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Stamatopoulos Tavern

Stamatopoulos Tavern


Product Description

Our traditional tavern was established in 1882 when grandfather Stamatopoulos opened a grocery store where they also served wine. It has been operating as a regular tavern ever since 1965.
The old tavern plakiotiki Stamatopoulos since 1882, located at the foot of the Parthenon Street Lisiou 26, Plaka, in Athens. Very close to the Acropolis metro station and the subway Constitution. You can wander the streets of Plaka.
Greek souvlaki, authentic Greek salad, moussaka, some of the dishes can be savored indoors and the big cool garden.
We are waiting with a big smile and disposal service and kindness.


Cold appetizers

1. Tzatziki
2. Taramas
3. Eggplant salad
4. Tyrokafteri (spicy cheese dip)
5. Potato Salad
6. Santorini fava
7. Marinated anchovies
8. Octopus vinaigrette*
9. Olives kalamon

Warm appetizers

10. Saganaki Metsovone
11. Feta cheese fried (with honey and mafrokouki)
12. Mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese garlic
13. Roasted Eggplant (with goat cheese and tomato)
14. Meatballs with tomato sauce and mint
15. Cheese balls rolled with zucchini
16. Zucchini balls
17. Eggplant rolls with goat cheese
18. Feta cheese baked with tomato, onion, pepper
19. Giants
20. Sausage with french fries
21. Tomato with cod
22. Stuffed with minced meat and egg lemon sauce
23. Bekri tidbit
24. Grilled vegetables grilled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
25. Fresh french fries


26. Salad ‘Stamatopoulos’ arugula, sundried tomatoes, olives, xynomyzithra
27. Greek salad
28. Riganada Cretan (barley with olive oil, tomato,
xynomyzithra, mint, oregano, capers over rocket leaves
29. Grilled mushrooms with rocket and parmesan
30. Feast vegetables (crunchy rocket leaves, salad, fresh lettuce,
tomato, sweet pepper and parmesan rinds)
31. Cucumber and onion and olives
32. Boiled vegetables


33. Greek Feta cheese
34. Gruyere Crete
35. Blue cheese
36. Metsovone
37. Assorted cheeses

Greek flavors

38. Moussaka
39. Beef braised
40. Lamb pitcher or lemon sauce
41. Grouper with spinach fricassee
42. Oily dish of the Day (ask your waiter)

Of Time

43. Pork steak
44. Chicken fillet
45. Beef Burger
46. Skewered lamb
47. Skewer chicken
48. Lamb chops
49. Beef steak
50. Kebab politico
51. Variety meats (chicken fillet, pork chops, beef burgers,
chops, sausage, sauce, spicy cheese and fries)
* All dishes are served with fresh fried potatoes.


52. Grilled Octopus*
53. *Grilled Shrimp
54. Grilled Salmon
55. Bream (serving approximately 350g)
56. Grilled Squid*
57. *Squid stuffed with rice – seafood
58. Assorted seafood (*Grilled Octopus, Shrimp, Squid,
sardines, potato salad)


59. Mythos 500ml
60. Kaiser 500ml


61. Wine Glass 125ml
62. Ouzo glass 50ml
63. Ouzo carafe 200ml
64. Raki carafe 200ml
65. Brandy Metaxa 5* glass 50ml
66. Liquor glass 50ml


67. Coca – Cola – Sprite soda 250ml
68. Fanta Orange 250ml
69. Coca – cola lite tonic 250ml
70. Bottled Water AVRA 1lt
71. Carbonated water AVRA 1lt
72. Carbonated water BREEZE 300ml
73. Iced Tea NES TEA 250ml


74. Greek coffee odd
75. Greek coffee double
76. Espresso odd
77. Espresso double
78. Nescafe hot
79. Nescafe Frappe
80. Tea cozy


81. Fresh fruits
82. Baklava
83. Orange pie
84. Yogurt with honey and walnuts
85. Kataife Shredded Wheat
86. Galaktoboureko
87. Variety of traditional sweets

White wines

88. Domaine Vivlia Chora (Assyrtiko, sauvignon blanc)
89. Sigalas Santorini Assyrtiko
90. Domaine Gerovileiou Assyrtiko Malagouzia
91. Domaine Alpha sauvignon blanc 100%
92. Oreinos Ilios Semele moschofilero
93. Moshofilero Boutari
94. Oreino Domaine Spyropoulos Moshofilero
95. Ktima – Domaine Pavlidis (Assyrtiko, sauvignon blanc)
96. Retsina
97. 1 liter of house wine

Red wines

98. Oreinos Ilios Semele (Aghiorghitiko)
99. Nea Dris Andonopoulou (cabernet sauvignon, franc)
100. Domaine Papaioannou Nemea (Aghiorghitiko)
101. Thema – Domaine Pavlidis (Syrah, Aghiorghitiko)
102. Katogi Averof (cabernet sauvignon, Aghiorghitiko)
103. Domaine Alpha (Syrah, Xinomavro, merlot)
104. Pirgos Nikos Lazaridis (cabernet sauvignon, merlot)
105. 1 liter of house wine
106. Sangria 1 liter

Rosé wines

107. Domaine Vivlia Chora Syrah
108. Meliasto Spyropoulou Moshofilero Mantineias

Sweet wines

109. Visanto Santorini
110. Sangria 1 liter
111. Visanto glass Santorini
112. Sangria glasses