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Crystal Cocktail Bar

Crystal Cocktail Bar


Product Description

Crystal cocktail bar, one of the most popular in the area is owned by the same company as Loucas Hotel. Open from 22:00 pm to 01:00 am, it offers a long list of cocktails. An ideal place to enjoy your morning coffee with a nice view.

Its balcony offers a view of the volcano, an ideal place to watch the sunset while enjoying your cocktail. Crystal Bar is built on two floors, it can host private parties on the second floor such as bachelor parties etc.



Snack Menu

1. Wheat toast with cotto ham and emmental
(served with potato chips)
2. Rye toast with turkey stew
(and Milner served with potato chips )
3. Club sandwich with chicken breast
(crispy bacon, Edam, lettuce and egg in a light mustard sauce
Served with potato chips)
4. Club sandwich with apaki
(smoked cheese, salad, sundried tomato and fresh yoghurt dressing
Served with potato chips )
5. Whole meal baguette
(with Philadelphia, smoked salmon, green lettuce and fresh ground pepper
Served with potato chips)
6. White baguette
(with smoked turkey, Edam, salad and mayonnaise
Served with potato chips)
7. Bagel with salami Lefkada
( manouri cheese and black olive pate
Served with potato chips)
8. Crunchy ciabatta

(with grilled vegetables, sun-dried tomato paste, balsamic cream & virgin olive oil
Served with potato chips)
9. Freshly baked tortilla
(with chicken, gruyere cheese, lettuce and red light curry sauce
Served with potato chips)


10. Panna cotta flavored with mastic and fig sauce
11. Chocolate pie with vanilla ice cream
12. Cheese cake with strawberries


13. Tea
14. Espresso
15. Espresso Doppio
16. Cappucino
17. Freddo Espresso
18. Freddo Cappucino
19. Frappe
20. Nes Café
21. Greek Coffee Double
22. Chocolate
23. Soft Drinks

24. Juices
25. Fresh Juice (Orange)


27. Spirits
28. Premium Spirits (Special)
29. Heineken
30. Sol
31. Alcopops
32. Cocktails
33. Glass of local Wine
34. Glass of Champagne Moët
35. Bottle of Spirit
36. Bottle of Special Spirit
37. Moët& Chandon
38. Crystal


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