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Product Description

The food Mediterranean cuisine at its best
Fresh, traditional Cretan products is the heart of Palace Kitchen and become the basis for creating dishes with modern Mediterranean perspective. In PALLAS, all tastes have a field day! Whether you prefer full, full flavor with fresh, local meat and sausages, vegetables Lightweight, shellfish and fresh fish and tasty legumes, wholegrain pasta and handpicked products from Italy, our cuisine is sure to delight you!
The atmosphere The environment … appetizing
The Palace boasts modern, unique style of which characterize the bright areas with sofas, wooden tables and a bar, and a luxurious comfort. Whether you choose the media room or book tables outside, overlooking the sea, our music -electro, lounge, classic soul & funk- will accompany you, completing the Your experience and creating the right environment for to enjoy our unique food.
The building historic site
The building that houses the Palace is a living part history of Chania. Located in one of the finest parts of the city, built in 1830, was home to Ali Pasha, customs, and part of the area called Piazza Magazine. The restoration that keeps pretty hitherto subsidized since the Archaeological Service named one of the top 20 buildings of Crete in 1986.


Plateau cold cuts and cheese
(With gkorgkonzola, brie, provolone, gouda with olive and sundried tomato, gouda with basil pesto,
Cretan gruyere, smoked ham, boiled turkey, air Thassos salami, prosciutto di Parma,
mortadella and chutney of dry and fresh fruit)

Fresh salmon
(Marinated strawberries and cardamom, with a small salad of salikorn, spinach,
fresh strawberries, flowers of Crete, warm citrus, cream cheese and vinaigrette of oysters)

Fresh steamed mussels
(With sauce of saffron and thyme)

Millefeuille with crisp puff pastry
(Shrimp, button mushrooms, white truffle oil)

Octopus grilled
(With fava Santorini and caramelized onions)

Beef tenderloin
(Sautéed with red peppers, mushrooms, black rice and sauce from red wine)

Tartar from fresh salmon
(Avocado, cucumber frame, fresh onion, rocket leaves, fresh cherry tomatoes
and bruschetta bread from Eptazimo)

Goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto di Parma
(Baked in the oven with karameloumena spicy cherry tomatoes and bruschetta bread from oktasporo
on tender rocket leaves)

Bruschetta bread from oktasporo
(Light perfumed with garlic butter, fresh cow mozzarella, chopped fresh tomato
with basil pesto and prosciutto di Parma)

Karavidopsycha with black rice
(With beef steak and white truffle oil)

Risotto with mushrooms

(Porcini and buttons, Parmesan and white truffle oil)

Kritharoto shrimp
(Fresh asparagus, saffron sauce and shrimp broth)

(With whole grain spaghetti, tomato and basil frame)

Spaghetti with fresh vegetables
(Whole grain pasta, cherry tomatoes and xynomyzithra)

Penne with smoked salmon
(Vodka, orange juice, avocado)

Penne with button mushrooms
(With garlic and white truffle oil)

Tagliatelle with chicken
(Curry, mushrooms and red pepper)

Lobster (kg)
(With fresh linguine and lobster)

Fresh fish of the day (kg)
(Grilled with lemon sea urchin, garnished with stamnagathi and steamed vegetables)

grilled salmon PAVE
(With sauce from Samos wine and green salad with green onion and sesame)
Filet grilled chicken
(Grilled with steamed vegetables and potatoes oftes)

(With agriovyssino, garnished with risotto and nuts)

Pork fillet
(Sautéed with baby carrots, Mavrodafni sauce and black rice)

T-Bone steak veal
(With steam vegetables, oftes potatoes and wild black rice)

Beef fillet
(With stamnagathi poached and cheese)

Beef fillet
(With pepper sauce and whole oftes potatoes)

Salad with chicken lola
(Iceberg, cherry tomatoes, parmesan flakes, croutons and Caesar dressing)