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Mystic Pizza


Product Description

The first Mystic pizzas were baked in Thessaloniki in 1999, the rest in Athens since 2002, whenever the problems regarding the advertising of our products were solved.
Organic Hemp Sativa, among other things, also offers us its seeds, from which oil and flour are produced.
The Cannabis we use in our Mystic recipes is also organic, a product of great nutritional value and great misunderstandings.
We use this flour in our Mystic mixes to make Pizza, Pasta and Sweets.
Our well-known success is due to the Mystic recipes and the quality of the raw materials we use.
Mystic declares that she is very pleased with the response of the people, since more and more Athenians want to taste the Mystic flavors.
Mystic Exarcheion has been serving the center of Athens since 2002.