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Product Description

2 Mazi is a Greek creative cuisine restaurant. On the outskirts of Plaka , at 48 Nikis str. Owner Elias Gogos creative and persistent advocate of quality, his inspiration sources from the finest products of our land. Meat , fish , handmade pasta and traditional pies tangle up with herbs and edible flowers each one of special taste and therapeutic value. Small producers delicatessen from all over Greece, could not be absent from our kitchen. We have set the bar high, hoping to convey our deep love for good food.Our goal is to awaken all your senses , to reconstitute familiar but forgotten flavors and create new.
We look forward to see you to our restaurant, a beautiful 19 th century neoclassical building for remembering the time that life had the ” flavor of the party”.


Menu Degustation

1. Discovery menu
2. Chef’s menu


3. Veloute pumpkin
(Ice Cream Smoked Bacon – lavender, pistachio)
4. Greek salad
(Tomato, cucumber, onion, pickles, peppers, capers, dakos oil,
olives, fresh oregano, PDO feta)
5. Salad ‘Spinach pie’
(Baby spinach, goat cheese, fresh onion, dill Vinaigrette,
sesame crust-sheet)
6. Sea bass tartare
(Gazpacho tzatziki, bergamot, rose water sorbet – fennel)
7. Salmon marine
(Textures beetroot, yoghurt-dill, orange, Flakes chestnut,
Greek beer foam)
8. Tail calf pane
(Cream onion, tomato jam)
9. Ntakos seafood
(Ntakos carob, grated tomato, spicy cheese dip, octopus *
anchovies with vinegar, Avocado cream)
10. Carpacio beef (rib-eye)
(Fresh soft cream cheese, sesame paste, mushrooms, vanilla oil)
11. Calamari with celery root *
(Etuve and celeriac cream, hazelnut Crumble, green apple, roe sauce)
12. Corfu cod pie
(In Dumpling, warm potato foam, egg yolk, grated roe from Trikala)
13. Chicken fried
(Crispy crust, slightly spicy mayonnaise Spetsieri,
salad with pickled vegetables)

Main Dishes


14. Cacio e pepe Shrimps Mikrolimano
(Linguine, saute shrimps* with ouzo, squid*, rocket, Bisque sauce)
15. Risotto beetroot
(Convergent Mani, dried leek)


16. Croaker
(Risotto wild fennel, zucchini, fennel)
17. Cod
(Chickpea soup, salami of Lefkada, Kalamata olives)
18. Bream
(Fricassee sauce with seasonal greens, cauliflower tabbouleh with trachana)


19. Chicken
(Zea corn with barley, yogurt-mint chicken Jus)
20. Fillet young calf
(Sabayon burnt butter, variety of mushrooms, red wine sauce)
21. Beef cheek
(Mashed potato, baby Glaze carrots)
22. Pork neck
(Mashed green, apple, Confit potatoes, mustard, pickles, pork sauce)
23. Lamb French cut frames
(Sofrito sauce, Etuve Jerusalem artichokes in butter Greek coffee)
Our restaurant is recommended by the Guide Michelin


24. Black forest
(Flexi chocolate, sour cherry juice, Greek walnut pie, olive crumble,
white chocolate ice cream)
25. Baba (au rum) ala ekmek
(In syrup with aged tsipouro, salepi cream, ginger beer ice cream)
26. Sesame seed candy
(Sesame seed Daquase, sesame paste (tachini) parfait,
honey ice cream, orange pudding)
27. Apple pie
(Puff pastry, baked apple cream, cinnamon-caramel ice cream)
28. Yogurt and honey
(Yogurt mouse, honey with thyme pudding, yogurt ice cream, caramelized walnuts)
29. Assortment of sorbets


30. Grapa
31. Masticha
32. Limoncello
33. Wines vinsanto
34. Tsipouro
35. Limnos muscat
36. Moscato D’asti
37. D’asti Rosé
38. Averna
39. Jagermeister