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Product Description

Unda restaurants’s philosophy is Greek hospitality (filoxenia) and traditional Greek gastronomy with a modern twist in all our dishes.We serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner accompanied by the finest wines or cocktails with mesmerising views of the aegean sea. We are open all day every day so that you can taste original Greek food, amazing sea and sunset view and impecable service. We are faithful to our tradition and our roots since our products come from all parts of our country.



1. Homemade bread


2. Kakavia
3. The famous fishermen’s soup from Kalymnos island. Fresh vegetables, rockfish & Cretan rusk.


4. Marathon
Mixed fresh salad, tomato, capers, cucumber, onion, oregano, cheese balls with figs & cream cheese marinated in olive oil & cider vinegar.
5. Greek salad
With tomato, cucumber, feta cheese olives, onion, green pepper, capers olive oil, oregano & salt. Or without feta cheese.
6. Amvrakikos
Prawns with avocado, fresh salad Santorini tomatoes & olive oil.


7. Favokeftedes from Santorini
Traditional recipe. Served with yogurt cream. Or without yogurt cream.
8. Mytilene island
Onion leaves balls with minced meat, mild spices & tomato sauce.
9. Santorini island
Eggplants wrapped with feta cheese, caseri cheese, thyme & sun-dried Santorini tomato.
10. Naxos island
Fresh cut fries from Naxos island.
11. Dodoni
Feta saganaki with tomato, peppers & red pepper flakes.
12. Mani
Grilled talagani cheese with crunchy salad & fig jam.
13. Epirus
Tzatziki, traditional recipe. Served with pittas.


14. Moussaka
Traditional, baked in clay pot.
15. Lamb knuckle “kleftiko”
With feta cheese, potatoes, peppers & Santorini tomato.
16. Catch of the day
With local Santorini recipes, baked with fresh local tomato, wild fennel thyme, local herbs & extra virgin olive oil.


17. Santorini island
Pennes cooked with chicken, floral milk cheese & sun-dried Santorini tomato.
18. Vegetable paste
Pennes or linguini with mushrooms, eggplants, courgettes, tomato & basil, cooked in olive oil.
19. Ladenia the “Greek pizza”
Baked dough with tomato, onion, oregano, feta cheese & olive oil.
20. Ladenia with sausages
Local cheeses, tomato & basil.
21. Ladena with tomato & seasonal vegetables.


22. Pork souvlaki
With grilled vegetables, tzatziki, mini pita & baby potatoes.
23. Greek burger
Burger with tomato, pita, yogurt, potatoes & small Greek salad.
24. Chicken souvlaki
With grilled vegetables, tzatziki, mini pita & baby potatoes.
25. Pork filet
Sauteed with Santorini sauce, baby potatoes & vegetables.
26. Grilled chicken
With baby potatoes, vegetables, sun-dried Santorini tomato, basil pesto & Naxos graviera cheese chips.


27. Aretsu
Linguine with shrimps, mussels, peppers, carrots, fresh onion, dill & cherry tomatoes.
28. Leros island
Squid cooked with olive oil, basil ouzo on crispy potato.
29. Euboean
Steamed sea bass fillet with shrimp sauce & spinach fricassée.
30. Platamonas
Risotto with shrimps, vegetables, & sun-dried Santorini tomato.
31. Ipiros
Country chicken stuffed with herbs, traditional Metsovo noodles & feta cheese crumble.
32. Corfu island
Veal “Sofrito” traditional recipe with smoked eggplant purée & yogurt.


33. Baklava
Traditional recipe.
34. Aegina island
Caramelized mille feuille leaves with chocolate cream & pistachio.
35. Gianduja
Gianduja mousse, hazelnut biscuit, crunchy hazelnut praline & praline glaze.
36. Chopped seasonal fruits
With homemade ice cream.