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Paradise Beach Spetses

Paradise Beach Spetses


Product Description

Spetses is located in Paradise.
Overlooking the deep blue, we expect to experience beautiful moments.



1. Brioches
(with grilled florina pepper, chopped fennel,
avocado, crispy eisberg, and burger made of shrimps)

2. Seafood spaghetti
(Shrimp, mussels, mullet, clams, crab)


3. Mousse of fish eggs with fennel

4. Eggplant caviar with basil

5. Traditional tzatziki with dill
All accompanied by triangles arabic pies
with olive-oil, gruyere and sweet paprika


6. Carpaccio of sea urchin

(with tarragon, lime, olive oil
and slices of toasted buttered bread)

7. Fish carpaccio

(with sprouts, lemon drops and
olive oil with chili)

8. Veal carpaccio
(with tender rocket, parmesan flakes,
truffle oil and chopped pepper)

Summer meze

9. Sea fennel
(greens from the rocky beaches
of the island with olive oil and lemon)

10. Mussels steamed

(with summer flavors of ouzo and wine)

11. Shrimps in saganaki
with olive oil, thyme, chili flakes
and cherry tomatoes with parsley)

12. Split peas
(with chopped green onion and caper leaves
collected at the hills of the island

13. Grilled sardines

(filled with summer herbs
and tomato, sweet paprika and olive oil)

14. Feta cheese wrapped in phyllo pastry

(with herbs and chili flakes,
fried and top with white and black sesame seeds and honey)

15. Eggplant gypsy

(in saganaki with feta cheese, tomato,
onion, garlic and herbs)

16. Pumpkin-pie

(with handmade pastry with cheese and herbs)

17. Classic tomato bruschetta (with greek pita)

18. Octopus grilled

(with olive oil and oregano)

19. Squid grilled
(with basil oil
and cherry tomatoes with coarse salt)

20. Fried meze from grouper cheeks

(with peppers, tomato
and herbs)


21. Shrimp with tender lettuce leaves

(eisberg, radicchio,
avocado and lemon vinaigrette dressing)

22. Salmon with sprouts of lentils
(chives on crisp lettuce and dressing with ouzo flavor)

23. Chicken salad
(gruyere flakes San Michalis,
leaves of lettuce hearts with curry dressing)

24. Steam salad
(with baby potatoes, notchweeds, carrots,
zucchini and beetroot)

25. Grilled goat cheese

(on fresh and sun dried tomatoes
with basil and purslane leaves, balsamic dressing)

26. Classical greek salad

(with wild oregano, capers, and olive oil)


27. Shrimp spaghetti

(white sauce or tomato sauce,
based on ouzo, wine and parsley)

28. Farfalle salmon

(greased with fennel, dill
finished with vodka)

29. Spaghetti with vegetables and basil pesto

30. Lobster spaghetti with tomatoe

31. Spaghetti with sea urchin

(white, with wine and greens of the sea)

In the Pan

32. Fried mullet and spaghetti of fried mullet
when the weather permits (be informed from your waiter)



33. Slice of grouper with mashed roasted tomato

(olive oil, oregano accompanied by steamed vegetables)

34. Slice of grouper with olive oil and lemon

(accompanied by
potato, carrot, zucchini, broccoli with coarsely ground pepper
and salt, with olive oil)

35. Grilled shrimp

(with grilled vegetables and lime sauce)


36. Veal burger (with salad)

37. Classic american burger

38. Chicken cutlets

(with salad and lemon sauce)

39. Skewer of tenderloin

(with grilled vegetables (with tomato,
spearmint and tzatziki)
All accompanied by french fries


40. Grilled vegetables with herb dressing

Fruits, Sweets & Ice

41. Seasonal fruit

42. Fruit salad with yogurt and honey

43. Various flavors of ice cream

44. Millefeuille with pieces of fruit

45. Three chocolate chocolate pie


Coffee – Tea – Drinks

46. Espresso

47. Double Espresso

48. Cappuccino

49. Double Cappuccino

50. Filter coffee

51. Freddo Espresso

52. Freddo Cappuccino

53. Coffee Color Enhance

54. Hot Chocolate

55. Hot Chocolate Hazelnut Praline

56. Frappe

57. Nescafe

58. Greek Coffee

59. Dual Eng. Coffee

60. Tea Earl Grey

61. Tea Orange

62. Green Tea

63. Cold Tea

Refreshments – Juice

64. Coca-Cola 330 ml

65. Sprite 330 ml

66. Soda Water 330 ml

67. Avra sparkling water 330 ml

68. St. Pellegrino

69. Red Bull 330 ml

70. Avra Water 1000 ml

71. Natural orange juice

72. Natural juice mixed

Ice cream – Milseik

73. Ice cream flavored

74. Smoothie

(various flavors)

75. Milkshakes various flavors

76. Sorbet

(Strawberry, lemon)


77. Club Sandwitch

(Ham, gouda cheese, tender lettuce leaves with mayonnaise, tomato, bacon)

78. Club Sandwitch Solomou
(Black bread, smoked salmon, chopped cucumber slices, dill, avocado mousse Philadelphia)

79. Ciabatta Sandwitch
(Chicken, tender lettuce leaves, bacon, gruyere flakes and mayonnaise with herbs)

80. Brioche Sandwitch
(Turkey, emmental, aismpergk, chives, basil sauce)

81. Hamburgers
(Classic American burger)

82. Shrimp burger

(Shrimp, aismpergk, tarragon, roast Florina peppers)

83. Fruit

(Exotic fruits)

84. Dessert yogurt

(Honey, yogurt and exotic fruits)


85. Mythos draught 330 ml

86. Mythos draught 500 ml

87. Kaiser 330 ml

88. Fix 330 ml

89. Fix Dark 330 ml

90. Carlsberg 330 ml

91. Corona 330 ml

92. Somersby Cyder 330 ml


93. Whisky (simple)
(Johnny Walker Red Label, Famous Grouse, Dewar’s, Cutty Sark, Grant’s, Bell’s, Haig,
Ballantines, J & B, Teacher’s)

Special Whisky

94. Johnny Walker Black Label

95. Johnny Walker Green Label

96. Dimple

97. Chivas Regal

98. Dewar’s 12

99. Cutty Sark 12

Premium Whisky

100. Johnny Walker Gold Label

101. Johnny Walker Blue Label

102. Dimple Gold

103. Chivas Regal 18

Irish Whisky

104. Jameson

105. Bushmills


106. Jack Daniels

107. Jim Beam

108. Wild Turkey

109. Canadian Club

Single Malt Whisky

110. Talisker, Lagavulin, Gragganmore, Oban, Macallan, Glen Grant

111. Glenfiddich, Cardhu, Dalmore 12, Bowmore,
Glenlivet, White & Mackay, Glenfiddich 18

112. Vodka (simple)
(Smirnoff Red, Smirnoff North, Absolut, Sobieski Caramel, Stolichnaya, Ursus,
Russian Standar, Finlandia)

Special Vodka

113. Smirnoff Black / Blue

114. Grey Goose

115. Belvedere

116. Ciroc

117. Beluga

118. Stolichnaya Elite

119. Espresso

(Gordon’s, Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, Beefeater)

120. Special Gin

(Tanqueray 10, Hendricks)

121. Rum
(Bacardi, Pampero, Havana Club, Morgan Captain, Cachaca)

Special Rum

122. Pampero Aniversario

123. Havana Club 5

124. Havana Club 7

125. Zacapa

126. Diplomatico

127. Tequila
(Jose Cuervo Silver, Jose Cuervo gold)

Special Tequila

128. Don Julio Blanco

129. Don Julio Reposado

130. Heradura

131. Don Julio Anejo

132. Jose cuervo Black


133. Martell VSOP

134. Courvoisier VSOP

135. Courvoisier Napoleon

136. Remy Martin VSOP


137. Metaxa 5 *

138. Metaxa 7 *

139. Metaxa 10 *

140. Aperitifs & Liquers

(Martini Bianco, Martini Rosso, Martini Dry, Pernod, Southern Comfort, Campari, Cointreau
Drambouie, Amaretto, Tia Maria, Bailley’s, Kahlua, Malibu, Benedictine, Peter Hearing
Batida de Coco)

141. Ouzo

(Ouzo Plomari Ouzo Mini, Ouzo Meltemi)

142. Grappa

(Nonino (Yellow, White))


143. Sandeman, Taylor’s Ruby

144. Madeira

145. Graham’s 10


146. Sambuca (White & Black)

147. Jaegermaister, Fernet Branca, Amaro Averna

148. Mastique Apalarina

149. Limoncello

150. Underberg

150. Raki Tsililis

151. Raki Gatsios

Wines (750 ml)

152. Books Country (White)

153. Chardonnay Rings. Gerovassiliou (White)

154. Thema Pavlidis Estate (White)

155. Cabernet Rings. Alpha (Red)

Dessert Wines (glass)

156. Moscato D ‘Asti

157. Festival

Sparkling Wines

158. Prosecco Sergio Mo 750 ml

159. Prosecco Sergio Mo (glass)

160. Prosecco


161. Moet 750 ml

162. Veuve Clicquot 750 ml