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O Faros


Product Description

Faros is close to you since 1995, offering every day rich choices of fresh fish and seafood that she chooses very carefully from his fishermen.
For us the quality is A and Z.
That’s why we have been happy customers for years. They are well aware of the long-running course of our business that has passed from generation to generation with unaltered basic principles, which are no other than the high ones quality in all products, good service and prices that match the data of each season.
‘Faros’ is changing his hangout after 18 years and will then ’emit’ from 234 Akti Themistokleous street, in Piraiki. And because, as we have said, the times are constantly changing, Faros has to show you how you are on a proper and safe road. So, we adjusted the price and quality ratio to satisfy the requirements of each customer. We decided to keep prices and increase the quantity, always ensuring high quality in all our products which you can enjoy with raspberries, ouzo, wine or whatever else you want.



1. Creta’s Dakos
2. Salted anchovy
3. Fried zucchinis
4. Fried peppers
5. French fries
6. Eggplant salad
7. Crab salad
8. Cheese salad
9. White tarama
10. Split peas paste
11. Garlic mash
12. Tzatziki
13. Greek Feta
14. Octopus balls
15. Zucchini balls
16. Cheese balls
17. Saganaki cheese


18. Faros Special
19. Faros Special double
(lettuce, tomato, onion, dill, rocket, radishes,
caper, olives, peppers, balsamic vinegar)
20. Cucumber & Tomato
21. Greek salad
(double salad with feta cheese)
22. Mountain greens
3. Cabbage
24. Lettuce
25. Tomato
26. Cabbage & lettuce mixed

Faros special plates

27. Shrimps* saganaki
(in tomato sauce with feta cheese) 
28. Spaghetti with shrimps*
(per portion)
29. Shrimps in mustard sauce
30. Mussels* saganaki
* frozen product

Seafood plates

31. Grilled octopus*
32. Sans smelt atherine
33. Alevin
34. Fried anchovy special
35. Grilled Sardines
36. Crayfish fresh*
37. Baby squids*
38. Fried squids* (400gr)
39. Big squid* grilled or stuffed with cheese & tomato (per kilo)
40. Tope* with garlic mash
41. Desalted codfish with garlic mash
42. Winy cuttlefish* braised with tomato paste
43. Baby shrimps 200gr


44. Steamed fresh mussels
(per kilo)
45. Fried mussels*
(per portion)
46. Cocles (per kilo)
47. Red Cocles (per kilo)
48. Sea urchin fresh
(per portion)
49. Lobster* (per kilo)
50. Shrimps* Νο4 (portion 300gr)
51. Shrimps* No1 (per kilo)
52. Boiled Shrimps* No2 (400gr)
53. Spaghetti with lobster*

Fresh Fish (Kg)

54. Domestic red mullets
55. Red mullets baby
56. Striped red mullets
57. Sarguses
58. Open sea gilt heads
59. Farm gilt heads
60. Red snapper
61. White snapper
62. Sea breams
63. White grouper
64. Cod fish fried
65. Cod fish grilled
66. Swordfish slice
67. Sole fish


68. Stoupaki 200ml
69. MINI Mytilene 200ml
70. Plomari 200ml
71. Ouzo 12 200ml
72. Varvagianni 200ml
(blue – green label)
73. Pitsiladi 200ml
74. Matareli 200ml
75. Apalarina 200ml
76. Greek tsipouro from Farsala 200ml
77. Greek ouzo from Farsala 200ml


78. Heineken 500ml
79. Amstel 200ml
80. Mythos 500ml
81. Fix 500ml
82. Kaiser 500ml
83. Fischer 500ml
84. Alfa 500ml

White Wines (750ml)

85. Vivlia Chora
86. Amethyst Costas Lazaridis
87. Estate Chatimichalis
88. Estate Gerovassiliou
89. Strofilia
90. Chateau Nikos Lazaridis
91. Moschofilero Boutari

Red Wines (750ml)

92. Estate Chatzimichali

Draft wine

93. White / Kilo
94. Rose / Kilo
95. Red / Kilo


96. Orangeade 330ml
97. Coca Cola / light / zero 330ml
98. Sprite 330ml
99. Soda water 330ml
100. Sparkling water 250ml
101. Mineral water 1.5lt