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Product Description

If you are planning to visit Greece on business or pleasure we have a very interesting proposition for you: Our restaurant is located in the picturesque neighbourhood of Plaka, right under the Acropolis.
You can enjoy your lunch or dinner right before or after your visit to the Parthenon, the museums and the nearest archaeological sites combining it with a wonderful stroll in the picturesque neighbourhood of Plaka.
In our restaurant it works as follows: We bring to your table a large tray with 18-20 different Greek specialities (meat, seafood, fish, vegetarian dishes, salads), you see them, we explain what these dishes are in case you are unfamiliar with them and you keep whatever you like




1. Stuffed cabbage special Matoulas of Papadopoulos
2. Meatballs type grandmother Marditsa
3. Bekri meze for devotee
4. Homemade moussaka of Old
5. Pork sausages holocaust


6. Anchovies, Maridaki, sardines freshest
7. Cuttlefish free-range ala Boarding (frozen)
8. Octopus salad (frozen)
9. Fried squid (frozen)
10. Cod with garlic (paste)
11. Tope garlic (frozen)
12. Herring holocaust, lemon … the blow up


13. Traditional Salad
14. Salads, lettuce, cabbage, greens, cucumber etc.
15. Tomatoes stuffed peppers
16. Giants sauce
17. Fava
18. Fried cheese – spinach pie – cheese croquettes


19. Tzatziki
20. Caviar sized (preserved fish roe salad)
21. Tsakoniki fried eggplants
22. Sweet peppers or pimentos Antenna Type
23. Fries handmade
24. Feta cheese Hellenic
25. Hot butter (one and burn)
26. Bread (unlimited per person)
27. O halva free … (if halva)

For preparing food used eliaolado – soybean


28. White wine or red our production (kg)
29. Ouzo or raki us (250 gr)
30. Ouzo carafe 200 gr (bottled)
31. Ouzo or raki (glass)
32. Beers (bottle 500 gr)
33. Beers (bottle 330 gr)
34. Cognac unnamed
35. Coffee – Tea – Chocolate
36. Soft Drinks (250 gr)
37. Mineral water 1 1/2 liter
38. Mineral water 1/2 liter