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A well-known restaurant for Oia lovers in Santorini, beautifully renovated, inside and out, for your comfort and romantic culinary delights with a view of the Santorini Caldera.

Floga 1800 Restaurant is waiting for you this summer to taste the new gastronomic creations of the experienced kitchen staff.

The experienced but mostly eager wait staff will help you to choose among many dishes exactly what suits your preferences.

Taste Our wonderful dishes, with great suggestions from the wide list of local and many well-known Greek wines. Come and travel with us, on a wonderful journey with excellent pleasant surprises.



1. Greek Salad
(with rusks of five dough aromatized with parsley oil, olive pate and caper beens)
2. Santorini Salad
(with rocket, lettuce, cheese balls with sun-dried santorini cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, cashews and balsamic vinegar dressing)
3. Mixed Multicolor salad
(with iceberg, lolo rosso, lolo verde, smoked chicken in herbs, grapes, roasted almond fillet and orange dressing)
4. Refreshing salad
(lying in crispy aromatic nest with mixed greens, watermelon, feta cheese and watermelon-champagne vinaigrette)
5. Floga Salad
(with mixed fresh greens, apple, shrimps marinated in lime and carry in honey-carry vinaigrette)


6. Feta cheese’s triangles
(with almond fillet, pomegranade sauce aromatized with rose leaves)
7. Santorini fava beans puree
(with baby onions cooked in aged vinsanto)
8. Octopus in Vinegar
(with fresh orange juice, fennel bulb, capers and olive fillet)
9. Shrimps ceviche
(with avocado, cherry tomatoes, mint and aromatized crispy bread)
10. Fresh local fried kalamari
(with boil almyrides)
11. Shrimps Caldera
(wrapped in angel hair lying in santorini cherry tomato marmalade and mint oil)
12. Steamed mussels
(flambé with ouzo, fennel, santorini cherry tomato sauce and feta cheese served with lime jellies)

Pasta’s plates

13. Handmade Ravioli
(stuffed with salmon and ricotta cheese in champagne sauce and dill)
14. Papardelle with smoked duck breast
(sun-dried porcini and kanthareles mushrooms and yellow tomato sauce)
15. Spaghetti with shrimps
(multicolor peppers, santorini cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and fresh basil)
16. Tagliatelle with fillet mignon julienne
(fresh basil, onion, rocket, broccoli and mizithra cheese)


17. Risotto with fruits of the sea
(and crayfish aromatized with saffron)
18. Risotto with wild mushrooms
(aromatized with truffle oil and parmesan biscuit)

Fish Plates

19. Red Snapper fillet
(with lime – oil sauce served with mixed grilled vegetables and parsley pesto)
20. Grilled Salmon Fillet
(with lavender sauce lying in asparagus flambé with Tia Maria liqueur and mango puree)
21. Sea Bass fillet marinated
(with fennel, lemongrass and lime in aromatic crust of ginger and smoked paprika accompanied with groat salad)

Main Courses

22. Stuffed chicken fillet
(with rocket, sun-dried tomato, grapes covered with raisins sauce and basmati rice with vegetables brinouaz)
23. Lamb rack
(in honey, thyme and aged vinsanto sauce served with fresh baked mashed potatoes aromatized with carrot)
24. Baby Goat
(slowly cooked with rosemary-thyme and oregano served with baked potatoes aromatized with garlic)
25. Lamb shank casserole
(slowly cooked with vegetables in cherry tomato and rosemary sauce served with smoked white eggplant puree and mint tears)
26. Pork Belly
(with smoked glaze of balsamic vinegar and Jack Daniels served with parsnip puree)
27. Beef Tenderloin Grilled
(with mustard-parsley sauce served with
sauté potato aromatized with Hendricks gin chives and bacon)
28. Virgin olive oil 55ml as the law imposes
29. Bread* rolls per person>


30. Yoghurt with honey and nuts
31. Yoghurt with dried fruit and honey
32. Baclava with ice cream
33. Chocolate souffle with caramel syrup and ice cream
34. Crème Brule
35. Lemon Pie
36. Chocolate Mousse with crispy homemade biscuit
37. Make your choice in ice-cream
(Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, fig, strawberry, sorbet lemon, mint with chocolate chips)
38. Fresh fruit platter
39. Assortment of greek cheeses and cold cuts


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