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Product Description

Katsourbos a hero of Cretan Renaissance comedy of George Chortatsis. The cuisine Katsourbos opened in January 2005.Characterized by the Athenian press as the Renaissance of Cretan cuisine and established the local cuisine of the island to the capital. All raw materials used in kitchen Katsourbos (included in European international culinary options list of Zagat and the magazine Monocle) from small production units of the island and reach our store from Crete week. All meats are fresh and the preparation of our dishes use only extra virgin organic olive cultivation from our Lefkochori Monofatsi. All pasta and bread (Eptazimo) are handmade.



1. Barley dakos seasoned marinade in a typical
with fresh tomato, xynomyzithra, capers and olives
2. Fava Santorini with fresh onion,
strips peppers and marinated anchovies
3. Santorini fava with sauce tomatoes Santorini
4. Stuffed vine leaves gialantzi
with lemon cream flavored with fennel
5. Sarikopites – kallitsounia with xynomyzithra
6. Kallitsounia with wild greens, spiny chicory, leek, spinach and fennel
7. Santorini tomato with onion rings and yogurt sauce
8. Chickpea balls with lemon yogurt sauce and cumin
9. Savoury smoked pork with crushed walnut
10. Smoked pork sausage together
Lassithi with potatoes and mustard sauce and molasses
11. Rolls pastrami with tomato paste grape
12. Fried snails with rosemary
13. Gruyere cheese in batter with Cretan thyme honey
14. Sardines in vine leaves
15. Grilled vegetables with rosemary and balsamic sauce Cretan
16. Jewish Eggplant with tomato, basil and xynomyzithra
17. Fried Zucchini with cheese and mint


18. Salad ‘Katsourbos’ fresh spiny chicory, pomegranate, almond, fig and cheese
19. Blanch greens with grilled zucchini and eggplant to lemony
vinekret with fresh tomato
20. Tomato rose with fresh mint and cheese
21. Salad lettuce and stamnagathi in nest
parmesan and gruyere with citrus oil and thyme
22. Boiled potatoes with boiled egg, cheese, tomato, onion, and olives
23. Orange salad with onion, dill and olives
24. Panspermia legumes (grandfathers) with spring onion,
artichoke, dill, and sun-dried octopus or Libyan apaki
25. Greek salad (barley rusks, tomato,
cucumber, feta cheese, peppers, onion, olives, capers)
26. Cabbage, carrot, lettuce with lemon

Main Dishes

27. Lamb lemon stamnagathi
28. Free range chicken with sage
accompanied by mashed potato
29. Pork fried with fresh fries Lasithi
30. Gamopilafo Anogiani with lamb and goat
31. Gamopilafo Anogiani with free range rooster
32. Cock au vin with handmade noodles and dry ricotta
33. Meatballs were subject to (leek stew with celery)
34. Botsanakia (burgers wrapped
eggplant and tomato sauce in the oven)


35. Beef burgers with feta sauce and pepper Cretan
Florina accompanied by potatoes Lasithi
36. Pork chops (served with grilled vegetables or fries)
37. Marinated lamb chops with fresh oregano and potatoes
(accompanied with grilled vegetables or fries)
38. Chicken fillet (served with grilled vegetables
fresh or fried potatoes or mashed potato)
39. Beef 500g shelter.
(accompanied with grilled vegetables or fresh fries or mashed potatoes)


40. Handmade pasta with grape cream cream cheese, herbs and pork apaki
41. Handmade pasta stamnagathi, stack and cheese
42. Makarounes with tomato sauce and dry ricotta
43. For chorofagous (zucchini, eggplant,
fresh onion, olives, tomato sauce, oregano, feta cheese)


44. Variety Raki 2 persons (apaki, sausage, stuffed, tomato,
chickpea, fried, grilled vegetables and raki)
45. Variety meats 2 persons
(2 beef patties, 2 pork chops,
chicken fillet, fried, fried potatoes)
46. Bread
47. Water – Zaros


48. Sfakianopita and kallitsounia with cheese sauce and honey,
walnuts and poppy seeds
49. Vanilla ice cream with politico brioche, biscuit crumb
and caramelised nuts
50. Ice cream handmade sage
51. Ice cream handmade rose
52. Handmade quince wine sauce
53. Pecan pie with homemade ice cream sage


54. Organic white or red wine, limited production of Archanes half liter
55. Glass


56. Heienkn bottle 500ml
57. Kaiser bottle 500ml
58. Mythos bottle 500ml
59. Organic beer Rethymnon


60. Coca cola bottle 250ml
61. Coca cola light bottle 250ml
62. Sprite bottle 250ml
63. Fanta bottle 250ml
64. Souroti bottle 250ml
65. Soda bottle 250ml

Raki our production

66. 125ml
67. 250ml
68. Raki 125ml