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Product Description

For 20 years the fish tavern of Tarsanas has been a meeting point for Spetses. It is a family business that started three siblings and now they continue their children.
After many years of experience in the dining area, family children opened a second restaurant with her The Water of Love, which has been a great success for 11 years.
With their own boats, they fish every day by supplying their own restaurants as well as their own central fish market offer the locals, holidaymakers a great variety of fresh fish.
Four years ago, the Tarsanas restaurant was completely restored offering a pleasant and friendly environment all year round for guests. Set on the wave in a terrific scenic landscape guests can enjoy excellent quality meals from local ingredients with taste and love.



1. Salad ‘Tarsana’

(a combination of lettuce and rocket with balsamic vinegar olive oil & manouri cheese)

2. Seasonal salad
(Lettuce, rocket, red lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, dill, radish, olive oil & white vinegar)

3. Horiatiki (Greek salad)

(Tomato, cucumber, peppers, onion, olives, feta cheese, olive oil)

4. Various seasonal boiled vegetables
(Potato, courgette, carrot, greens)

5. Potato salad
(With celery, mustard, onion and virgin olive oil)

6. Tomato
(Rocket, olives, Greek gruyere, balsamic vinegar & olive oil)

7. Tabouleh salad
(Porridge, tomato, caper, cucumber pickle, parsley, spring onion, onion)


8. Traditional tarama salad
(made with white fish roe)

9. Aubergine dip made with smoked aubergines and tonatoes

10. Kyria Argiro’s fava bean with onion and virgin olive oil

11. Roast peppers with anchovy and caper

12. Small fish marinated in vinegar, flavoured with garlic

13. Octopus* marinated in virgin olive oil & vinegar

14. Roast vegetables
(Red peppers, courgette, mushrooms, eggplant)

15. Octopus* in a sauce of wine and tomato

16. Fried Greek gruyere

17. Prawns* with ouzo & green pepper

18. Steamed mussels with white wine and spring onion

19. Fried local squid*

20. Squid* with fresh tomato

21. Fried small fish (of the day)

22. Fried crayfish fresh with sauce

23. French fries

24. Carpaccio from fresh fish

25. Kakavia otherwise known as Fisherman’s fish soup

Please ask our waiters for starters of the day


26. Prawns* spaghetti with a prawn sauce flavoured with Kozani saffron

27. Fisherman’s spaghetti with prawns*, mussels, crayfish*, squid* and octopus*

28. Lobster spaghetti

29. Seafood with hylopites (Greek fettucine) cooked in a pot
(Prawns, mussels, crayfish flesh, octopus, squid)

30. Spaghetti with fresh fish

Sea food

31. Grilled or fried prawns*

32. Grilled local squid*

33. Lobster

Please ask about choices of preparation
Please ask our waiters for seafood dishes of the day


Our long standing experience and expertise in the world of fishing
and the large selection of fresh fish we offer cannot possibly be printed in a
few words in our menu. Simply choose your fish from our refrigareted display
cabinet and tell us how you would like it prepared.

34. Grilled

35. A la Spetsiota
(oven baked with fresh tomato, onions, garlic and parsley)

36. Baked with vegetables

37. Baked in salt crust

38. Fish soup