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The 7 Jokers


Product Description

What is your first thought when you hear the word Joker; Let me guess. Bit of papers, some of Batman and far from 7 Jokers.
In 2006, when the region of Karytsi was very little café-bar, friendship, Armellini, Alexander and Spyros joined forces and knowledge to make our evenings otherwise.
Entering the shop, your gaze will fall into portraits of Rolling Stones. Great love of children, hence the annual Rolling with the Stones party which is Kalomoiras. Wanting to create a space where entering into it you get a sense that there is too many years, they made a mix of Andalusian tiles, reed ceilings, plaster arches, elaborate dark wood and beautiful colors to walls. Almost all built with the hands and with the help of a suitable director architektona, interior designer its really unique Alexandros Petrakis, where he was left to make 7 Jokers magic. Our inability to decorating is normal- dimensional man-doll making crib if she likes music. And if you find yourself there during Christmas will surely gaze with black – nightmare before christmas – tree occupies half shop.
At 7 Jokers all are welcome, provided they are pure in soul and beauty to externalise their feelings. Since it is open about 20 hours per 24 hours, you will meet everyone. By journalists move around and take breaks lawyers scholasei and solve ties their kids who go everywhere, genuine rockers up diva wore something simple and came out. So this morning, except fresh sandwich, salads and desserts Armellini, trademark are homemade tarts Mama’s Koula different every day and not be bored for the evening wine numbering approximately about 240 labels drinks and of course the house Spyros cocktails for all tastes and values, if you do not want to read the list, you can just leave it to the staff and will not disappoint.
Tip: The tart spinach Mom’s Koula is divine, the cheesekake of Armellini is among the best I’ve tried and cocktail Tells Spiro to make you the HONEYRUM # 8.
The music lays the foundation to build slowly the atmosphere be directed to the staff and by extension to the people. Well-known residents Djs like Beautifool, o Ilias Golem, o Dear Quentin, o Baco etc. and guests DJS, such as Petros Floorfiller, Untitled etc. playing music their passing rhythm and emotion in those who work primarily and thus passes to the world as available and as we know when having a good staff, everything becomes easier and enjoyable for others. Each Dj has its own sounds and pauses, so you hear from afrobeat, jazz, new swing, electic tunes, world music, rock forgotten gems, nostalgic n dirty rhythm and blues, rousing funkies, new wave and even some indies or two maybe three wedges Rolling Stones.


Coffee – Drinks

1. Espresso
2. Espresso Double
3. Espresso macchiato
4. Cappuccino
5. Cappuccino freddo
6. Cappuccino whipped cream
7. Cafe au lait
8. Nescafe / frappe
9. Coffee filter
10. Greek
11. Greek double
12. Chocolate
13. White Chocolate
14. Chocolate vienoua
15. Tea
16. Irish coffee


17. Prosciutto, cheese, tomato, arugula, olive oil
18. Turkey, edam cheese, tomato, lettuce, sauce bernez
19. Mozzarella, pesto, tomato, olive oil
20. Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, dill
21. Salami, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise
22. Chicken, edam, red peppers, parsley, lettuce, yogurt sauce


23. Cake (orange, chocolate, carrot, lemon -ricotta)
24. Sweet day
25. Salty Tart Day
26. Pie Day


27. Rocket (arugula, prosciutto, tomatoes, sesame, glkoxini sauce, mozzarella)
28. Chicken (lettuce, chicken, parmesan cheese, cucumber, tomato and honey sauce)
29. Raisin – Pine (salad, lettuce, raisins, pine nuts,
mushrooms, parmesan cheese, sauce vinaigrette)
30. Salmon (salad, smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, olive oil, lemon)
31. Ntakos (nuts, tomato, feta, olives, arugula, katiki, oregano, capers, olive)
32. Tuna (tuna, Farfalle, corn, salad, peppers,
capers, olives, olive oil, lemon)

Juice – Drinks

33. Natural orange juice
34. Juice mixed
35. Standardized juices (orange, pineapple, grapefruit,
peach, apple, blackberry)
36. Coca Cola / Light 250ml, Sprite 250ml, Soda 250ml
37. EPSA Orange 250ml, Lemonade 250ml
38. Xinonero
39. Mastic


40. Leffe red draught 330ml
41. Budweiser Draught 400ml
42. Guiness Draught 250ml
43. Guiness Draught 500ml
44. Tucher Draught 330ml
45. Fisher 330ml
46. Kaiser 330ml
47. Corona 330ml



48. Fortant (Chardonnay) 750ml
49. Theallos Earth (Sauvignon Blanc) 750ml
50. Glass of wine


51. Fortant Cabernet 750ml
52. Theallos Earth 750ml
53. Glass of wine


54. Whiskeys, Vodka, Gin, Rum etc
55. Premium bottle
56. Regular bottle
57. Ouzo / Raki
58. Shot
59. Prosecco Bottle
60. Glass of Prosecco
61. Dasti Bottle
62. Dasti Glass


63. Mumm Gordon Rouge
64. Deutz Brut

Premium Spirits


65. Johnnie Black Label 12*
66. Dimple 15*
67. Chivas Regal 12*
68. Glenfidich 12*
69. Famous 12*
70. Dewars 12*
71. Jameson 12*
72. Makers Mark
73. Johnnie Walker Swing
74. Crown Royal
75. Tullamore Dew 12*
76. Cutty Shark 12*
77. Dutty Shark 15*

Malt Whiskies

78. Macallan 12*
79. Coal Ila 12*
80. Lagavulin 16*
81. Oban 14*
82. Talisker 10*
83. Glenmorangie 10*
84. Bowmore 10*
85. Laphroaig 10*
86. Ardbeg 10*
87. Tha Balvenie 12*
88. Glynelish 14*
89. Tha Glynlivet 12*
90. Glenrothes
91. Bushmils Original
92. Bushmils 10*
93. Bushmils 16*
94. Black bush
95. Cardhu 12*


96. Grey Goose
97. Grey Goose Orange
98. Belvedere
99. 42 Below
100. Smirnoff black
101. Zubrowka
102. Imperia Ctandart
103. U’Luvka
104. Beluga
105. Ciroc
106. Elit Stolichnaya


107. Hendrick’s
108. Saffron
109. Miller’s
110. Ten Tanqurray
111. Crown Jewel – Beefeater


112. Don Julio (anejo, reposado, blanco)
113. Jose Cuervo Traditional
114. Patron (reposado)
115. Herencia de Plato (reposado)
116. Somonque (anejo, reposado, blanco)
117. Heradura (anejo, reposado, blanco)
118. Cazadores (anejo)
119. Olmeca Tezon (reposado)
120. Siera Milenario Reserva Suprema (reposado)
121. Mescal (cusano rajo)


122. Pampero Anniversario
123. Bacardi 8*
124. Mathusalem 15*
125. Angostura 7*
126. Angostura 1919 8*
127. Angostura 1824 10*
128. Pyrat
129. Zacapa 23
130. Zacapa x0
131. Diolomatico