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Eat at Milton’s

Eat at Milton’s


Product Description

In Plaka at 91 Adrianou Street you will find Eat at Miltons restaurant.
We invite you to enjoy delicious flavors.
With creative cuisine all day.


Appetizers & Salads

1. Urchin sauce in olive oil and lemon, roe
2. Crab with celeriac remoulade
3. Thin slices of tuna, Romanesco, mashed celeriac and lemon gel
4. Sweet peppers with marinated anchovies and sardines stuffed with spinach & feta
5. Salad with shrimp with guacamole, grapefruit, lettuce and cocktail sauce
6. Vitello tonnato salad with thin slices of beef
(Confit tomatoes, baby lettuce, tuna sauce, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, capers & onion)
7. Modern Greek salad (BIO)
8. Fried squid
9. Doughnuts from shrimp with sweet chili sauce
10. Traditional moussaka recipe Smyrnaiiki of Milica
(Preparation time: 20 minutes)
11. Grilled octopus with fava my Schinousa
12. Salmon marinated in lemon and dill
13. Jamon Iberico (7Bellotas 64 months)


14. Braised tripe 16 hours with olives a la Provencale
15. Velour grandma pumpkin with sausage, chestnuts and onion
16. Chowder small petropsara, Aeolians, croutons & parmesan

Fresh Pasta & Risotto

17. Fettuccine with Vongole, petrosolines, garlic, parsley roe &
18. Papardelle with beef ragout, cream parmesan
19. Carnaoli risotto with truffles season
20. Ravioli with prawns, spinach and broccoli sauce shrimp

Fish & Seafood

21. Cod Cod with fresh spinach & potatoes bouchon
22. John Dory baked with aromatic butter, potato puree and lemon zest
(for 2 people)
23. Fish of the day grilled with sauce
(Olive oil, tomato, capers, pine nuts, green onion, parsley, broccoli and spinach,
accompanied by french fries)
24. Fish of the day
(Broth with small petropsara, saffron and squid, voggole, octopus)
25. Lobster (for 2 people)
(The grill with mixed salad or with linguini in shrimp sauce. Book lobster
or fish of your choice and enjoy the live on your plate)

Meat (for one person)

26. Rooster in bread crust with homemade fries
27. Lamb with aubergines, tomato, olives, coriander and
28. Rib eye (Black Angus) grilled with mashed potatoes and french fries

Meat (for two people)

29. Lamb with aubergines, tomato,
olives, coriander and fries
30. Cote de Boeuf ‘Dry Aged’, with potatoes
fried or mashed potatoes
31. Cote de Boeuf (Black Angus) grilled with mashed
& potato fries

Homemade desserts

32. Chocolate sphere with white chocolate Dulcey & crumble
33. Pavlova with seasonal fruit & vanilla ice
34. Mont Blanc with chestnut cream,
vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and orange confit
35. Dad with dark rum, vanilla cream
& Kumquat jam
36. Tart Day
37. Halva mousse with orange cream raisins and almonds
38. Melmpa strawberry
39. Espresso with vanilla ice cream


40. Cheeses from France, Italy, Greece
(Tallegio, gorgonzola, feta, gruyere cheese, ricotta cheese, camembert brebis
accompanied by nuts, olives, tomato, cherry jam, figs)
41. Sausage
(Jamon Iberico 7 Bellotas 36 months)

For children

42. Chicken breast grilled with mashed potatoes or french fries
43. Fetuccini with tomato sauce and minced meat bolognese type