon.
Very good structure, balance, fatty and excellent aftertaste. Ideal for red meatsaccompanied with sweet vegetables, pasta with sweet sauces, meat pies, yellow cheeses.)
66. XENOLOO, Gavalas Winery
(PGI CYCLADES. Dry red wine. Mavrotragano. Voudomato and Athiri grape varieties covering only 3-5%of the vineyard of Santorini. Vivid personality, velvety taste and a rich nutty bouquet.It is an ideal accompaniment to game, meat with red sauces, light spicy meals and cheese.)
Sparkling wine & Champagne
67. Martini Asti
68. Martini Brut
69. Martini Rose
70. Moscato D ‘Asti
71. Prosecco
72. Moet
73. Moet Ice


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