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Filippou Restaurant

Filippou Restaurant


Product Description

In the basement of a two story detached house on 19th Xenokratous street, Grandfather Kostas Filippou opened a barrel winery, where also ice and coal could be bought.
It gained a Golden award for the production of barrel wine.
The sale of wine began to be accompanied by delicacies – mezedakia that his wife made.
Kostas Filippou son Giannis took over the restaurant.
The detached two story house was replaced by the building where the restaurant still stands today on the ground floor.
Third generation took over, represented by grandson Kostas and his wife Patricia.
Filippou restaurant with an open kitchen since 1968 (pioneering for that era), symbolizes honesty and trust in what we have been creating everyday over the years. The restaurant is a timeless hangout of many famous and not, from artistic, political and business sectors, people who have left a mark in Modern Greek history.