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Kalamaki Bar


Product Description

Kalamaki bar is located at Koukaki near the metro station Sygrou – Fix and only three blocks away from the ancient temple of Acropolis and the Acropolis archeological museum, at the very heart of the traditional neighborhoods of modern and ancient Athens Drakou road, characterized by the pavement alleys and small gardens an ideal place for lunch and long promenades under the Mediterranean sun.
The restaurant is a modern grill house of minimal architecture where u can taste exquisite meats with a big variety on skewers from free range chickens, lambs, porks and cattle but also Greek kebab in combination with grilled haloumi cheese or mushrooms. The place also offers a variety of salads and cold dishes from fresh-daily picked vegetables from small farms around Greece so you can enjoy the “Cretan” tomatoes and onions and the traditional Greek “feta” from the area of Tripoli in a famous divine salad always showered with extra virgin oil form Kalamata.



1. Bread
2. Pita bread white/wholegrain/corn
3. Bouyourdi
(gritted feta cheese, tomato & pepper)
4. Feta cheese with olive oil & oregano
5. Grilled haloumi cheese
6. Grilled fresh mushrdooms
7. French fries
8. French fries with feta cheese
9. Authentic Greek Tzatziki
10. Spicy feta cheese spread
11. Greek eggplant salad
12. Mediterranean parsley salad


13. Yogurt sauce
14. Mustard sauce
15. Kalamaki bar


16. Greek salad
17. Cretan dakos
(barley rusk, grated tomato, feta cheese,
olives & capers)
18. Broccoli with oil & lemon sauce
19. Kalamaki bar
(iceberg, lettuce, rucola, parmesan, peppers,
pomegranate, cherry tomatoes,
balsamic vinaigrette)
20. Fix
(rucola, cream cheese, raisins, groats)
21. Bosphorus
(cabbage, carrot, green apple, pamegranate,
fennel, celery, raisins, lemon vinaigrette)
22. Garden
(rucola, carrots, tomato, avocado)
23. Spinach
(rucola, lettuce, figs, walnuts
orange vinaigrette)

Homemade skewer

24. Pork
25. Chicken
26. Kebab
27. Veal
28. Lamb

On the Grill

29. Pork chops
30. Chicken fillet
31. Turkey burger
32. Beef burger
33. Kebab stuffed with cream cheese
34. Veal liver


35. Kormos
(greek dessert made of chocolate & buscuits)
36. Yogurt with spoon sweets
37. Caramelized pineapple on the grill with honey & cinnamon
38. Ice cream (2 balls)


39. Kaiser 500ml
40. Fix hellas 500ml
41. Fix dark 330ml
42. Fix weiss 330ml
43. Draught beer 250ml
44. Draught beer 450ml


45. Plomari 50ml
46. Plomari 200ml
47. Barbayanni 200m


48. Tsantali kanenas 750ml
(white, red & rose)
49. House wine 250ml
50. House wine 500ml
51. House wine 1lt
52. Retsina 500ml


53. Tsilili 50ml
54. Tsilili 200ml
55. Apostolaki 200ml


56. Coca cola 250ml
57. Fanta 250ml
58. Sprite 250ml
59. Soda water 250ml
60. Sparkling water 250ml
61. Mineral water 1lt