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Product Description

The tavern Akrogiali in Chania managed to establish very early embraces tradition while, but always with an imagination in his kitchen, which of course stars the fresh fish and delicious seafood. Has won the assessment of customers and this because it combines good food, excellent service, friendly environment, and unique sea view. Quality-oriented, objective proper cooking, provided a clean environment and good price gained good reputation.
The tavern Akrogiali in Crete open all year round, but in summer the magnificent views and sensual beautiful sunset, a drift in unknown paths tasting, with a good wine or a cool glass of ouzo. With us you will enjoy fresh fish, squid, octopus, clams shrimp and lobsters. Our salads and sea urchin salad smells will amaze you.
For demanding palates, romantic sunsets, solemn Drinking and frantically ‘ouzo’ … Akrogiali is here in Chania and waiting. Welcome!



1.Grilled Bread
(With oil and oregano)

2.Sea Urchins
4.Anchovies marinated
5.Mixed fried vegetables
6.Fried zucchini
(leaves stuffed with rice)

8. Dakos
9.Crepes with shrimp
10.Eggplant dip
11.Eggplant stuffed with seafood
(shrimp and mussels)

12.Mushrooms fried
13.Kalitsounia mixed
Zucchini balls
14.Grilled spicy Peppers
(Very hot)

15.Stuffed peppers
(Various cheeses spices)

17.Fried potatoes
18.Roast Potato
(With cheese)

19.Salad with shrimps
20.Taramosalata (fish roe salad)
21.Spicy cheese dip
22.Cheese Croquettes
23.Saganaki (Fried cheese)
24.Halloumi cheese grilled
25.Feta cheese
26.Feta cheese grilled
28.Garlic sauce
29.Mashed Fava beans
30.Octopus salad (vinegar)


(Ham, Cheese, Bacon, Pepper)



(Ham, Cheese, Bacon)

Green salads

36.Wild greens
37.Bitter wild green


38.Greek salad
(Tomato, Cucumber, Slice, Onions, Peppers)

39.Cretan salad
(Ntakos, Tomato, Cucumber, Mizithra)

40.Rocket With Tomato
41.Rocket With Mushrooms
42.Mixed salad
(Cabbage, Mamoulis, Carrot, Arugula, Fresh Onions, Tomato, Cucumber)

43.Aphrodite Salad
(Lachania Press Mamoulis, Aismpergk, Lola, Nuts, Tomato dressing with Honey & Mustard)

44.Salad Bacon, Mushrooms
(Lola, Iceberg, Parmesan cheese)

45.Seafood salad
(Octopus, prawns, squid, mussels, Lettuce Salad with Light)

46.Salad Spinach, Rocket
47.(Parmesan, Balsamic, Honey & Mustard)

48.Green Salad with Parmesan
(Various Marouloeidi Sauce with Arugula, Balsamic, Mustard)

Pasta & risotto

49.Spaghetti seafood*
50.Spaghetti with mussels
51.Spaghetti withShrimp *
52.Spaghetti with salmon
53.Spaghetti with minced meat (Bolognese)
54.Carbonara (bacon, mushrooms)
55.Spaghetti with tomato sauce
56.Mussel rice
57.Seafood risotto *
58.Risotto with prawns *


59.Octopus in wine sauce with rice *
60.Cuttlefish cooked *
(Spinach, fennel)

61.Cuttlefish fresh
(Fried in wine sauce)

62.Cuttlefish in ink rice *
63.Mussels steamed
64.Mussels saganaki
(With tomato sauce)

65.Saganaki with Shrimp *

Small fish

69.Grilled fillet of Sardine
70.Stripped Mullet (mer.250gr)


71.Bream (pcs)
72.Fillet of sole *
73.Swordfish grilled
74.Salmon fried
75.Red Mullets
76.Sagro breams (300g-400g)
77.Pagrus (300g-400g)
78.Lobster (on demand)
79.Kakavia fish soup (custom)


80.Small fresh fried shrimps
81.Shrimp fried N4 *
82.Shrimp grilled N1 *
83.Shrimp wrapped in potato *
84.Mixed fried *
(Half shrimp, squid half)

85.Cuttlefish fresh baked
86.Fresh cuttlefish stuffed
(Feta cheese, spices)

87.Grilled cuttlefish *
88.Cuttlefish stuffed *
(Feta cheese, spices)

89.Squid fried *
90.Squid FRES. fried
91.Squid FRES. roast
92.Squid FRES. stuffed roast
(Feta cheese, spices)

93.* Grilled octopus with fava
94.Haddock with garlic *
95.Skewer seafood
(Swordfish, salmon, octopus, shrimp)

96.Small range
(Shrimp, octopus, swordfish, salmon, squid)

97.Variety of Sea Food (2 people)
(Half-baked, half fried, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, whitebait, shrimp, anchovies, potatoes)

Grilled dishes

98.Pork steak
99.Pork fillet
101.Chicken fillet
102.Schnitzel chicken
103.Schnitzel pork
104.Chicken souvlaki
105.Pork souvlaki
106.Pork sausage
(With fries)

107.Kebab * with fried Potatoes
(Half beef and half sheep)

108.Variety (1 person)
(Chicken skewers, chops, burgers, sausage, tzatziki, potatoes)

109.Variety (2 people)
(2 chicken skewers, 2 chops, 2 burgers, 2 sausage, tzatziki, potatoes)

Cooked dishes

(Potatoes, eggplant, minced meat, béchamel)

(Potatoes, zucchini, mizythra)

(Pasta, minced meat, béchamel)

(Peppers and tomatoes with rice and herbs)

Children’s Menu

114. Skewer chicken
(With fries)

115. Kids burger
(With fries)

116. Little Bolognese


117. Coca cola – light 250ml
118. Fanta Orange 250ml
119. Fanta Lemonade 250ml
120. Fanta blue 250ml
121. Lemonade Geranium 232ml
122. Orange Geranium 232ml
123. Sprite 250ml
124. Gaseosa Geranium 232ml
125.Soda Toumpork 250ml
126. Ioli Sparkling Water 330ml
127. Juice Amita Motion 330ml
128. Tea nestea lemon 250ml
129.Tea nestea peach 250ml
130. Water Aura 0,5ml
131. Water Aura 1lt
132. Fresh orange juice


133. Alpha 500ml
134. Amstel 500ml
135. Myth 500ml
136. Heineken 500ml
137. Kaiser 500ml
138. Fischer 500ml
139. Draught 250ml
140. Draught 400ml
141. Fix
142. Black Fix
143. Amstel Radler
144. Amstel Free


145. Ouzo Plomari 50ml
146. Apalarina 200ml
146. Barbayanni green 200ml
148. Barbayanni blue 200ml
149. Plomari 200ml
150. Matarelli 200ml
151.Ouzo Mini
153. Raki Apostolakis
154. Raki Apostolakis
(Without anise)
155. Raki Tzilili 200ml
156. Raki Tzilili 200ml
(Without anise)
157. Carafe of raki 200ml

Wines White

158. Bulk glass (150ml)
159. Bulk 0,250ml
160. Bulk 0,500ml
161. Bulk 1,000lt
162. Retsina Chania
163.Retsina Malamatina
164. Silva north Vidiano 375ml
165. Silva north Vidiano 750ml
166. Moshofilero Boutari 750ml
167. Malvasia Miliarakis 750ml
(Rich golden yellow wine with aromatic complexity and distinctive taste)

168. Upper slope (white)
169.Thalassitis Assyrtiko
170. Biblia Chora 750ml
(Exuberant and intense taste full-bodied)

Wines Red

171. Bulk glass (150ml)
172. Bulk 0,250ml <
173. Bulk 0,500ml
174. Bulk 1,000lt
175.Silva north Kotsifali 375ml
176. Silva north Kotsifali 750ml
177.Upper Slope
(Syrah grenache rouge cabernet)

178.Alexander homecoming
(Syrah mourvedre)

Wines Rosé

179. Bulk glass (150ml)
180. Bulk 0,250ml
181. Bulk 0,500ml
182. Bulk 1,000lt
183. Upper Slope
(Syrah grenache rouge)