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Kerasma restaurant is located on the street G. Leontos 4-6 in Rhodes.

In a beautiful and pleasant environment we expect you to enjoy delicious flavors.



1. Traditional Pita Bread (from Rhodes with three Greek Dips.)

2. Crispy Feta (Deep fried feta cheese with a crust of oats and blueberry sauce.)

3. Briam (Stuffed zucchini with vegetables ratatouille and mozzarella)

4. Apaki-Mushroom (Selection of mushrooms with smoked pork from Crete and truffle oil)

5. Caramelized Sausage (Grilled pork sausage with caramelized onions and a sauce made from black beer)

6. Beef Carpaccio
(Carpaccio with rocket parmesan flakes, truffle-lemon sauce and olive mayonnaise)

7. Selection of Marinated fishes (Selection of marinated fishes with lemon marmalade and sauce made from fresh beetroot.)

8. Shrimps-Calamari (Grilled calamari and shrimps with rose chutney and fresh tomato piccata)

9. The Acid Octopus (Octopus dipped in homemade sauce from honey and vinegar with fava beans puree.)

10. Steamed Mussels (Fresh mussels cooked in white wine, onion, Florina peppers, fennel, parsley and saffron)

11. Kritharoto (Creamy o rzo with baby shrimps from Simi, fennel, tomato, dill and feta cheese)


12. Greek Traditional Salad (Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, olives, capers, feta cheese and Cretan rusks.)

13. Manouri Salad (Manouri cheese with mix fresh vegetables, croutons, marinated pears and vinaigrette from strawberries.)

14. Salmon Salad (Fresh mix vegetables with smoked salmon, broccoli and radish, accompanied with vinaigrette from citrus fruits.)

15. Kerasma Salad (Salad with carrot, turnip, walnuts and crispy prosciutto with gorgonzola vinaigrette and melon puree.)

16. Rocket-Figs-Katiki (Salad with rocket leaves, bacon lentils, croutons, katiki Domokos, and dried figs with sauce from mustard and honey)

Fresh Pasta

17. Girasoli (Daisy pasta stuffed with walnuts and cheese, smoked pancetta, tomato sauce and grated dry Cretan cream cheese)

18. Grantortellone (Tortellini stuffed with spinach and cheese, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and gorgontzola)

19. Talliateles Forest (Talliateles with a variety of mushrooms and sage)

20. Rabbit Stifado (Slowly braised rabbit in the oven with sweet red wine, served with fresh Cretan pasta and baby onions.)

21. Taste of the Sea (Fresh pappardelle with king shrimps, mussels and sauce made from tomatoes and coconut milk.)

Main Courses

22. The Chicken (Fillet of chicken with Portobello mushroom, sweet potatoes puree with sauce made from honey and balsamic vinegar.)

23. Smoked Pork Fillet (Pork tenderloin with marmalade plum and sauce from smoked cheese, served with eggplant puree and potatoes dauphinoise.)

24. Baked Lamb Shank (Slowly braised lamb shank in the oven with sauce from honey and mustard,accompanied with hummus and caramelized onions.)

25. Beef Sirloin Steak (Grilled sirloin steak with grilled vegetables and spicy chocolate sauce.)

26. Fillet Mavrodaphne (Beef fillet with sauce from Mavrodaphne wine, accompanied with baby potatoes)

27. Greek Vegetarian Moussaka (Famous Greek dish with mixed vegetables and yogurt bechamel)

Fish Dishes

28. King Shrimps (Grilled king shrimps, olive oil flavored with soya and green apple chutney, served with mixed rice.)

29. Sea Bass (Fresh fillet of sea marinated in herbs and baked in the oven, accompanied with green pea risotto.)

30. Sea Bream in Salt Crust (Fresh whole sea bream, baked in the oven with crust of salt and thyme, accompanied with steamed greens of the day)

31. Honey Salmon (Fresh fillet of salmon baked in the oven with sauce from honey and orange juice, served with baked beetroot and cauliflower-bacon puree.)

32. Grilled Tuna (Grilled fresh fillet of tuna served with mushroom-incassee, olive oil flavored with vanillas and basil mayonnaise.)


33. Chocolate Pleasure (Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and coffee liqueur)

34. Greek Tiramisu (Tiramlsu with Greek coffee and Soumada liqueur from Nisiros.)

35. Cheesecake Bounty (Cheesecake with coconut essence and chocolate Ganache)

36. Mix of Greek Traditional Desserts (Mix of traditional desserts of the day)


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