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Product Description

In 1928 one of the first mansions was built in the city of Piraeus!
For many decades this has been the home for many families who lived there with their children and grandchildren.
Many years have passed since then and just seven years ago, our family decided to turn this mansion into a cozy Greek mezedo, to honor our mother’s recipes!
Homemade and tasty recipes, all cooked by “mom”, with Greek aromas and flavors.
We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our flavors!



1. Feta cheese with hot peppers
2. Dakos (Karpathian wheat rusk with feta cheese and tomato)
3. Red Beets in oil and vinegar
4. Potato salad
5. Eggplant salad
6. Crab salad
7. Fresh Tomato with cuccumber, peppers in vinegar & olives
8. Olives variety
9. Chicpeas salad with shrimps
10. Tuna fish salad with red beans
11. Split pea with fresh onion
12. Chorta pie(small fried spinach pies)
13. Eggplant imam
14. Zucchini balls
15. Stuffed Peppers with feta cheese
16. Stuffed vine leaves
17. Whole wheat Pastry with fried onions
18. Fried Cheese
19. Feta Cheese pie with honey and powder sugar
20. Minced meat pie
21. French fried potatoes tsipourokatastasi
22. Sausage
23. Pork dips with onion & pepers
24. Chicken dips with onion & pepers
25. Meatballs
26. Spice meat balls in red sauce
27. Stuffed Eggplant with mit
28. Small fried Shrimp
29. shrimp saganaki with feta cheese
30. Shrimp in Ouzo sauce
31. Shrimp skampi
32. fried Squid
33. Small Fried fish gavros
34. Fried cod with garlic paste
35. Grilled octopus tentacle
36. Grilled Sardines baked
37. Grilled skoumpri
38. Grilled Cuttlefish
39. Mussels steamed
40. Anchovy Xydas
41. Shrimp roasted
42. Whitebait fried

Beverages – Soft Drinks

43. Raki 100ml
44. Rakomelo
45. Mulse
46. Ouzo carafe
47. White wine – red 1/2 kilo
48. Amstel draft 250 ml
49. Beer 500ml
50. Refreshments
51. Raki carafe