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Nice n Easy


Product Description

The first Nice n Easy in Kolonaki opened in 2008, materializing the vision of its creators, Dimitris Christoforidis and Chris Athanasiadis, who aspired to offer a warm and inviting space in the center of Athens, with healthy gourmet choices placed at the forefront, made only from the purest organic raw ingredients and meant to take its visitors back to the flavors of their childhood.
And even if it’s been a while since first introducing Athenians to healthy eating, Nice n Easy at Omirou 60 Street remains true to its principles, welcoming old and new friends and inviting them to explore all-time classic Mediterranean recipes through a modern prism, signature dishes made from seasonal products and ingredients of high nutritional value, as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options.


Breakfast and snacks 10.00 – 14.00

1. French Toast
(French toast with tsoureki with hazelnut praline, bananas and whipped cream)
2. Pancakes
(Pancakes with wild berries (goji, white berries and cranberries) and golden black Korinthian currants with maple syrup or thyme honey)
3. Omelette 3 eggs
4. Egg white omelet
(Add optionally: Feta cheese, Gouda cheese, bacon, smoked turkey, ham, onion, mushrooms, peppers 0,90€)
5. Eggs Benedict
(Poached eggs with smoked bacon on brioche toasted bread and hollandaise sauce)
6. Salmon Benedict
(Poached eggs with in-house smoked salmon on brioche bread and hollandaise sauce)
7. Huevos Rancheros
( Eggs grilled on a tortilla with spicy tomato sauce, with avocado and red beans)
8. Fried Eggs
(Fried eggs with smoked bacon or homemade smoked salmon and toast)
9. Organic Muesli (with gluten free ingredients)
(Organic muesli on strained Greek yogurt with goji berry, blueberry and golden black Korinthian raisins)
10. Greek yoghurt with honey
(Add optionally: Fresh seasonal fruits, walnuts 0,90€)
11. Seasonal fresh fruit platter (for 2 persons)

Sandwich served with green salad

12. The James Dean Club Sandwich
(With ham, smoked turkey, chicken breast, omelet, Emmental cheese and vegetables with our delicious secret sauce, 392kcal, 27gr pro, 35gr carbs, 16gr fat, 85mg chol)
13. The Anthony Quinn Quesadilla
(Warm tortilla with chicken fillet, Gouda cheese, vegetables in a sweet chili sauce 310kcal, 25gr pro, 23gr carbs, 12gr fat, 62mg chol)
14. The Edith Piaf
(Focaccia with Cretan Graviera cheese, prosciutto from Evritania, tomatoes and young rocket 303kcal, 25gr pro, 26gr carbs, 11gr fat, 83mg chol)
15. The Grace Kelly
(Multigrain homemade baguette with smoked salmon, light Philadelphia in horseradish flavor, lettuce, tomato and chives306kcal, 21gr pro, 24gr carbs, 14gr fat, 58mg chol)
16. The Louis Armstrong
(Homemade low glycemic toast with ham or turkey and cheese 252kcal, 14gr pro, 22gr carbs, 12 gr fat, 65mg chol)

Raw Bar

Dishes to enhance normal physiological function of the heart and brain: Containing
Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidant vitamin E and vitamin D
17. The Diana Ross
(Fresh tuna tartar marinated with lime and wasabi with crispy onion crisps 214kcal, 20gr pro, 11gr carbs, 10gr fat, 48mg chol)
18. The Elizabeth Taylor (with gluten free ingredients)
(In-house smoked salmon with mayo from egg whites, flavoured with horseradish, quail eggs, wakame and toast 281kcal, 20gr pro, 21gr carbs, 13gr fat, 53mg chol)


19. The nice n easy (with gluten free ingredients)
(Wild rocket salad, seasonal organic greens and baby tomatoes, with bio balsamic thyme honey and mustard sauce with aged parmesan flakes 195kcal, 10gr pro, 14gr carbs, 11gr fat, 23mg chol)
20. The Gavras Special (with gluten free ingredients)
(Fresh mixed greens with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, sunflower seeds with Mavrodaphne wine dressing
239kcal, 12gr pro, 14gr carbs, 16gr fat, 27mg chol)
21. The Paul Newman
(Light Caesar salad with greens, chicken fillet, croutons of homemade bread and parmesan 289kcal, 22gr pro, 21gr carbs, 13gr fat, 35mg chol)
22. The Ava Gardner (with gluten free ingredients) (in context)
(Organic kale, young spinach, beluga lentils, alfaalfa sprouts, caramelized cashews and Skotyri cheese from Ios, with a dressing of mustard and grapefruit 252kcal, 12gr pro, 15 gr carbs, 16gr fat, 32mg chol)
23. Amy Winehouse (with gluten free ingredients)
(Crispy cauliflower, valerian and chard seeds from pomegranates, cranberries and goji berries, turkey fillet flavored with lemonolado in soft cream from buffalo yogurt and kefir 279kcal, 26gr pro, 19gr carbs, 11fat, 25mg chol)
Optionally add in all the salads (in box)
Roast chicken or smoked salmon 2,90€
Fresh grilled tuna 3,90€


Basket with bread and marinated olives: 1,80€ per person
24. The Audrey Hepburn (with gluten free ingredients)
(Assorted sautéed wild mushrooms with gorgonzola flavored with thyme 234kcal, 8gr pro, 16gr carbs, 10gr fat, 38mg chol)
25. The Jim Morrison (with gluten free ingredients)
(Talagani Messinia caramelized in ramekin with a paste of lime and fragrant salad
287kcal, 14gr pro, 12gr carbs, 15gr fat, 193mg chol)
26. The Marvin Gaye
(FOur own water buffalo meatballs with Naxos Graviera cheese and yoghurt sauce flavored with lime and mint
296kcal, 24gr pro, 16gr carbs, 12gr fat, 87mg chol)
27. The Bruce Lee
(Vegetable and chicken hand-made spring rolls with sweet and sour pineapple sauce
286kcal, 12gr pro, 15gr carbs, 15gr fat, 53mg chol)
28. The Nikos Kazantzakis
(Organic eggs “saganaki”, on crunchy potatoes, with baby tomatoes and baby spinach
303kcal, 17gr pro, 25gr carbs, 15gr fat, 93mg chol)

Pasta & Risotto

29. Marialeni’s (vegeterian)(with gluten free ingredients)
(Organic gluten free penne with organic baby tomatoes, broccoli and anthotyro cheese
257kcal, 12gr pro, 35gr carbs, 9gr fat, 12mg chol)
Boost your mood! A meal taht helps to increase levels of serotonin in the brain. With a high content of vitamin B6,
30. The Jack Nicholson
(Authentic carbonara with egg, smoked pork belly pancetta and Pecorino Romano cheese
436kcal, 19gr pro, 45gr carbs, 10gr fat, 97mg chol)
31. The Robert De Niro
(Linguine bolognese with buffalo minced meat from Kerkini and Chevre goat cheese
409kcal, 21gr pro, 43gr carbs, 17gr fat, 92mg chol)
32. The John Lennon
(Vintage risotto acquerello with wild asparagus, chicken and parmesan
424kcal, 20gr pro, 41gr carbs, 20gr fat, 91mg)
33. The Brigitte Bardot (with gluten free ingredients)
(Tagliatelle from konjac root with bio cherry tomatoes and zucchini in pesto sauce kale.
126kcal, 8gr pro, 19gr carbs, 2gr fat, 0mg chol)
Konjac root: It has zero calories and is rich in fiber. Thanks to the glucomannan, it absorbs liquids in the stomach,
improves the level of glucose in the blood and decreases cholesterol, helps to detoxify the body and to stabilize the
glycemic index and cholesterol levels.

Main Courses

34. The Sean Connery (with gluten free ingredients)
(Freshly baked salmon with barley crust, citrus and herbs on tabbouleh from seeds
quinoa and flaxseed with mustard sauce and honey
322kcal, 31gr pro, 23gr carbs, 14gr fat, 28mg chol)
High in Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants ideal profile, which are cardio-
protective and positive effect on metabolism.
35. The Pamela Anderson
(Grilled turkey fillet burgers with white and wild rice with kale and romesco sauce
308kcal 30gr pro, 27gr carbs, 8gr fat, 21mg chol)
High in beta-glucans, chrome and other beneficial elements that keep glucose levels in the blood low.
36. The Bogie and Bacall (with gluten free ingredients)
(Chicken fillet in teriyaki and sesame sauce with confit baby-potatoes and asparagus
273kcal, 29gr pro, 19gr carbs, 9gr fat, 32mg chol)
37. The Marlon Brando
(Organic beef burger from Arcadia with cheddar cheese, grilled caramelized onions, coleslaw, pickles on olive-oil
brioche and our own fresh French fries
512kcal, 40gr pro, 41gr carbs, 21gr fat, 97mg chol)
38. The Michael Jackson (skinny burger)
(Above burger, wrapped in iceberg lettuce with mixed greens
328kcal, 35gr pro, 2gr carbs, 20gr fat, 95mg chol)
39. The Marilyn Monroe (with gluten free ingredients)
(Pork tenderloin sautéed and velvety mashed celeriac with calvados sauce, with lemon and thyme
274kcal, 31gr pro, 15gr carbs, 10gr fat, 82mg chol)
40. The Frank Sinatra (with gluten free ingredients)
(USA prime beef flank tagliata with marinated grilled zucchini, organic baby tomatoes and truffle oil (300 gr.)
289kcal, 40gr pro, 12 gr carbs, 9gr fat, 94mg chol)
41. The Clint Eastwood (with gluten free ingredients)
(Free range beef rib eye (black Angus hormone free) 350 gr. with French fried potatoes and hollandaise sauce
332 kcal, 32gr pro, 15 gr carbs, 16gr fat, 107 mg chol)


42. The Rita Hayworth
(Lemon cream with yoghurt, cinnamon crumble and cranberries)
43. Galaktomboureko
(Warm custard with caramelized crunchy crust)
44. Banoffee
(Banoffee with caramel, bananas and whipped cream on biscuit base for endless pleasure)
45. Ganache
(Ganache from Belgian chocolate, flavored with bourbon and crispy raspberries)
46. Ice Cream
(Bio vanilla, bio chocolate, yogurt, strawberry, cherry sorbet per ball)
47. Ice cream from olive oil
( Ice cream without sugar and lactose. Flavours: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut)
48. Greek yogurt with honey
(Add optionally: Fresh seasonal fruits, walnuts)
49. Assorted Seasonal Fruit

Wine List

White Wines 750ml


50. Tetramythos / Roditis / T.O. Peloponnese
(Green apple / lemon / rich mouth)
51. Domaine Vogiatzi / Assyrtiko – Chardonnay – Malvasia / PGI Velvento
(Exotic fruit / floral / crisp acidity)
52. Pyrgos Vasilissis Wine / Malagouzia / PGI Ilion
(Intensely aromatic / balanced body)
53. Fasoli Gino / La Corte Del Pozzo / Pinot Grigio / IGT del Veneto, Italy
(Perfume Flower / lemon / apple green / light / crunchy)
54. Domaine Spiropoulos / Guards Mantinia / Moshofilero / PGI Arcadia
(Straw color / rose)
55. Tetramythos / Milia / Sauvignon blanc fume / T.O. Peloponnese
(Lychee / vanilla / basil)
56. Fasoli Gino Perantonie / Chardonnay / Italy
(Fino / strong aromas / wood)


57. Thealos Land / Roditis – Trivviano / PGI Solid Greece
(Citrus Fragrance)
58. Life Selection / Moshofilero / PGI Peloponnese
(Floral fragrances / fermented at a low temperature)
59. Tetramythos / Stone / Sauvignon blanc – Malagouzia / PGI Achaia
(Aromatic character / rich mouth / long aftertaste)
60. Domaine Papargyris / Moschoudi – Assyrtiko / PGI Corinthia
(Rose / delight / mint and quince / hints of tea and pineapple)
61. Pavlidis Estate / THEMA / Assyrtiko – Sauvignon blanc / PGI Drama
(Exotic and white-fleshed fruits / grapefruit / peach / minerality)
62. Domaine Skouras / Salto wild yeast / Moshofilero / PGI Peloponnese
(Rose / Jasmine / lime / explosive nose)
63. Gerovassiliou / Malagouzia / PGI Epanomi
(Floral aromas / peach / pear / herbal sensation / mint notes)
64. Biblia Chora / Ovilos Semillon / Assyrtiko / PGI Paggaio
(Apricot / honey / lime / lemon / vanilla / nuts)
65. Kir Yianni / 4 Lakes / Chardonnay – Gewürztraminer / T.O. Florina
(Intense aromas / strong acidity / full mouth / rose / vanilla)
66. Estate Argyros / Assyrtiko / PDO Santorini
(Peel lemon / honey / minerality / persistent aftertaste)
67. Mount Ara / Single Estate / Sauvignon Blanc / New Zealand
(Citrus fragrances / mango / pear)

Rosé wines Organic

68. Spyropoulos / Meliasto / Moshofilero – Agiorgitiko / PGI Arcadia
(Rose / caramel / strawberry)
69. Dona Silvina / Rosado / Malbec / Argentina
(Flowers Fragrances / strawberry sorbet / Greek winery)
70. Château la Tour de l’Évêque / Pétale de Rose / Cotes de Provence, France
(Polypoikiliako / delicate / floral aromas)

Rosé wines Non-organic

71. Thealos Land / Muscat Hamburg
(Fruity character)
72. Kir Yianni / Akakies / Xinomavro / PDO Amynteo
(Fresh tomato / strawberry / quince)

Red Wine 750ml Organic

73. Tetramythos / Agiorgitiko / T.O. Peloponnese
(Light tannins / rich mouth)
74. Porto Carras / Limnio / PDO Slopes of Meliton
(Pepper / cinnamon / full mouth)
75. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo / Italy
(Intense aroma / fruit notes and vanilla / soft tannins)
76. Domaine Vogiatzi / Xinomavro – Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon / PGI Velvento
(Ripe and dried red fruit / ripe tannins)
77. Dona Silvina Fresh / Malbec / Argentina
(Aromas of red fruits / served at 10-12 ° C / Greek winery)
78. Tetramythos / Milia / Merlot – Cabernet – Kalavryta / T.O. Peloponnese
(Drum / long aftertaste)
79. Tetramythos / Cabernet Sauvignon / T.O. Peloponnese
(Small red fruits / smoke / vanilla)
80. Ariousios / Strict / Chian krasero – Agiannitis / PGI Chios
(Violet / bergamot / cherry / cinnamon)
81. Estate Papaioannou / Syrah / T.O. Corinthia
(Aromas of red fruit / raspberry / vanilla / red pepper)
82. Pyrgos Vasilissis Wine / Eptalofos / Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot / PGI Ilion
(Purple color / complex flavor / mellow taste)
83. Thealos Earth / Merlot – Syrah /
(Pepper / cinnamon / tobacco)
84. Boutari / Merlot / PGI Imathia
(Strawberry / raspberry / sweet spices)
85. Domaine Aivalis / Nemea / Agiorgitiko / PDO Nemea
(Cherry / plum / raspberry / tobacco)
86. Estate Papaioannou / Nemea / Agiorgitiko / PDO Nemea
(Fresh aromas of red fruit / vanilla / caramel milk)
87. Domaine Skouras / Fleva / Syrah / PGI Peloponnese
(Juicy red fruit / cloves / nutmeg / smoke / vanilla)
88. Alpha Estate, Reserve / Old Vines / Xinomavro / PGI Florina
(Dried plum and tomato / complex bouquet of spices)
89. Domaine Tselepou / Kokkinomylos / Merlot / PGI Arcadia
(Red fruits / vanilla / chocolate)
90. Robert Mondavi / Woodbridge / Zifandel / Napa Valley, USA
(Cedar / nutmeg / carnation)

Wine without alcohol

91. Torres Natureo / Muscat de Alexandrie / Spain
(Muscat aromas of white flowers and citrus fruits)

Wine by the glass


92. Tetramythos / Sauvignon blanc – Malagouzia / biological
93. Tetramythos / Roditis / biological
94. Thealos Earth white / Roditis – Triwiano
95. Biblia Chora / Sauvignon Blanc – Assyrtiko
96. Estate Argyros / Assyrtiko


97. Thealos Earth rosé / Muscat Hamburg
98. Domaine Spiropoulos, Meliasto / Agiorgitiko – Moshofilero / biological


99. Tetramythos / Agiorgitiko – Syrah / biological
100. Porto Carras / Limnio / biological
101. Thealos Earth Red / Merlot – Syrah
102. Dona Silvina / Fresh Malbec (drunk cold)
103. Nemea sweet / Agiorgitiko

Dessert wines

104. Sangria
105. Moscato Lemnos
106. Sandeman Porto
107. Mafrodafni Patron
108. Samos Anthemis / Muscat Samos 500ml

Sparkling wines

109. Proseco bio 75CL
110. Moscato d ‘Asti 75 CL
111. Asti Martini 200ml
112. Brachetto Piero Gati 75 CL / Red sweet
(Fino / semi-sparkling / light red / low alcohol)
113. Amalia Brut (Tselepos) 75cl
114. ELA Gold Brut 23K- Sparkling 75CL
(Luxury natural sparkling wine with edible flakes)


115. Laurent Perrier Brut
116. Moët & Chandon
117. Veuve clicquot


118. Vergina / premium lager (5% vol., 300ml)
(Fresh, rich flavor / harmonious blend of malt and hops)
119. Vergina / Weise (5,4% vol., 500ml)
(Full flavor / fruity aroma)
120. Vergina purple / Strong lager (6,3% vol., 330ml)
(Unfiltered / possible)
121. Volkan / Santorini blonde pilsner (5% vol., 330ml)
(Golden transparent color / aromas of vanilla yellow / tons of hops, honey and ginger)
122. Volkan / Santorini black wheat lager (5% vol., 330ml)
(Taste of lightly toasted rye with soft smoked honey / sundried black olives, licorice / salty aftertaste)
123. Island / Pilsner (5% vol., 330ml)
(Unpasteurized / cereal / hop / citrus)
124. Septem / Sunday’s Honey Golden Ale (6,5% vol., 330ml)
(Gourmet double fermentation beer from Greek honey)
125. Septem / Friday’s Pale Ale (330ml)
(Bold aromatic beer chrysochalkino color produced using whole hop varieties
Saaz and Nelson Sauvin)
126. Fresh Chios beer / House ale (4,9% vol., 330ml)
(Fresh unpasteurized, unfiltered, lemon yellow, fruity taste with subtle bitterness)
127. Samuel Adams / Boston Lager (4,8% vol. – 330ml)
(Honey / citron / candy / flowers / complex aftertaste)
128. Voreia / stout (6% vol., 330ml)
(Unpasteurized / unfiltered / candy / chocolate)

Bio Rethymnian

Unfiltered, unpasteurized, natural blurred organic beer brewed in Rethymno
129. Rethymnian Vrink blonde, 330ml / lager (4,8% vol.)
130. Rethymnian Brink black, 330ml / dark (4,8% vol.)
131. Estrella Inedit 750ml., (4.8% vol.)
To jewel of Ferran Adria, cloudy yellow color, fruity and aromatic taste. A beer to accompany
132. Pilsner urquell 330ml (4.4% vol.)
(Aromatic with a pleasant bitterness, the No. 1 worldwide)
133. Schlenkerla 500ml (5.1% vol.)
(Smoked / Dark authentic Bavarian)
134. Draft-Glass 330ml 3,50 € / 500ml


135. The Laurence Olivier
(Vodka vanilla, St. Germain, juice of lime, honey, hot pepper (hot))
136. The Charlie Chaplin
(Gin, Chambord, juice of lime, sugar syrup, pink pepper)
137. The Gregory Peck
(London dry gin, fresh grapefruit syrup vanilla, Peychaud bitter)
138. The Fernando Lamas
(Fresh Malbeck red wine, mango, St.Germain, sweet and sour)
139. The Oliver Hardy
(Black Rum, Maraschino liqueur, Apple sourz, juice of lime, sugar syrup, ginger, pineapple)
140. The Jack Sparrow
(Sailor Jerry rum, jam from berries, Chambord, Créme de Mure, sweet and sour)
141. The Stanley Kioubrick
(White rum, black rum, Crème de cacao, orgeat syrup)
142. After dinner
(Cognac, orange, lime, vanilla, bitter orange and chocolate)
143. The Pink Panther
(Grey Goose vodka, cranberry, lemon juice, pomegranate juice)
144. The Coppola
(Bourbon Woodford, vanilla, old fashion bitter, black walnut bitter)
145. The nice n easy
(Vodka, Gabriel Boudier lytchee, apple juice, ginger, mint, juice of lime, sugar)
146. The nice n easy Mojito
(Rum, Amaretto, lime, ginger, orange, sugar, mint, Champagne)


Aperitif (75ml)

147. Ouzo Mansion
148. Raki Hedoni
149. Raki Tsililis Dark Cave / 5 year aging
150. Pernod
151. Ricard
152. Aperol
153. Campari
154. Gentiane de Lure
155. Rin Quin Quin
156. Pimm’s
157. Punt e Mes
158. Lillet (Blanco / Rose)
159. Martini (Blanco / Extra dry / Rosso)

Gin (75ml)

160. Hayman’s London Dry
161. Hayman’s Old Tom
162. Tanqueray
163. Tanqueray Ten
164. Bombay Sapphire
165. Beefeater 24
166. Hendricks’s
167. Plymouth Gin
168. Berkeley Square
169. Monkey 47

Vodka (75ml)

170. Smirnoff red
171. Absolut
172. Tito’s (gluten)
173. Ketel One
174. Belvedere
175. Grey goose
176. Roberto Cavalli vodka
177. Beluga
178. Beluga Gold line

Rum (75ml)

179. Hayman’s
180. Angostura Reserva
181. Angostura 5
182. Angostura 1919
183. Angostura 1824
184. Angostura No1
185. Sailor Jerry
186. Appleton Estate 12 YO
187. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
188. Zacapa 23

Tequila (75ml)

189. El Jimador blanco
190. El Jimador reposado
191. Herradura reposado
192. Don Fulano reposado
193. Don Fulano anejo
194. Don Julio 1924
195. Illegal Mezcal

American Whiskey (75ml)

196. Four Roses
197. Four Roses single barrel
198. Jim Beam
199. Wild Turkey rare breed
200. Makers mark
201. Woodford reserved
202. Bulliet rye
203. Hudson rye
204. Sazerac Rye
205. Canadian club
206. Crown Royal
207. Jack Daniels

Blended Scotch (75ml)

208. Haig
209. Dewar’s
210. Cutty Shark
211. Grants
212. Famous Grouse
213. Johnnie Walker red
214. Johnnie Walker black
215. Johnnie Walker blue
216. Chivas Regal 12yo
217. Dimple 15 yo

Scottish single malt (75ml)

218. Lagavulin 16yo
219. Oban 14yo
220. Cardhu 12yo
221. Talisker 10yo
222. Glendfish 12yo
223. Macallan amber
224. Macallan sienna
225. Macallan ruby

Blended Irish (75ml)

226. Jameson
227. Tullamore Dew

Japanese single malt (75ml)

228. Jamazaki 12
229. Nikka from barrel

Brandy & Cognac (75ml)

230. Metaxa 5
231. Metaxa 7
232. Hennessey v.s
233. Remy martin v.s.o.p
234. Courvoisier v.s.o.p
235. Hennessey xo
236. Victor contier 2001 Calvados

Brandy (75ml)

237. Grappa Nonino Tradizionale
238. Grappa Nonino Merlot
239. Grappa Nonino Moscato
240. Tenuta Degli Dei (Roberto Cavalli Grappa)
241. Nordini Ginepro
242. Amaro Modenegro
243. Jägermeister
244. Fernet branca
245. Fernet branca menta
246. Mastic
247. Lemonello Averna

Coffee – Drinks

Coffee Espresso

248. Espresso normal
249. Espresso double
250. Espresso macchiato
251. Espresso freddo

Coffee Cappuccino

252. Cappuccino caldo
253. Cappuccino doublé
254. Cappuccino freddo
255. Cappuccino vienoise
256. Latte macchiato


257. Greek coffee
258. Greek double
259. Nescafe frappe
260. Nescafe
261. Flavored filter
262. Healthy lactose free coffee with milk and coconut sugar

Take away

All coffees to take away 50% discount from the list price.


263. Normal
264. White
265. Viennoise
266. Robusta, double espresso
267. Vanilla
268. With chili and cinnamon
269. With candy
270. Cold white chocolate with coffee beans
271. Bianca nera, two-color chocolate

tea Chinese flower

Served in a special glass individual sets to see it blooms in front of your eyes as leaves
green tea unfold in hot water and give their distinct flavor.
272. Jasmine Fairy- flower basket
Intoxicating scent of jasmine emerges from a mug

Organic tea and herbal infusions

273 Green tea – Gunpowder
274. Energy ginseng tea ((Green tea / ginseng / pineapple / ginger))
275 Black tea – Earl Grey bergamot
276. Tea fat burner (mate / nettle / melissa / Hibiscus / kynorodo / sunflowers)
277. Maya Night (chamomile / lemon / orange / mint / rose)
278. Nychta China – oolong tea (exotic fruits)
279. The tear Chios (Chios mastic / lemon / almond / pistachio)
280. Goji- acai (antioxidant) (Hibiscus / kynorodo / goji berries / acai berries / pomegranate / apple / berry)
281. Mountain tea
282. Tea digestif (Menta / chamomile / anise / fennel / cumin / valerian / mallow)

Iced Tea

283. Earl Grey (Lemon / Bergamot)
284. Red Fruits
285. Tuvunu 500ml
(Greek tea from Komotini)
286. AriZona 473ml
(The No1 Iced Tea in America, with 100% natural ingredients without preservatives,
artificial flavors and colorants.)
-AriZona / Green iced tea with ginseng and honey
-AriZona / Pomegranate green iced tea
-AriZona / Blueberry white iced tea
-AriZona / Diet green iced tea


287. Smooth Operator (anti-stress)
(Banana / papaya / ginger / fresh Greek yogurt.
Content of magnesium and calcium, vitamins B and E, potassium, iron and zinc)
288. Dieter’s Special (fat burner)
(Strawberry / pineapple / honey / lemon / green tea
Full of antioxidants, a combination of strawberry and pineapple is the strongest natural fat burner.)
289. Do not Worry Be Happy (relaxing)
(Apple / nuts / honey / lemon / ice cream yogurt
A natural soothing nervous system.)
290. The Shirley Temple
(Milk / honey / banana / chocolate
The favorite flavor combination of small and large)
291. Anti-Aging Elixir (Elixir Youth)
(Mango / banana / carrot / ginger / green tea / ice cream yogurt
Contains known for its anti-aging action of vitamin D and vitamin B, C and fiber.)
292. Love Potion (natural Viagra)
(Apple / passion fruit / papaya / lemon / ginger
Upload your performances with the love metal zinc.)
293. Exotic Trip
(Pineapple / mango / papaya / coconut milk / green tea / ginger
With antiviral and immunomodulatory properties, antioxidant.)

Add optional (in smoothies and juices)

294. Spirulina
295. Ginger
296. Whey protein
297. Fresh pomegranate juice
298. Greek yogurt
299. Wheat grass
300. coconut milk


301. Chocolate
302. Vanilla
303. Strawberry

Fresh Juice

304. Fresh pomegranate juice Hermione rhodamine
(Excellent Greek variety of Hermione, with unique taste characteristics)
305. Fresh juice mandarin Hermione rhodamine
306. Fresh orange juice
307. Fresh lemonade
308. Fresh juice mixed
309. C ++ (celery, carrot, orange)


310. Coca Cola (normal, light, zero), Sprite
311. Ikaria lemonade, orangeade
(Traditional production Refreshments Ikaria)
312. Green Cola – Greek product
313. FENTIMANS Ginger Beer – Curiosity Cola – Rose Lemonade


314. Aura 1Lt
315. Sour Water 1Lt
(Content of calcium trace minerals, potassium and magnesium)
316. Mastiqua 1Lt
(Natural sparkling water with mastic)