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To Nero tis Agapis

To Nero tis Agapis


Product Description

Spetses is a restaurant Water of Love.

We invite you to enjoy delicious flavors.

With creative cuisine all day.



1. Water of love salad

(Fresh fish tartar with lettuce, fresh onion, carrot,
Zucchini, onion, saute)

2. Mixed salad

(Tomato, cucumber, rocket, fresh onion, dill, Manouri cheese and balsamic vinegar

3. Greek salad

(Tomato, cucumber, green peppers, onion, olives, feta cheese, capers)

4. Green salad

(With rocket, parmesan flakes, cherry tomatoes, seasonal fruit & seasonal fruit dressing)

5. Boiled vegetables

(Greens, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, beetroot)

Cold Starters

6. Octopus* salami

(with green olives, red pimiento peppers & Spetses thyme)

7. Homemade fish roe dip

8. Fresh fish Carpaccio

(fish of the day)

9. Sashimi from fresh fish

Seafood creations

10. Red mullet fillet in fennel sauce

11. Zarzuela with Kozani saffron

(Mussels, salmon, prawns*, crayfish* & various shellfish)

12. Fresh steamed shellfish

(Variety of shellfish)

13. Prawns* in ouzo sauce

14. Envelope with fish fillet & herbs

Hot Starters

15. Feta cheese parcel with honey & black sesame seeds

16. Mastello cheese from Chios with tomato and Spetses thyme

17. Fried gruyere

18. Aubergine rolls in the oven filled with Greek gruyere & fresh tomato

19. Deep fried fillet of cod in beer batter served with garlic dip

20. Local squid* either fried or grilled (per kilo)

21. Grilled fresh filled small fish (of the day)

22. Grilled octopus* with caramelized onion


23. Spaghetti with fresh tomato and chilli flakes

24. Spaghetti with anchovy fillet & fresh tomato

25. Tagliatelle fresh, with smoked salmon and leek in vodka sauce

26. Fettuccine with crayfish in a subtle sauce

27. Fisherman’s spaghetti with fresh shellfish

(Mussels, prawns*, shellfish)

28. Black tagliatelle with local squid

29. Spaghetti with fresh fillet of white grouper

30. Small fish in roaster with vegetables

Risottos & Orzo

31. Risotto with crayfish and Kozani saffron sauce

32. Squid* orzo with ginger

33. Orzo with prawns* and truffle oil

From the fisherman’s basket

34. A class fish (per kilo)

35. Fresh lobster

36. Prawns*

37. Crayfish*

38. Sea bream

39. Small cod
Our long standing experience and expertise in the world of fishing and the
large selection of fresh fish we offer cannot possibly be printed in a few
words in our menu. Simply choose your fish from our refrigerated display
cabinet and tell us how you would like it prepared.

40. A la Spetsiota

(oven baked with fresh tomato, onions, garlic and parsley)

41. Baked in salt crust

42. Fish soup

43. Bouillabaisse

44. Sushi rolls (after order)

45. Lobster saute with chives and lime


46. Mini mille-feuille with white chocolate and olive oil

47. Biscuit with homemade caramel and seasonal fruit

48. Small Kantaifi