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Brothers BEQAJ


Product Description

The Brothers Beqaj grill restaurant located in Piraeus.
We expect to enjoy wonderful flavors.


Starters (to open the appetite)

1. Feta
2. Sauce The Brothers
3. Tzatziki
4. Cheese salad
5. Yogurt sauce
6. Sauce Ceasars
7. Spice cheese dip

Salads (Our salads)

8. Tasty Ceasars
(Lettuce, carrot, gouda, croutons, corn, chicken, sauce)
9. Traditional
(Tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, olives, feta cheese, oregano, olive oil)
10. Tomato
(Tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, olives, olive oil)
11. Cabbage – carrot
12. Ntakos
(Nut, tomato, feta cheese, olive oil)
13. Age
(Lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, carrot, tomato, olive oil, vinegar or balsamic)
14. Lettuce
(Lettuce, fresh kreemydi, dill)
15. Capital
(Lettuce, carrot, corn, croutons, chicken skewer, bacon, gouda, sauce)
16. Chef
(Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, egg, cheese, sauce)

Potatoes (crispy potatoes)

17. Alatorigani
18. Sauce
19. Sauce with cheese & bacon
20. With Gouda cheese
21. Sauce and cheese
22. Feta

Skewers (with bread or pies)

23. Skewers pork 120g * mrizolokalamo
24. Kebab 120g
25. Sausage
26. Chicken & bacon
27. Stuffed burger
28. Pita plain
29. Pita wholemeal

Skewers (wrapped with pita or fratzolaki)

30. Hearty
(Eat one chorteneis!)
31. Wrapped The Brothers
(Our normal souvlaki)
32. Gyros pork pie
33. Pita Chops
34. Saantouits (with warm fluffy bun)
35. Super Giant
(Endless bites flavors)

Servings (our delicious servings)

36. Portion straw chicken 3pcs
(With 2 pitas, tomato, potatoes, lettuce, sauce)
37. Portion straw pork 3pcs
(Brizolokalamo with 2 pitas, tomato, potato, onion, tzatziki)
38. Serving grilled chicken fillet
(With 2 pitas, tomato, potatoes, lettuce, sauce)
39. Portion Kebab 3pcs
(With 2 pitas, tomato, potato, onion, ketchup)
40. Portion sausage 3 pcs
(With 2 pitas, tomato, potato, onion, ketchup, mustard)
41. Serving burgers
(With 2 pitas, tomato, potato, onion, tzatziki)
42. Portion chicken & bacon
(With 2 pitas, tomato, potatoes, lettuce, sauce)
43. Serving grilled chicken
(With 2 pitas, tomato, potatoes, lettuce, sauce)
44. Serving burgers stuffed
(With 2 pitas, tomato, potato, onion)
45. Portion gyros pork
(With 2 pitas, tomato, potato, onion, tzatziki)

Offer familial menu

10 skewer pork or chicken

2 servings potatoes

4 pies

Season salad

Grilled and well done

47. Pork steak
(Accompanied with potatoes)
48. Steak Beef
(Accompanied with potatoes)
49. Grilled Chicken
(Lachtasisto and crisp with homemade sauce)

For ALL OUR wrapped select


(Pork skewer, skewer chicken, kebabs, sausage, kotompeikon, stuffed burgers, burgers)


(Tomato, onion, potatoes, lettuce, tzatziki sauce, kebabs, mustard)


Combine pork or chicken or kebabs or sausage
50. Classical
(With gouda cheese, tomatoes, potatoes, sauce)
51. Special
(With gouda cheese, tomatoes, potatoes, sauce, bacon, peppers)

Varieties (our hearty varieties)

52. Beer Variety
(Kotompeikon burgers, kebabs, sausage)
53. Variety chicken
(Skewer chicken, kotompeikon, chicken fillet)
54. Variety grill
(Skewer pork, sausage, kebab, chicken skewer)


55. Steak pork neck

Drinks To refresh

56. Refreshments 330ml
57. Refreshments 500ml
58. Refreshments 1.5lt
59. Amstel 330ml
60. Heineken 330ml
61. Fix 330ml
62. White wine or rosé 1.5lt
63. Water bottle small
64. Water bottle large