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Product Description

Ellevoro restaurant is located in Rovertou Galli 2 in Athens.
We expect you to enjoy delicious flavors.
With creative cuisine all day.


1. Bread yeast from Metsovo
(with yogurt dip, eggplant, tahini & marinated green olives)
2. Luxury oil extra virgin olive oil
(Alexandra Draska bio 100% 30ml)

Cold starters

3. White fish roe mousse
(with garlic bread & cripple)
4. Tzatziki with black garlic
(marinated cucumber & dill oil)
5. Sea bass fillets
(instantly marinated with lemon, lime, black salt flower,
coriander & chopped chilli)
6. Octopus
(cooked with aniseed beans of Santorini, pickled onion
& spicy parsley sauce)
7. Carpaccio beef fillet
(with aged gruyere, virgin olive oil & freshly ground pepper)


8. Traditional greek salad
(with fresh oregano, crimson, caper, olives and feta)
9. Marinated cherry tomatoeswith fresh basil
(carob nuts, handmade pesto of olives & fresh goat cheese Tsalafouti)
10. Mixed baby salad leaves
(with spicy gruyere, Loutza, broken foliage & spearmint dressing.)
11. Green beans
(with fresh onion, olives sprouts, tomatoes & anchovies chips)

Hot appetizers

12. Greek cheese dumplings
(in tomato jam, flavored with apple geranium)
13. Slow cooked pork pancetta
(in handmade Rhodian pie, tomato tartar, fresh herbs & black garlic tzatziki)
14. Mousaka Vegetables
(with minced mushrooms, onion jam & bechamel feta cheese)
15. Spicy gruyere
(saganaki with pumpkin spores & jam pepper of Florina)
16. Eggplant saganaki
(with caramelized onions, feta cheese mousse and fried capers)


17. Lemon Cream
(with lime foam & handmade pasteli flavored with tyme)
18. Mastiha Chios Submarine
(with homemade sour cherry juice & carbonate)
19. Marinated Seasonal Fruits
(with handmade yogurt ice cream, fresh strawberries & honey)
20. Chocolate mousse
(flavored with cardamom, cookie with Macedonian halva & chocolate)
Ask us for a dessert of the day!


Kastropoliteia Monemvasia winery Peloponnese PGI

21. Red dry Agiorgitiko – Mavroudi glass
22. White Dry, Monemvasia – Roditis

Anthosmia Monemvasia winery of the Peloponnese PGI

23. Semi-sweet Rosé Moschofilero – Malagouzia
24. Semi-sweet white, Kydonitsa

Traditional drinks

Tsipouro carafe – Spirits

25. Apostolakis 40%vol
26. Dekaraki 40%vol
27. Tsipouro aged Glinavos
Golden Virda 42% vol 500ml

Ouzo carafe

28. Pitsiladi 40% vol
29. Barbayannis 46% vol
30. Yannatsi 45% vol
31. Kazanisto 40% vol
32. Ouzo glass 50ml

Greek Micro Brewers

33. Mamos Pilsner 500ml
34. Nisos Pilsner (european beer star silver award) 500ml
35. Nisos all-Day lager organic 500ml

Traditional Soft Drinks ‘Gia … giammas’

From 100% Greek Fruits
36. Lemon / Peach / Green Apple & Pomegranate / Strawberry & Lemon 580ml
(For extra dew add turmeric, gluten-free)

Greek ice tea cool premium quality

37. Antioxidant
(green tea, verbena, lemon juice)
38. Energy
(tea mate, elderberries extract, lemon & orange juice, agave syrup)
39. Inner power
(Rooibos tea, Amazon acai berry, juice & orange juice, agave syrup)


40. Pink Soda for Ladies or Gentlemen Soda
41. Tonic water
42. Coca Cola / Epsa orange / Epsa lemon soda
43. Xinonero Florina 750ml / 250ml
44. Bottled water 1l


45. Espresso
46. Double espresso
47. Cappuccino
48. Greek coffee
49. Frappe