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Product Description

Hospitable and family oriented with the feel of a traditional old Athenian coffee shop, Abibayio is situated on the Herakleidon pedestrian path in the historic Thissio district under the gaze of the Acropolis. The menu offers traditional Greek fare with recipes that pay homage to Greek earth and sea with select ingredients from all parts of Greece.
A favorite of food lovers since 1997, Abibayio, promises a warm and hospitable experience of tastes reminiscent of our childhood years and more.


1. Ampimpagio spring with Greek lettuce
(Cucumber, boiled egg,
baby corn, green onion, chicken and dressing of
honey and mustard)
2. Cretan Rusks
3. Traditional


4. Draught slice PDO
5. Naxos Gruyere PDO.
6. Ladotyri Mytilene PDO
7. Metsovone PDO.


8. Eggplant smoker Agioritiki
9. Spicy cheese


10. Soutzouki Caramanli with fried eggs
11. Slice breaded with sesame
12. Mastelo grilled
13. Fiorina peppers in clay with tyrokafteri
14. Kreatosfairidia
15. Bougiourdi spicy
16. Zucchini yellow pumpkin,
(Three cheeses and mint sauce)
17. Porto Belo Mushrooms stuffed with cheese and tomato
18. Potato pancakes fresh
19. Mushroom Pancake with herbs
20. Fried pork ala old
21. Chicken fried with mushrooms and mustard


22. Burger stuffed with feta, tomato
(Served with crunchy salad, rice and baked potato)
23. Filet grilled chicken with roast kefalotiri
(Served with crunchy salad, rice and baked potato)
24. Beef 400g about (milk calf France)
(Served with crunchy salad, rice and baked potato)
25. Pork steak 350 – 400g
(Served with crunchy salad, rice and baked potato)
26. Mix Grill for two (2) persons
pork souvlaki, chicken souvlaki, shish kebab, sausage, pansepta
(Served with boiled vegetables, rice and baked potato)


27. Chocolate soufflé
28. Rematch with pudding
29. Cover

Wines White 750ml

30. 3 Aidonia Roditis Savatiano – Greek Cellars
(Pale yellow color with green hues. Aroma fresh, clean, fine.
With accents of lemon and orange. Taste wiry, youthful and fruity with a distinctive aftertaste
that lasts.)
31. Little North Wind – Moshofilero
(Wine with light bright color, thin intense varietal aroma, lively and fruity taste.)
32. Little North Wind Chardonnay Sauvignon Blank – Angel Rouvalis
(Wine golden clear fruity aromas, taste youthful, vigorous, gives the pleasant mouth
sense anthosmias spring flowers.)
33. Stand Polypoikiliakos – Anestis Babatzimopoulos
(Produced by skin contact extraction from organically grown grapes. Complex and rich aroma
that is constantly evolving. Fruity notes in taste, youthfulness and vitality to the body, while the aftertaste
leaves distinctive sense honey and chestnut.)
34. Trojan (Malagouzia) – Anestis Babatzimopoulos
(Dry White Wine with yellow color from organically grown grapes with intense flavor
anthosmia and taste fresh, unique and distinctive greasy.)

Red Wine 750ml

35. 3 Aidonia Agiorgitiko, Syrah – Greek Cellars
(Bathykokkino cherry color with violet hues. Pleasant fragrance evoking a red fruit,
with slight tones of spices. MEST body, fills the mouth giving away, pleasant aftertaste.)
36. Little North Wind – Aghiorghitiko
(Wine with bright ruby ​​deep red color, violet hues, rich aroma and gentle full
37. Little North Wind Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon – Angel Rouvalis
(Dry Red Wine with vibrant color and intense fruit flavors.)
38. Stand Xinomayro Merlot- Anestis Babatzimopoulos
(Dry Red Wine with a very dark color, intense aroma with hints of strawberry and raspberry)
39. Alpha Estate – Syrah
(Rich, concentrated red wine with clean aromas, intense tannins and long finish.
Character and beautiful notes of smoked wood, candied fruit and vanilla from aging
in oak barrel.)

Wines Rosé 750ml

40. 3 Aidonia Syrah – Greek Cellars
(Fino pink color, bright and clear. Perfumes summer fruits in bold tones of strawberry.
Taste refined, concise and complete. Aftertaste that leaves a strong sense candy.)
41. Heron – Anestis Babatzimopoulos
(Rosé Wine aroma and seductive flavor soft caramel tones. Especially loved the ladies!)

Wines Sparkling 750ml

42. Sparkling White or Rosé – J.P. Chenet Brut
(Dry Sparkling Wine with delicious rich bubbles, rich taste tons of citrus and white
flowers and pleasant feeling of fresh butter.)
43. Moscato d’Asti
(An elegant sweet sparkling wine from Northern Italy. The sweetness, the aromaticity of Muscat and

Sweet Wines 750ml

44. Mafrodafni Patras – Greek Cellars
(Red Wine Sweet with rich blackcurrant aroma and dry figs, intensely sweet with rich
sensation of alcohol.)
45. Spanish sangria (jug 1000ml)
(Sweet red wine, quantro, fresh lemon juice, fresh tracks
fruits, served with ice.)
46. Mexican sangria (jug 1000ml)
(Sweet red wine
served with ice.)
47. Glass of wine
48. Glass Mavrodaphne
49. Glass of Moscato d’Asti
50. Glass of sangria


51. Aperitif
52. Brandy
53. Liqueur
54. Bourbon
55. Special
56. Malt
57. Premium vodka
58. Premium whiskey
59. Super Premium whiskey
60. Cocktails
61. Bottle simple
62. Bottle special
63. Bottle premium
64. Soft Drinks – Soft drinks (500ml)
65. Bottle

English essences

66. Ouzo glass
67. Plomari 200ml
68. Babatzim 200ml
69. Raki Cretan carafe 100ml
70. Raki Cretan carafe 200ml
71. Rakomelo (hot or cold) carafe 100ml
72. Rakomelo (hot or cold) carafe 200ml


Bulk – draught

73. Fischer (400ml)
(Type: Pilsener, Taste: Soft and pleasantly bitter, Color: Blonde, Perfume: Gently Hop Alcohol: 5%)


74. Alpha (330ml)
(Type: Blonde Lager
Features: fresh, light, xedipsastiki, drunk easily and has a rich lather.
Has soft aroma of malt and yeast, Alcohol: 5%)
75. Heineken (330ml)
(Type: Lager, Taste: Full, Color: Blonde Lighter Perfume: Distinctive hop and malt
Alcohol: 5%)
76. Erdinger Weiss (330ml)
(Erdinger Weiss (330ml)
Type: Weiss, Taste: Fruity, dry, clean with a spicy aftertaste, Color: Blonde, blurred,
Aroma: Fruit and yeast Alcohol: 5.3%)
77. Murphy’s (500ml)
(Type: Stout, Taste: Soft, dry roasted malt flavor, color: Black,
Aroma: Complex aroma of roasted malt, Alcohol: 4%)
78. Mc Farland (330ml)
(Type: Red Ale, Taste: Fruity with bitter aftertaste, Color: Red, Aroma: Rich fruit,
Alcohol: 5.6%)
79. Duvel (330ml)
(Monastic – Monastic
Type: Strong Golden Ale, Taste: bitter-sweet aroma Seville oranges, strong, special and unique,
Color: white-yellow, Aroma: Intense, Alcohol: 8.5%)
80. Sol (330ml)
(Type: Pale lager, Flavor: Malts, likiskos, herbs, citrus Colour: Pale gold, Aroma: Hop Alcohol: