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Alpino Cucina Italiana

Alpino Cucina Italiana


Product Description

The creative team of Alpino Cucina Italiana, invites you to be part of a unique dining experience, featuring the freshest raw materials in the most delicious combinations. With the chef, Mauro Peressini at the helm of the team, we will live a unique culinary journey with an Italian flavor.
45 years ago Alpino opened its doors in the neighborhood of Palaio Faliro, claiming the title of the most historic restaurant in the southern suburbs. Recently Alpino’s friends acquired a new hangout in the northern suburbs and particularly in Halandri. The chef, staff and associates of the two restaurants work endlessly to spread the world delicious and tasty secrets from old time classic but also the Avante-Garde cuisine.
The warm decoration, delicious cuisine, carefully selected wine labels, atmospheric music and courteous staff, will compliment a memorable meal with family, friends, or colleagues. This year as well, Alpino’s restaurants are the number one destination choice not only for authentic Italian flavor lovers but also for those who are looking for a little getaway from everyday life.


1. Handmade bread variety with accompanying


2. Velvet pumpkin cream soup
(Pumpkin cream soup with gnocchetti from ricotta cheese, zucchini and truffle oil)
3. Bruschetta
(1.Bruschetta with fresh cutted tomato, parmesan, garlic and herbs
2.Bruschetta with fresh mozzarella, tomato, prosciutto and fresh basil)
4. Panzerotti
(Kaltsounakia from pizza dough stuffed with:
1.Fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil
2.Various Italian cheese (gorgonzola, scamorza, provolone))
5. Eggplant rolls
(Eggplant balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese, in velvet tomato sauce)
6. Stuffed mushrooms
(Champignon mushrooms, stuffed with prosciutto, leek and smoked mozzarella,
in cheese cream and truffle oil)
7. Mushroom Flan
(Wild mushroom flan with truffle and taleggio cheese sauce)
8. Pleurotus mushrooms
(Fresh pleurotus in the oven, with cherry tomatoes, thyme,
parmesan cheese and sauce from balsamic vinegar)
9. Bufala e Prosciutto
(Mozzarella di Bufala, prosciutto with arugula and cherry tomatoes)
10. Carpaccio
(Beef carpaccio with fried gorgonzola cheese and tomato jam)


11. Caesar’s
(Classic Caesar’s salad with grilled chicken, lettuce, bacon, croutons,
parmesan, Arabic pie and Caesar’s sauce)
12. Arugula
(Fresh crunchy arugula with parmesan, cherry tomatoes,
pine nuts and caramelized balsamic vinegar)
13. Prosciutto-Pears
(Salad with arugula, pears, walnuts, prosciutto, hot goat ricotta cheese
and mayonnaise-orange sauce)
14. Mediterranean
(Grilled cream cheese, trilogy of vegetables, prosciutto, tomatoes
and sesame crisp pie in in basil vinaigrette)
15. Strawberry
(Fresh trilogy of lettuce with roasted nuts, flakes of strawberry
and fresh mozzarella in soft strawberry vinaigrette)
16. Caprese
(The flag of Italian cuisine, with fresh mozzarella, fresh cutted tomato and basil pesto)
17. Salmon
(Smoked salmon with spinach, white cabbage, lettuce and orange fillet,
in a sauce with yogurt, dill and fresh onions)
The salad oil is pure virgin olive oil.


18. Amalfitana
(Tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes, garlic, olives, fresh tomato sauce,
basil and goat ricotta cheese)
19. Chicken
(Tagliatelle with chicken bites, corn, fresh mushrooms and cream in white wine)
20. Vegetables
(Whole grain tagliatelle with a variety of freshly cut vegetables and saffron flavor)
21. Tartufo
(Spaghetti chitarra with prosciutto in black truffle cream, mascarpone cheese,
flavored in butter sauce with sage)
22. Nerano
(Spaghetti chitarra with fried zucchini, garlic, fresh basil, caciocavallo cheese cream,
freshly grated black pepper and parmesan cheese)
23. Carbonara
(Choose the flavor that suits you between:
1.Spaghetti chitarra with original sauce from egg, pancetta and parmesan
2.Spaghetti chitarra with cream, pancetta and three kinds of cheese
24. Veal ragout
(Maltagliati (crashed lasagna) with ragout of veal, cooked with carrots,
red wine and roast sauce)
25. Pumpkin ragout with porcini
(Maltagliati (crashed lasagna) with pumpkin ragout, smoked pancetta
and porcini mushrooms)
26. Pesto
(Rigatoni with fresh homemade basil and pine seed pesto, garlic and low fat cream)
27. Mama Rosa
(Rigatoni with bacon flavored with vodka, fresh tomato and soft cream)
28. 4 cheese
(Rigatoni with melted Quattro formaggi in a soft milk cream)
29. Meatballs
(Paccheri with meatballs, tomato sauce, zucchini and mozzarella di bufala)
30. Gorgonzola and truffle
(Spaghetti pasta. A unique combination of two of the most intense flavors,
tied harmoniously)
31. Shrimps
(Spaghetti with shrimps, chopped prosciutto and leek cream)
32. Bianco nero
(Black reginette from cuttlefish ink with smoked salmon, fresh tomato
and leek in a light pink sauce flavored with Vodka)
33. Croaker ragout
(Paccheri mixed with pieces of fresh croaker, mediteranea sauce, tomato
and arugula. All the scents from the Mediterranean on a plate!)


34. 4 cheeses
(Ravioli stuffed with ricotta, gorgonzola, mascarpone and provolone cheese
in a white sauce from walnuts and crispy speck)
35. Spinach ricotta
(Ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese, served with creamy sauce
and powder of porcini mushroom)
36. Wild mushrooms
(Ravioli stuffed with wild mushrooms, covered with prosciutto an parmesan cream)
37. Porcini
(Ravioli stuffed with porcini mushroom cream and black truffle)
Our pasta is fresh and is prepared daily in our restaurant.


38. Porcini
(Risotto with porcini mushrooms, parmesan cheese, flavored with truffle oil)
39. Chicken
(Risotto with chicken fillet, fresh mushrooms, parmesan cheese and low fat cream)
40. Seafood
(Risotto with shrimps, fresh mussels, cream, garlic, white wine,
saffron flavor and parmesan cheese)
41. Salmon
(Risotto with fresh salmon, leek, mascarpone cheese and lemon zest)
All cheeses and meats are fresh.
The seafood is freshly frozen for your safety.
We do not use preservatives, fillers and improvers.


42. Margarita
(Thin pizza dough with gouda cheese and traditional tomato sauce)
43. Pomodoro
(Thin pizza dough with fresh white mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, arugula on top,
sauce with fresh tomato pieces, pesto sauce and grated parmesan)
44. Arugula Parmesan
(Thin pizza dough with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula leaves,
peels of Parmigiano Reggiano and sauce with fresh tomato pieces)
45. Carbonara
(Thin pizza dough with hum, bacon, fresh mushrooms, oregano,
gouda cheese and white cream)
46. Chicken
(Thin pizza dough with grilled chicken, broccoli, tomatoes, tomato sauce
and light white low-fat cheese)
47. Prosciutto
(Thin pizza dough with prosciutto di Parma, cherry tomatoes, fresh mushrooms,
mozzarella cheese and sauce with fresh tomato pieces)
48. Biancaneve
(Thin pizza dough with fresh mozzarella, smoked provola, gorgonzola,
parmesan and truffle cream)
49. Ferrari
(Thin pizza dough with smoked pancetta, truffle oil, fresh mozzarella cheese,
Parmigiano Reggiano flakes, mushrooms and sauce with fresh tomato pieces)
All pizzas are made daily from our own dough and contain original Gouda cheese
from Holland, Italian mozzarella and tomato sauce from our recipe.
The ham is pork shoulder. Cold cuts are from Greece.


50. Bistecca (for two people)
(Beef steak 800gr served with three delicious hot sauces,
country style french fries and grilled bread)
51. Fresh chicken fillet
52. Fresh turkey burger
53. Fresh burgers from leanbeef meat
(Choice of sauce:
A. Cheese cream 2.00€
B. Al Pino spicy sauce 2.00€?)
54. Beef fillet
55. Tagliata from Organic Black Angus beef
56. Fresh Norwegian salmon


French fries, roasted potatoes, rice, mashed potatoes, boiled vegetables

Main Dishes

57. Escalope alla parmigiana
(Pork escalope with prosciutto, melted cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and white wine sauce)
58. Escalope golosa
(Pork escalope with walnuts, spinach and gorgonzola sauce)
59. Ossobuco
(Ossobuco from veal slowly cooked in red sauce, served with maltagliati (crashed lasagna))
60. Rusticano fillet
(Beef fillet with speck, smoked scamorza and topinambur puree)
61. Chicken Piccante
(Chicken with fresh mushrooms and green peppers, in spicy wine sauce with french fries)
62. Stuffed chicken breast
(Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, prosciutto and saffron sauce)
63. Chicken nuggets
(Juicy breaded morsels of fresh chicken with classic thousand islands sauce)
64. Breaded pork schnitzel
(Optional Sauce:
A. Α la crème 2.50€
B. Parmesan cheese 3.00€)
65. Fresh croaker fillet
(Croaker fillet gratinée, with scented crust from tomato and olive,
served with topinambur puree and roasted potatoes)


French fries, roasted potatoes, rice, mashed potatoes, boiled vegetables


66. Fix 330ml
67. Kaiser 330ml
68. Heineken 330ml
69. Peroni 330ml
70. Large glass draught
71. Small glass draught


72. Coca Cola 250ml
73. Coca Cola light 250ml
74. Coca Cola zero 250ml
75. Sprite 250ml
76. Carbonated fanta orange 250ml
77. Non-carbonated fanta orange 250ml
78. Soda water 250ml
79. San Pellegrino 250ml
80. San Pellegrino 750ml
81. Bottled water 1lt


82. Regural
83. Special
84. Premium
85. Extra premium


86. Cappuccino
87. Espresso


88. Tiramisu Traditionale
89. Crashed millefeuille «mezzo mezzo»
(with caramelized hazelnuts)
90. Sformatino
(with vanilla sauce, caramel ice cream & amaretto biscuit)
91. Tortino
(with ricotta cheese, orange cream and biscuit with amaretto)
92. Cake “cremoso”
(with chocolate, coconut mousse and vanilla sauce)
93. Babà napoletano
(with limoncello cream and fresh strawberries)
94. Crashed cheesecake
(with forest fruit sauce)