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Kalamaki mou


Product Description

‘Kalamaki mou’ is located on the street Dorilaiou 8 & D.Soutsou 11 in Ampelokipoi, all our products are handmade. We use fresh handmade potatoes.
You can find us Mavilis Square opposite the famous patisserie ‘MIKE’ between metro stations Ampelokipoi and Megaro Mousikis.



1. French fries (fresh hand cut
2. Feta cheese roast
3. Feta cheese roast sesame and honey
4. Mini pies
(regular, whole wheat or corn 4 pcs
5. Tzatziki without garlic
6. Extra sauce (yogurt, mustard


7. Greek Salad
8. Kritikos dakos
(tomato, extra virgin olive oil, caper leaves, Feta cheese)
9. Cabbage carrot
(with lemon sauce )
10. Lettuce
(with green onion and dill )
11. Lettuce rocket
(lettuce, rocket, spring onions, parmesan, balsamic dressing, pomegranate pieces )
12. Chicken Salad
(chicken fillet, parmesan cheese, white sauce, lettuce soft, green and red lettuce, croutons, cherry tomatoes )
13. Green salad with cherry tomatoes,
white sauce and toasted pine nuts in a tortilla nest
14. Grilled vegetables
(peppers, eggplant, zucchini )
15. Salad with beef tenderloin
 nuts, raisins and crunchy parmesan chips in pomegranate vinaigrette
Our oil is extra virgin olive oil.
Our vegetables are fresh from Greek producers .



16. Kalamaki pork
(our production, handmade )
17. Kalamaki chicken
18. Kebab (pcs
19. Beef burger (pcs
20. Chicken Burger (pcs
21. Sausage (pcs
22. Kalamaki mushroom


23. Pork Chops
(3pcs, potatoes, tomato, onion )
24. Kebab serving (3 pcs / 4 pcs
(4 pcs, mini pita bread, tomatoes, potatoes, yogurt sauce and red pepper )
25. Beef burgers lion
(4 pcs, mini pita bread, tomatoes, potatoes, sauce )
26. Chicken burgers
(4 pcs, mini pita bread, lettuce, lettuce, sauce )
27. Mix grill ‘kalamaki mou’ for two people
(2 skewers of pork, 2 chicken skewers, 2 kebabs, 2 beef patties, six mini pies, potatoes, sauce )
The pies are handmade and aladotes .
All meats and dishes are prepared daily in our workshop, which is located within our store .


28. Straw pork pie
(yogurt sauce, tomato, potato, onion )
29. Pie straw chicken
(mustard sauce, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce )
30. Pita kebab
(yogurt sauce, tomato, potato, onion, red pepper )
31. Pita Burger
(yogurt sauce, tomato, potato, onion, lettuce )
32. Sausage Pie
(tomato, potato, onion, ketchup, mustard )
33. Eco Pie
(tomato, potato, onion, lettuce, yogurt sauce )
34. Mushroom Pie
(lettuce, balsamic dressing )


35. Sandwich bread Brezel
(combined with all of our materials )
36. Sandwich Bread Brioche
(combined with all of our materials )
37. Brioche with Zigo
(pork, cut into thin slices, mustard, black pepper )
38. Sandwich with sausage
Brioche / Brezel) (cabbage, carrot, mustard, ketchup or sauce of your choice )

Menu light

39. Plate light:
2 chicken skewers with vegetables + salad + pies total
40. Salad light:
lettuce, tomatoes, yellow cheese, low fat chicken breast with yogurt sauce )


41. Profiteroles
42. Panna cotta
43. Cheesecake with biscuit oreo
In cooperation with the pastry MIKE


44. Coca cola 330ml
45. Coca cola light 330ml
46. Coca cola zero 330ml
47. EPSA lemonade
48. EPSA orange
49. EPSA Gaseosa
50. San Pellegrino


51. Amstel box 330ml
52. Amstel premium pilsener
53. Heineken Bottle 330ml
54. Alpha box 330ml
55. Fisher Bottle 330ml
56. Erdiger Bottle 330ml


57. Semeli Moshofilero Mountain Sun 187,5 ml
58. Semeli Aghiorghitiko Mountain Sun 187,5 ml