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Arcadia Restaurant

Arcadia Restaurant


Product Description

The menu is based on specialities of Greek gastronomy and recipes from the region of Arcadia. Quality materials and knowledge of Greek cuisine compose an extensive and delicious menu that will satisfy the appetite of the most demanding customers. Try juicy roasts and stews of the day. Lamb fricassee, cabbage with minced meat, traditional soups and other delicious homemade recipes stand out. Of course they serve high quality moussaka, souvlaki, dolmadakia, pork or chicken gyros and many vegetarian dishes.
The place is very carefully decorated and when the weather is good, you can enjoy your food in the pedestrian street opposite the Museum and under the Acropolis.



1. Traditional Tzatziki
2. Feta cheese (P.G.I.) with olive oil and oregano
3. Fried cheese
(with fig sauce and oxymel)
4. ‘Boukies’
(traditional pasta with olive oil
and ‘myzithra’ cheese)
5. Spinach pie
((Grandmother’s recipe) in handmade fillo)
6. Chick pea balls (falafel)
(with tahini sauce & soumak)
7. Stuffed eggplant
(with onions, garlic, tomato, feta cheese & mint)
8. Homemade stuffed vine leaves
(with lemon sauce)
9. Zucchini fritters
(with mint and yogurt sauce)
10. Traditional beef meatballs with herbs
11. * Shrimps saganaki
(with crab sauce, ouzo and feta cheese)
12. Meze (Variety of appetisers ‘Arcadia’)
(with tzatziki, feta cheese, meatballs,
chick pea balls, stuffed vine leaves, spinach pie,
zucchini fritters & olives)
13. Fresh fried potatoes
* Frozen


14. Fresh season salad
(with vinaigrette sauce and special herbs)
15. Greek salad
(with tomato, cucumber, onions, peppers,
olives, oregano, feta cheese & extra virgin olive oil)
16. Arcadia salad
(cabbage, carrot, green apple,
almonds, raisins, pomegranate)
17. Salad with chicken fillet
(lettuce, radicchio, rocket, vinaigrette
(molasses, balsamic vinegar, olive oil)
and sesame)
18. Mainalon
(cracked wheat, onion, tomato,
lettuce, gueyere cheese, radish & herb dressing)
19. Pan
(barley rusks, chopped tomato,
peppers, onion, olives, capers,
feta cheese with sun dried tomato dressing)
20. Boiled green salad ‘Horta’
21. Tuna salad
(with lettuce, anice, olives,
red peppers, fresh onion, cucumber
and lemon dressing)


22. Chicken soup
(with traditional pasta “trachana” and feta cheese)
23. Lamb soup
(with herbs and pasta)
24. Today’s Soup


25. “Hilopites” homemade pasta
(with mushroom-cheese sauce)
26. Penne
(with Bolognese sauce)
27. Spaghetti Greca
(with zucchini, peppers, fresh onions,
mint & feta sauce)
28. Spaghetti Arcadia
(with chicken, fresh and dried tomato
wine and herbs)
29. Seafood spaghetti
(with shrimps, mussels, fennel, ouzo,
tomato and crab sauce)
30. Penne with fresh salmon
(with vodka, white sauce and brik)
31. Vegetable Risotto
(with cheese cream, parmesan flakes & soya sauce)
32. Risotto with chicken and saffron
33. Sea Food Risotto
(with octopus, calamari,
shrimps and crab sauce)

Traditional Plates

34. Moussaka
(traditional or vegeterian)
35. “Soutzoukakia Smirneika”
(Beef meatballs with tomato sauce,
basmati rice & almond fillet)
36. “Gemista”
(stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice and herbs)
37. Today’s Dish


38. Pork steak
(with vegetables
and fresh fried potatoes)
39. Grilled chicken fillet
(with fresh fried potatoes
and red sweet pepper sauce)
40. Chicken souvlaki
(with pita bread, vegetables,
& lemon sauce)
41. Fillet of chicken sautéed
(with mushroom sauce with cracked wheat & vegetables)
42. Grilled pork souvlaki
(with tzatziki, pita bread, fresh fried potatoes
and red sweet pepper sauce)
43. Gyros plate (sliced pork or chicken meat)
(with tzatziki, fresh fried potatoes
and pita bread)
44. Lamb souvlaki
(marinated in tsipouro & herbs,
with pita bread, tzatziki, fresh fried potatoes
& fresh thyme dressing)
45. Lamb chops (500g.)
46. Traditional beef burgers
(with pita bread,
fresh fried potatoes
& red sweet pepper sauce)
47. Mix grill
(pork, sausage, burger & chicken
with pita bread, cracked wheat,
tzatziki, vegetables
& fresh fried potatoes)

Soft drinks

48. Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola light 250ml
49. Loux 250ml
(orangade, lemonade, lemon soda, soda)
50. ‘TUVUNU’ Greek herbal Ice Tea 330ml
51. Ice Tea (peach or lemon) 330ml
52. Sparkling water 250ml
53. Sparkling water 1lt
54. Mineral water 1lt
55. Fresh mixed juice 250ml
56. Fresh orange juice 250ml


57. Alpha draught 300ml
58. Alpha draught 500ml
59. Mythos 500ml
60. Heineken 500ml
61. Vergina 500ml
62. Vergina Weiss 500ml
63. FIX 500ml
64. Amstel 500ml
65. Non-alcoholic beer


66. Ouzo ‘Mini’ 200ml
67. Ouzo ‘Plomari’ 200ml
68. Ouzo ‘Varvagianni’ 200ml
69. Τsipouro ‘Dekaraki’ 200ml
70. Τsipouro ‘Spiropoulos’ 200ml
71. Glass of tsipouro 50ml
72. Glass of ouzo 50ml
73. Metaxa 5 *
74. Mastiha
75. Alcoholic drinks
76. Cocktail


White wines 750ml

77. Maleatis
(Monemvasia, Assyrtiko, Kidonitsa)
78. Frouri Spyropoulou
(Mantinia Moschofilero (P.G.I.))
79. Sigalas Santorini
80. Gerovassiliou Fume
(Sauvignon Blanc)
81. Arcadia
(Moschofilero – Moschato)

Rozé wines 750ml

82. Babatzim Erodios
(Moschofilero, Xinomavro, Roditis)
83. Meliasto Spiropoulou
(Moschofilero & Agiorgitiko)

Red wines 750ml

84. Naoussa Boutari
85. Megapanos Nemea
86. Frouri Spyropoulou
(Nemeas (P.G.I.))
87. Ktima Gerovassiliou
(Syrah, Merlot)
88. Hatzimichalis Kapnias
(Cabernet Sauvignon)
89. Arcadia

Dessert wines 750ml

90. Samos
91. Mavrodaphne

Sparkling Wines

92. Moscato D ‘Asti 200ml
93. Brachetto D ‘Acqui 200ml
94. Prosecco Doc Tosti 200ml
95. Glass of wine 180ml
96. Carafe house wine 500ml
97. Retsina ‘Kourtaki’ 500ml

Speciality dishes

98. Beef stew
(with eggplant, zucchini
and goat’s cream cheese)
99. Goat fricassee
(with vegetables,
herbs and lemon sauce)
100. ‘Kleſtiko’ lamb
(with gueyere cheese,
tomato, green peppers in fillo)
101. Rooster in wine
(with fresh tomato, thick macaroni
and traditional cheese ‘mizithra’)
102. Antique style moussaka
(with lamb, tomato sauce, gruyere cheese
in a ‘hag’ of eggplant and yogurt sauce)
103. Beef Souvlaki
(with grilled vegetables, rice,
wild cherries vinegar sauce
and fresh herbs)
104. Pork fillet (ancient Greek recipe)
(stuffed with dried fruits, nuts &
coriander, with cracked wheat,
chick peas purée, caramelized onions
and fig sauce)

Seafood dishes

105. *Fried calamari
106. Marinated anchovies (gavros) with herbs
107. * Grilled octopus
(with vegetables)
108. Grilled calamari
(with small green salad)
109. Grilled stuffed calamari
(with feta cheese and herbs)
110. Salmon fillet sautéed
(with herbs and lime)
111. *Grilled Shrimp
(with vegetables, lemon & oregano)
112. Fresh whole bass fish grilled
(with vegetables)
113. Fresh whole sea bream
(grilled with vegetables)
114. Seafood mix
(fresh fish, calamari,
mussels, octopus, shrimps)
* Frozen

Sweets & Desserts

115. Greek yoghurt
(with honey and walnuts
or with rose petal preserve)
116. Traditional ‘Baklavas’
117. Apple pie
118. Chocolate souffle with ice-cream
119. Ice cream (one scoop)
120. Arcadian preserves
(select from sour cherry, figs or walnuts)
121. Choco baileys cake
(with cream cheese icing)
122. Carrot Cake
(with cream cheese icing)
123. Lemon Cake
(with almonds)
124. Creamy NY cheesecake
(with cream cheese and sour cherry)
125. Oreo cheesecake
(with Oreo biscuits)
126. Lemon tart with meringue
127. Banoffee
(with banana and cream, caramel and biscuits)
128. Panna cotta
(with caramelized pineapple and bergamot)


129. Greek coffee
130. Nescafé
131. Nescafé frappe
132. Nescafé frappe with ice-cream
133. Espresso
134. Espresso Double
135. Espresso Freddo
136. Filter Coffee
137. Cappuccino
138. Cappuccino Double
139. Freddo Cappuccino
140. Chocolate
(hot or cold)
141. Tea