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Product Description

Under the Acropolis of Athens, in the old Plaka in 1890, Konstantinos Latifis starts the oldest dairy in Athens. He is a producer and with the help of his son Dimitris, who takes over the business in 1915, they achieve progress in their field. They accompany the quality of their products with the revolution in pasteurization and homogenization, with the production of the first pasteurized milk in a bottle, the milk ‘LATO’.
The third generation takes over in 1935 with the sons of Dimitris Latifis, Andreas and George. Over the years the name ‘LATIFIS’ is associated with the top in yogurt and in all dairy products with a special sweetness the galaktoboureko. In 1995 the son of George Latifis, Dimitris, begins the radical renewal of the company and the property itself.
In a pleasant place you can now try all our products. We provide a wide variety of sweets, dairy products and we will especially suggest you the only fresh ice cream in Athens in 30 flavors.