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At Vassilikos restaurant from noon until late at night you can enjoy dishes and flavors from Santorini, the Mediterranean and around the world in a relaxed and tidy environment by the sea. Empathy, beauty and taste meet by the sea and Vassilikos restaurant, where everything is ready to welcome you and share the owners’ and staff’s love for fine cuisine and creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience on the island of Santorini.

Selected raw materials… The raw materials used for the creation of the tasty proposals at Vassilikos restaurant in Kamari are carefully selected daily. Giving priority to the unique products of the Santorini land, such as tomatoes, white eggplant, capers and authentic fava beans, the raw materials at Vassilikos restaurant in Kamari are complemented by pure and fresh choices that complement each other and tastefully combine to create the dishes of Vassilikos restaurant in Kamari Santorini.

Delicious flavours… The menu of Vassilikos restaurant is full of suggestions of genuine Santorini cuisine, traditional Greek dishes, which together with the choices from the rich Mediterranean gastronomic tradition have something for all visitors of the island who want to enjoy a real tasty meal by the sea.

Exquisite appetizers, fresh salads, steamed risottos, creative proposals with meat as the protagonist and many choices of fresh fish make up the menu of Vassilikos restaurant in Kamari. You can check out our related page for the menu of Vassilikos restaurant.

Relaxed atmosphere… Vassilikos restaurant in Kamari Santorini has two separate areas by the sea. The soft greenery dominates and the colourful pots with basil plants create a unique atmosphere. Representing the courtyard of an island house with open windows looking out over the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, with the characteristic arches and the comfortable layout of the tables guarantee an unforgettable dining experience in Santorini. The space by the sea, in the shade of the trees with the abundant view of the sea become the ideal summer setting to enjoy the authentic and well-cooked flavors of Vassilikos restaurant in Kamari, Santorini.

Musical touches… Flavors from Greece and the Mediterranean combined with excellent musical selections from the Greek repertoire that completes your culinary journey that starts from Vassilikos restaurant. During the summer and for specific nights you can listen to live music with bouzouki and “character” Greek music.



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