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Product Description

About SunSet Restaurant in Hydra

We are a unique restaurant with the greatest view of the island at sunset
It is recognized internationally as one of the best restaurants of Greece and also
awarded 2nd place of restaurants with a view by the ABC news.
The Sunset restaurant offers you one of the island’s most tranquil and dreamlike
terrace views of the sea and the sunset.

A menu carefully balanced with seafood, Mediterranean meat dishes,
traditional vegetarian specialties, pastas and salads – plus Sunset desserts.
Candlelight at your table and only the stars over your head – as you watch a
sail boat slowly cross the sea below you. For a romantic dinner, to meet up
with friends, for a wedding reception, but also for a corporate meeting or
any kind of event at the Sunset you will enjoy one of the best gastronomic
experiences in Hydra.


1. Bread and Dip (per person)

2. Toasted mini pita bread (1 portion, 2 pieces)

3. Mixed Marinated Olives


4. Feta cheese with olive oil and oregano

5. A type of Greek Gruyère cheese

6. Creamy goat cheese


7. Taramosalata
(Piraeus style cod roe spread, made with lemon juice
and onion extract, topped with spring onions, Kalamata olives and crispy pita bread)

8. Melitzanosalata
(Mount Athos oven roasted
and smoked aubergine spread, with garlic, olive oil, vinegar and parsley,
garnished with chopped, sweet pickled peppers and served with garlic crostini)

9. Tzatziki
(Greek yogurt, cucumber and garlic spread, topped with extra cucumber salad and dill)


10. Tsigarobourekia
(mini pies of a combination of white cheeses,
accompanied by a spicy sauce of sweet pickled peppers)

11. Grilled halloumi
(a type of Cypriot cheese served on a toasted mini pita bread along with grilled tomato)

12. Feta wrapped in sesame crust
(drizzled with Greek thyme honey and nigella black seeds)

13. Aubergine mille-feuille
(made with creamy goat cheese
and sweet red pepper coulis on baby arugula)

14. Fried zucchini sticks accompanied by spearmint-flavored yogurt sauce

15. Yellow split pea mousse
(garnished with capers and a trilogy of onions (red, spring and caramelized))

16. Grilled octopus* drizzled with balsamic sauce

17. Carpaccio octopus*
(served with baby rocket greens, capers and baby pimientos,
drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and lemon, mustard and honey sauce)

18. Sea Bass filet (Bronzino) marinated in lime
(topped with baby arugula and pink peppercorns, drizzled with olive oil)

19. Smoked trout
(served on a bed of Beluga lentil salad
with carrots, celery, onion, tomatoes, lime and olive oil dressing)

20. Sea urchin eggs served with lemon and extra virgin olive oil

21. Prawns* sautéed in olive oil
(flavored with garlic and butter, garnished with sea asparagus)

22. Prawns* braised in spicy tomato sauce
(flavored with garlic, chili, peppers and feta, topped with spring onions )

23. Fresh anchovies
(marinated in lemon, chili, olive oil and garlic
with chopped tomato salad and pickled rock samphire)

24. Fried calamari* served with fennel mayo sauce

25. King squid*
(grilled with olive oil and oregano, served with chopped tomato salad)

26. Steamed mussels
(mixed with Retsina wine, garlic, lemon, spring onions and green herbs)

27. Spicy mussels
(cooked with garlic, ouzo, roast red pepper, bukovo, tomato sauce and spring onions)

28. Cockles sautéed
(flavored in olive oil, garlic, dry white wine, lemon and parsley)

Side orders

29. Homemade fried potato

30. Steamed basmati rice

31. Grilled vegetables

32. Boiled green herbs

33. Boiled vegetables
(zucchini, carrots, potatoes)


34. Classic Greek
(tomato, cucumber, red onion, parsley, green bell peppers,
olives, capers, feta cheese, mini sesame rusks, extra virgin olive oil and oregano)

35. Baby plum tomatoes
(along with pickled caper leaves, parsley,
aromatic olive oil, fresh basil and coarse sea salt)

36. Cretan
(barley rusk soaked in aromatics with oregano tomato juice, chopped tomatoes, baby arugula,
goat cheese drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sundried black olives and caper berries)

37. Spartan
(baby spinach, baby arugula, orange supremes, thin slices of Mani singlino
(light smoked ham with orange zest), capers and grape tomatoes in a citrus dressing)

38. Cypriot
(mixed lettuces, rocket greens, spring onion, celery,
baby plum tomatoes, pickled cucumber, pickled green peppers, green olives
and grilled halloumi cheese in a lemon and spearmint dressing)

39. Arugula, iceberg & graviera flakes
(accompanied by baby plum tomatoes
with garlic crostini in a balsamic, honey and thyme dressing)

40. Mesclune
(mixed leafy greens, arugula, dried figs, pistachios,
dried cranberries and grapes in a dressing of grape must and dried herbs)

41. Sea food
(crab meat and marinated prawns* on a bed of iceberg,
baby arugula, cucumber and red radish, in a lime, mustard and honey dressing)


42. Sea urchin eggs on spaghetti
(sautéed in olive oil with garlic, lemon and parsley)

43. Cockles on spaghetti
(sautéed in olive oil with garlic, fresh tomato, dry white wine and parsley)

44. Sea food on bavettes
(prawns*, baby calamari*, mussels, cockles, fresh tomato, garlic, dry white wine and parsley)

45. Prawns* on bavettes
(flavored with garlic, fresh tomato and ouzo in lobster sauce)

46. Fresh salmon on tagliatelle
(mixed with fennel, ouzo, dill and cream sauce)

47. Penne in feta mousse
(served with caramelized baby plum tomatoes in garlic and honey, black Kalamata olives, parsley and oregano)

Rice pilaf (risotto)

48. Prawns* rice pilaf
(served with saffron and garlic in a shrimp broth with chives)

49. Chicken rice pilaf from Kassos
(cooked in a free range chicken broth with tomato
and clarified goat butter, served with a pan-roasted chicken filet and whipped Greek yogurt)

50. Slow roast tomato risotto
(flavored with garlic and thyme, served with creamy goat cheese and parsley)

Main courses


51. Beef filet grilled with olive oil and thyme
(served with olive oil, thyme, grilled oyster mushrooms,
baby arugula and mashed potatoes with truffle oil)

52. Rib eye steak
(grilled with aromatic truffle olive oil,
slow roasted tomatoes and homemade fried potato)

53. Grilled pork tenderloin
(served with baby arugula, graviera flakes, slow roasted tomatoes
and homemade fried potato, drizzled with mustard, honey and thyme sauce)

54. Lamb chops
(grilled with olive oil and oregano on a mixed green salad
and sautéed new potatoes with thyme, garlic and lemon)

55. Chicken filet souvlaki
(marinated in turmeric, garlic, smoked paprika and lemon,
served on a toasted noodles pilaf with currants and pine nuts, drizzled with yogurt sauce)

56. Mixed grill souvlaki
(a mix of beef filet mignon, chicken filet and pork tender loin, served with grilled green peppers,
slow roasted tomatoes, red onions marinated in parsley and sumac and homemade fried potato)

57. Grilled beef patties
(served on a mixed green salad and homemade fried potato
accompanied with a chopped tomato salad and red onion marinated in parsley and sumac)


58. Grilled fillet of sea bass
(marinated in rosemary, served on aromatic mashed potatoes with olive oil,
green herbs and boiled greens, drizzled with olive oil and a lemon dressing)

59. Seafood souvlaki
(king calamari*, octopus* and prawns* on herbal green rice
with spring onions and dill, garnished with sea asparagus)

60. Sea bream fillet
(wrapped in parchment paper with boiled potatoes, fresh tomatoes, pimientos,
Kalamata olives, parsley, garlic, olive oil and a spicy fresh tomato sauce)

61. Grilled salmon fillet
(accompanied by potato salad with fennel, dill and ouzo)

Fresh fish and seafood Βy the kilo from Hyrda

62. Α Class

63. B Class

64. C Class

65. Calamari (Squid)

66. Red Prawns Νο1

67. Lobster (grilled or steamed)

68. Lobster with pasta per person

kid’s menu

69. Penne with butter and grated cheese

70. Penne with tomato sauce and grated cheese

71. Grilled mini beef patties and homemade fried potato or steamed basmati rice

72. Grilled chicken fillet and homemade fried potato or steamed basmati


73. Mille-feuille
(filled with vanilla custard cream and garnished with fresh strawberries)

74. Walnut baklava
(drizzled with honey and cinnamon syrup, served with mastic ice cream)

75. Malebi
(a kind of panna cotta with mastic and orange blossom water,
garnished with pine nuts, rose spoon sweet and cracked pistachios)

76. Yogurt tart served with sour cherry jam

77. Chocolate ganache pie
(glazed with chocolate, topped with walnuts and orange ice cream)

78. Key lime and lemon pie served with sour cream