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The delicacies of Marie

The delicacies of Marie


Product Description

The delicacies of Marie is a kitchen, tavern-restaurant created in 1994 with great love for our Greek cuisine. The restaurant is located in the beautiful Agios Georgios square in Kypseli, a historic square intertwined with culture, since it is and has always been a hangout for personalities!
Among the friends of authentic Greek gastronomy, famous actors and artists have it at the top of their preferences. The pure ingredients, the right preparation, the patient cooking, the excellent raw materials are the characteristics that make up the recognized value of this special restaurant, in a rich natural environment with enough greenery and coolness for Athens.
It is recommended for all hours of the day and you will find a variety of traditional dishes as well as freshly baked pies every day!
Apart from stews you will find steaks, burgers and all the grilled dishes of the moment. Enjoy with a cool beer or if you prefer a draught wine.
Pan pies are one of Mary’s specialties and are hand rolled with a crust! Complete your table with a grass pie or cheese pie!


Our salads

1. Greek salad
2. Cucumber
3. Lettuce
4. Cabbage-Carrot
5. Horta
6. Beets
7. Cauliflower
8. Broccoli
9. Pumpkin
10. Variety of boiled vegetables


11. Feta cheese (Draught)
12. Gruyere


13. Fried zucchini
14. Potatoes fried fresh
15. Baked potatoes
16. Pie
17. Spinach
18. Tzatziki
19. Fried cheese
20. Fried cheese sausage
21. Fava
22. Spicy cheese dip
23. Garlic


24. Meat soup (with meat)
25. Fish soup (fish)
26. Chicken
27. Bean soup
28. Lentils
29. Chickpea


30. Eggplant
31. Beans
32. Beans giants
33. Peas
34. Spinach
35. Artichokes a la polita
36. Stuffed tomatoes and peppers
37. Okra


38. Beef steak
39. Pork steak
40. Burgers grilled
41. Liver veal
42. Meatballs Mary
43. Schnitzel (pork)
44. Chicken baked
45. Oven roasted pork
46. Burgers Chicken


47. Anchovies
48. Cod with garlic
49. Calamari (cat.)
50. Mullet fresh


51. Beef braised
52. Veal with lemon
53. Beef casserole
54. Fricassee
55. Stifado
56. Pasticcio
57. Moussaka
58. Papoutsakia
59. Cannelloni
60. Ogkranten souffle
61. Soutzoukakia
62. Cabbage
63. Stuffed ampelofyllo
64. Zucchini Avgolemono
65. Spaghetti with minced meat


66. Special – Special
67. Greek – Greek


68. Box 330ml Coca Cola
69. Box 330ml Coca Light
70. Box 330ml Coca Zero
71. Box 330ml Sprite
72. Box 330ml soda
73. Box 330ml orange juice
74. Water 500ml


75. Kaiser
76. Mythos
77. Amstel
78. Heineken
79. Fix
80. Beer in cans


81. Bulk aretsinoto white 1 / 2kg
82. Loose red 1 / 2kg


83. Ouzo 200 ml


84. Tsipouro 200 ml