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Panorama Resto


Product Description

In Poros theres is a restaurant, cafe bar Panorama.
In a beautiful and pleasant environment you expect
to experience beautiful moments. With creative cuisine all day.



1. Chicken soup
(Chicken, carrot, potato)

2. Vegetable soup
(mushrooms, pepper, fresh tomato, barley pasta)

Cold appetizers

3. Trilogy of appetizers
(fish roe, aubergine, tzatziki)

4. Marinated anchovy

5. Spicy cheese dip
(fresh cheese, yogurt, spicy pepper)

6. Fish roe salad Allios
(fish roe, potato, onion, olive oil, prawns, red salmon)

7. Aubergine salad
(pepper, garlic, onion, mayonnaise)

8. Pickled octopus
(boiled octopus with vinegar and olive oil)

9. Tzatziki
(cucumber, yogurt, garlic, olive oil)

10. Spring flower
(tender artichoke hearts with fish roe salad)

Hot appetizers

11. Small spicy pies
(minced meat, tomato, feta cheese)

12. Drunk octopus
(octopus,mavrodaphne,capers, sundried tomato)

13. Village patties with ham and cheese spiced up with sweet-sour sauce

14. Fried cheese with ouzo
(gruyere cheese, ouzo)

15. Herb pie*
(spinach, feta cheese, dill, onion, olive oil)

16. Traditional sausage
(grilled sausage with ketchup and mustard)

17. Fried aubergines with mint yogurt dip

18. Fried courgettes with mint yogurt dip

19. Tomatoballs (tomato, herbs)

20. Feta in pastry parcels
(feta cheese, pepper, honey, sesame)

21. French fries

Saganakia dishes

22. Italian saganaki
(prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella cheese)

23. Prawns* saganaki
(fresh tomato, garlic, ouzo, feta cheese)

24. Mussels* saganaki with white sauce fried with white sauce
(garlic, ouzo, feta cheese)

25. Feta saganaki
(feta cheese, tomato, pepper)


26. Ocean salad*
(squid, prawn, octopus, mussels, salad, pepper)

27. Rainbow salad
(prosciutto, mozzarella, rocket, cabbage, radicchio, vinaigrette
sauce with balsamic vinegar and fruits)

28. Panorama salad
(variety of green vegetables, cone, dill, tender artichoke
hearts with balsamic vinegar sauce)

29. Caesar’s salad
(French salad, croutons, bacon, parmesan cheese, sardine
sauce, chicken)

30. Aromatic salad
(salad, rocket, cabbage, radicchio, mustard sauce, seasonal fruit)

31. Rocket Parmesan
(olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar)

32. Harmony salad
(tomato, French salad, avocado, capers, celery, pomegranate
sauce, iceberg)

33. Popeye’s Salad
(egg, bacon, croutons, onion, sun dried tomatoes, spinach,
lemon-olive oil)

34. Greek Salad
(tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, olives, feta cheese, olive oil)

35. Seasonal greens
(boiled greens, olive oil)

36. Gardener’s salad
(lettuce, cabbage, carrot, olive oil, lemon)

37. Boiled vegetables with lemon and olive oil
(courgette, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli)

38. River salad
(salmon, french salad, radicchio, iceberg, sauce vinaigrette)


39. Siciliana
(aubergine, Napoli, garlic, basil, penne)

40. Carbonara
(bacon, fresh cream)

41. Penne
(ham, tomato, mushrooms, fresh cream)

42. Spaghetti with chicken
(fresh tomato, chicken, herbs)

43. Spaghetti with prawns*
(fresh tomato, prawns, garlic)

44. Spaghetti with sea food*
(prawns, mussels, octopus, squid, garlic,
fresh tomato)

45. Barley pasta with prawns
(prawns, tomato, garlic , fish roe of

46. Bolognaise
(fresh minced beef with tomato sauce)

47. Napolitano
(fresh tomato sauce)


48. Risotto with vegetables
(pepper, mushrooms, fresh tomato)

49. Risotto Fontana
(prawns, mussels, fresh tomato, garlic)

50. Chicken risotto
(chicken, tomato, colourful peppers and mushrooms)


51. Fried squids*

52. Bream

53. Sardines flown on Earth

54. Anchovies fried

55. Smelt fried

56. Red mullet fried

57. Salted cod (on the grill or fried)

58. Grilled prawns*
(served with vegetables and rice, olive oil, lemon)

59. Fillet of plaice*
(served with vegetables and rice, olive oil, lemon,
raisins, capers)

Special dishes

60. Pepper steak
(fresh fillet steak, fresh cream, Madagascar pepper)

61. Chicken Sorrento
(fresh chicken, prawn, fresh cream, mustard)

62. Stuffed Chicken
(halloumi, lemon, fresh cream)

63. Pork fillet in parmesan sauce
(fresh pork fillet, fresh cream, parmesan)

64. Beef burger kiss of the night
(ripe tomato with herbs)

65. Chicken of the Sun
(sun dried tomato with basil cream)

From the grill

66. Chicken Fillet

67. Chicken souvlaki

68. Chicken chops


69. Beef steak

70. Beef fillet

71. Beef burgers


72. Pork steak

73. Pork fillet

74. Pork souvlaki

75. Mixed Grill

76. Mixed Grill for 2

77. Small pork chops


78. Lamb chops


79. Chicken gyro
(pie, potatoes,
tomatoes, lettuce, sauce)

80. Pork gyros
(pie, potatoes,
tomatoes, tzatziki, onion)

81. Kebap portion
(pie, potatoes,
tomatoes, tzatziki, onion)

82. Mix trigyros
(pie, potatoes,
tomatoes, tzatziki, onion)

Greek cuisine

83. Chicken in wine sauce

84. Green beans

85. Beef in lemon sauce

86. Lamb in garlic

87. Hock for 2
(fresh leg of pork with herbs)

88. Moussaka
(aubergines, fresh minced beef, fresh tomato, bechamel)

89. Pasticcio
(spaghetti, fresh minced beef, bechamel)

90. Meatballs grandma
(fresh minced beef, garlic, tomato sauce, parsley, herbs)

91. Dino’s baked aubergines
(aubergines in tomato sauce with onions and peppers)

92. Stuffed tomatoes
(rise, tomato)


93. Panorama
(ham, cheese, tomato, mushrooms, pepper, salami, bacon,
tomato sauce)

94. Simple
(ham, cheese, tomato, tomato sauce)

95. Vegetarian
(courgettes, pepper, onion, olives, tomato, tomato sauce)

96. Caesar
(Caesar sauce, cheese, chicken, bacon, parsley)

97. Margarita
(tomato sauce, cheese, fresh tomato)


98. Masticha Pannacotta
(fresh cream, milk, masticha)

99. Chocolate soufflé
(eggs, chocolate, butter)

100. Yogurt with jam of morello or cherry

101. Ice cream (vanilla, chocolate)

102. Seasonal fruits


103. English breakfast
(eggs, bacon or omelet or scrabble eggs, jam, butter,
bread, cake, coffee or any beverage of your choice)

104. Simple breakfast
(jam, butter, bread, cake, coffee or any beverage
of your choice)
* You can choose any of them singularly

White wines

105. Feast White Wine, Semeli, 0,750 ml
(Dry White Wine, P.G.I. Peloponnese, 11,9 % vol- Moschofilero)

106. Semeli White Wine, Semeli 0,750 ml
Dry Table White Wine, 12% vol- Roditis

107. Orinos Helios- Mountain Sun White Wine, Semeli 0,750 ml / 187,5 ml
(Dry White Wine, P.G.I. Peloponnese, 12,4 % vol- Moschofilero
Sauvignon Blanc 0,750ml, 187,5ml)

108. Piccolo Mondo White, Semeli 187,5 ml
(Semi-sweet White Wine, 11% vol- Moschofilero)

109. Mantinia Nassiakos, Semeli 0,750 ml
(Dry White Wine, P.D.O. A.O.C Mantinia, 12,5% vol- Moschofilero)

110. Domain Semeli Chardonnay, Semeli 0,750 ml
Dry White Wine, P.G.I. Northern Slopes of Pendeli, 13,2 vol- Chardonnay

111. 4 Epoches, Boutari 0,750 ml
(Dry White Wine, P.G.I. Arkadia, 12,5 % vol- Moschofilero, Chardonnay)

112. Dionysus Mantinia Dry White Wine 0,750 ml
(Country: GREECE – Location: MANTINIA (Arcadia)
Variety: MOSCHOFILERO, Points: 12
Accompanies: Seafood, fish, lemon sauced white meats and cheese with a mild flavor
Color: Bright pale golden color, with green highlights
Odour: plethora of aromatic flowers, rose and lemon blossom
Serving temperature: 8-10 °C)

113. Oval White Wine 187,5 ml
(Country of origin: Greece – Region Peloponnese
Variety: Roditis, Savatiano, Fileri, Athiri
Flavor: Dry wine
Serving temperature: 8-10 °C
Alcohol: 11.5%
Characteristics: fragrances of citrus, light and mild)

114. Retsina 1000 ml / 500 ml / 0,250 ml

115. Koukounari 0,750 ml
(Premium retsina
With an impressive gold colour, a fruitful mood and an intense essence
of rose and yellow fruits. Mature body and a pleasant after taste
Harmony of tastes: seafood and white meats.
Serving temperature: 8-10 oC)

116. Apollo dry white wine 500 ml
(Country of origin Greece – Area: Attica
Flavor Dry wine
Serving temperature: 8-10 °C
Characteristics: Fruity and easy to drink)

117. House White Wine 500 ml / 0,250 ml
(Dry White Wine MOSCHOFILERO, 11% vol)

Rosé wines

118. Orinos Helios- Mountain Sun rose, Semeli 0,750 ml
(Dry Rose Wine, P.G.I. Corinth, 13% vol- Agiorgitiko)

119. Daskalio 0,750 ml
(Rose demi sec
It has a shiny colour, brings into the mind rose’s petals, nostalgic fragrances, i
ntoxicating. A wine that brings into the mind lovable memories and fond moments.
It can be perfectly combined with soft yellow cheese, with pasta dishes
and meats with bittersweet sauces.
Serving Temperature: in 6-8 °C)

120. Dionysos Rosé dry 0,750 ml
(Country: GREECE – Location: PELOPONNESE
Variety: Agiorgitiko / Mantilaria / Mavroudi of Corinth
Volume: 11.5
Serving Suggestions: Mediterranean cuisine, seafood, white meats and cheese
with a mild flavor
Category: table wine
Colour: Rosewood with red highlights
Odour: Delicate with complex aromatic sence. Sweet hint of carnation
and cinnamon with a background of fruitful and floral aromas
Serving temperature: 10-12 °C)

121. House Rose Wine 1000 ml / 500 ml / 0,250 ml
(Dry Rose from Nemea, 12% vol)

Red wines

122. Feast Red Wine, Semeli, 0,750 ml
(Dry Red Wine, P.G.I. Peloponnese, 13 % vol- Agiorgitiko)

123. Semeli Red, Semeli 0,750 ml
(Dry Red Wine, P.G.I. Peloponnese, 13 % vol- Agiorgitiko, Cabernet Sauvignon)

124. Orinos Helios- Mountain Sun Red, Semeli 0,750 ml
(Dry Red Wine, PGI Peloponnese, 13,5% vol Agiorgitiko)

125. Cava Boutari, Boutari 0,750 ml
(Dry red wine, P.G.I. MACEDONIA (Regional Wine of Macedonia), 13,5 % vol
40% Xinomauro,30% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon και 15% Syrah)

126. Oval Red Wine 187 ml
(Country of origin:: GREECE – Area: CORINTH
Variety: Agiorgitiko, Mantilaria, Roditis, Mavroudi of Corinth
Serving temperature: 14-15 °C
Alcohol: 11.5%
Characteristics: Aromas of red fruits, soft tannins)

127. Apollo dry red wine Country of origin: GREECE – Area: ATTICA 500 ml
(Serving temperature: 12-14 °C
Alcohol: 12.5%
Characteristics: Fruity and easy to drink)

128. House red wine 1000 ml / 500 ml / 0,250 ml
(Dry red wine from Nemea, 11% vol)


129. Amstel

130. Heineken

131. ALFA

132. ALFA Weiss

133. Fischer


134. Ouzo glass

135. Ouzo carafe
(Plomari, Mini, Barbayanni)

136. Raki carafe

137. Whiskey

138. Gin

139. Vodka

140. Rum

141. Liqueur

142. Campari

143. Martini

144. Metaxa 3*

Soft drinks

145. Coca cola

146. Coca cola light

147. Coca cola zero

148. Fanta orange

149. Fanta Lemon

150. Blue Fanta Fanta

150. Sprite

151. Juices Amit

152. Natural orange juice

153. Natural mineral water 1lt>

154. Natural mineral water 1/2 lt

155. Perrier
(Sparkling Water)

156. Carbonated water

157. Soda

158. Tonic


159. Greek

160. Espresso

161. Cappuccino

162. Frappe

163. Nescafe

164. Freddo espresso

165. Freddo cappuccino

166. Irlandezikos

167. Hot chocolate

168. Chocolate cold

169. Tea