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Are any parts that are reference points for different reasons each. Mikrolimano and the Kastela have to boast one of the oldest and most well known places of region and beyond. With a reputation that now transcends the narrow boundaries Athens and Piraeus, the All time classic tavern ” Dourampeis ” since 1932 continues to deliver simple eating fish courses.

A place that makes you feel comfortable from the first moment. With its large round windows remind boat, the matting on the wall brings a breeze … with photos from Faliro 50s and 60s to refer to another, distant and sweet times.

The flavors, like not wanting to spoil the rest of the scene. Simple, clean, unchanged over the years. For shellfish lovers, the first plea have seafood clams, grilled scallops and the cooked steamy petrosolines. Starters also include dishes for years, are constant values ​​tasty menu. Homemade fish roe salad, political lakerda, karavidopsicha marinated and grilled, the well-known garidosoupa and of course the special green salad ‘Dourampeis’ hallmark of the restaurant.

In main dishes and particularly the fish, the options vary day you find yourself in the store and the species the boats would have supplied. Fresh sea bream, sea bream, sea bass, sea bream, grouper, mullet of Cyclades, Crete, Kythira. But lobster from Halkida and shrimp ” shrimp ” from Platamona for makaronada.

The dessert is and this case homely. Jams apple and orange to bitter orange, grape and bergamot, warm donuts with honey, cinnamon, walnut and excellent ice cream on the side and quince oven. The choice is difficult but sweet.