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A well-known restaurant for the lovers of Oia in Santorini, beautifully restored, exterior and interior, for your comfort and romantic delights overlooking the Caldera of Santorini. Apsithia Restaurant awaits you for this summer to try them out new gastronomic creations of experienced kitchen staff.

Experienced but mostly willing staff of the waiters will help to choose from among many dishes exactly what suits your tastes.

Taste Our wonderful dishes, with wonderful suggestions from the wide a list of local and many well-known Greek wines. Come to travel together on a wonderful trip with great pleasant surprises.


Breakfast – Snacks


1. Omelet with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese
2. Omelet with ham and cheese
3. Omelet with sausage, cheese, peppers, onion, mushrooms
4. Scrambled eggs with bacon

Club sandwiches

5. Club sandwich
(with grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, cheese, mayonnaise sauce and fried potatoes*)
6. Club sandwich
(with aromatic grilled vegetables and fried potatoes)


7. Tortilla anthotiro
(with Greek traditional cheese, fresh tomato and basil pesto)
8. Tortilla vegetarian
(with grilled vegetables and chili sauce)
9. Tortilla with chicken
(lettuce, tomato and mustard sauce)
10. Tortilla special
(with edam cheese, ham, bacon, Greek sausage, lettuce and yoghurt sauce)


11. Toast with cheese and tomato
12. Toast with ham and cheese


13. Tzatziki
14. Traditional Eggplant salad
15. Traditional pitakia
(leek pie, spinach pie)
16. Traditional cheese balls
(stuffed with sun-dried tomato of Santorini, mushrooms, olives)
17. Santorini fava beans puree
(with spring onion and parsley)
18. Traditional Santorini Tomato balls
19. Calamari with Boiled greens with lemon-oil sauce
20. Octopus in sauce of aged vinsanto of Santorini
21. Saganaki (traditional fried cheese of Naxos)
22. Grilled shrimp with lemon oli sauce or saganaki
23. Stuffed mushrooms with cheese and beacon
24. Steamed mussels flambé with ouzo, garlic and dill


25. Greek salad with onion, peppers, olives and capers
26. Apsithia salad
(with chicken fillet Lolo Verde, feta cheese, lettuce, Valeriana, strawberries, orange, and walnuts)
27. Mediterranean Salad
(with tuna, carrot, celery, onion, dill and a light yogurt dressing)
28. Rocket salad
(with rocket, lettuce, walnuts, a honey-balsamic vinegar dressing and parmesan flakes)
29. Mixed Green salad
(with Lolo Verde, Lolo roso, lettuce, fennel, spinach,carrots, horseradish, dill, parsley roasted pine cone and a grape molasses dressing)

Pasta dishes

30. Spaghetti Bolognez
31. Chicken fillet
(with penne pasta , fresh mushrooms flambé with ouzo and parmesan flakes)
32. Spaghetti with vegetables
(in Santorini cherry tomato sauce with garlic, capers and olives)
33. Mussels Linguini flambé
(with aged white wine of Santorini with cherry tomato sauce aromatized with garlic)
34. Seafood linguini
(with cuttlefish, octopus, calamari and mussels flambé with ouzo and aromatized with saffron)
35. Catch the size of your lobster from our tank and enjoy the special lobster linguini

Fish Plates

36. Grilled Dorado
(served with lemon-oil sauce and mixed grilled vegetables)
37. Grilled Salmon Fillet
(with a light yogurt-dill sauce served with mashed potatoes aromatized with carrots)
38. Sardines
(cooked into the oven with fresh tomato, basil and garlic)
39. Traditional Santorini brandade cod fillet
(cooked with cherry tomato sauce and rosemary served with mashed potatoes aromatized with garlic)
40. Grilled Sea Bass
(with lemon-oil sauce accompanied with mixed green salad)
41. Wild red snapper grilled with rice mixed with vegetables brinouaz

Main Courses

42. Moussaka with a four cheeses crust
43. Vegetarian moussaka
44. Soutzoukakia
(meatballs aromatized with cumin and cooked into Santorini cherry tomato sauce, served with rice mixed with vegetables brinouaz)
45. Papoutsakia
(stuffed eggplants with minced meat and béchamel sauce)
46. Lamb shank
(cooked in a casserole with fresh baked potatoes in lemon sauce)
47. Bekri Meze
((pork cooked into spicy sauce with Santorini cherry tomatoes) served with French fries)

Grilled Dishes

48. Βurger stuffed
(with feta cheese and tomato served with mashed potatoes aromatized with carrot)
49. Chicken Schnitzel
(in a light cheese sauce served with rice mixed with vegetables brinouaz)
50. Chicken gyros with pita bread, tzatziki, french fries, tomato and onions
51. Gyros with pita bread, tzatziki, french fries, tomato and onions
52. Virgin olive oil 50ml as the law imposes
53. Homemade bread per person


54. Traditional Walnut cake with vanilla ice-cream
55. Baklava
56. Panna cotta with caramel syrup
57. Chocolate pie with vanilla ice-cream
58. Galaktompoyreko (traditional milk pie)
59. Yogurt with honey and nuts
60. Ice cream / per scoop
(Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Fig, Pistachio, Lemon Sorbet, Yogurt with sour cherry)
61. Waffle with praline chocolate
(Combine with any flavor of ice cream)

Sparkling Wine – Champagne

62. Prosecco 750 ml
63. Edenia Theopetra Estate
64. Edenia Rose Theopetra Estate
65. Moet & Chandon 750 ml

White wine 750 ml

66. Vivlia Chora
67. De Milos Xatsidakis
68. Assyrtiko Gavalas
69. Aidani Gavalas
70. Santo Demisec white
71. Assyrtiko Grand Reserve
72. Nixteri Koutsogianopoulos
73. Atlantis Argyros
74. Moscofilero Boutari
75. Almira Skouras
76. Chardonnay Boutari

Rose wine 750 ml

77. Atlantis Argyros
78. Xatsidakis
79. Boutari Demi Sec

Red wine 750 ml

80. Ksenoloo Gavalas
81. Merlot Boutari
82. Syrah Boutari
83. Paraga Kyr-Gianni
84. Atlantis Argyros
85. Mavrotragano Gavalas
86. Megas Oinos Skouras
87. Santo Demi-Sec Red
Sparkling wine and wine by the glass

Sparkling wine and wine by the glass

88. Sparkling Wine
89. White Wine – Rose Wine
90. Red Wine
91. Sweet Wine Vinsanto
92. Sweet Wine Mezzo

House Wine

93. Dry White 500ml
94. Dry White 1lt
95. Dry Red 500ml
96. Dry Red 1lt
97. Dry Rose 500ml
98. Dry Rose 1lt


99. Espresso
100. Espresso double
101. Espresso decaffeinate
102. Espresso double decaffeinate
103. Freddo espresso
104. Cappuccino
105. Cappuccino Freddo – Latte
106. Irish with whiskey
107. Nes café – Frappe
108. Nes café – Frappe with baileys
109. Nes café – Frappe with ice-cream
110. Greek
111. Greek Double
112. Filter


113. Chocolate hot
114. Chocolate cold
115. Chocolate viennois hot –cold
116. Chocolate hot with rum
117. White chocolate hot


118. Vanilla, Chocolate, Pistachio, Fig, Strawberry


119. Orange, Apple, Mixed Fruit

Fresh Juices

120. Orange
121. Apple
122. Mixed fruit


123. Hot tea in various flavours
124. Cold tea lemon or peach
125. Tea with cognac

Soft drinks 330ml

126. Coca cola-light-zero
127. Sprite
128. Fanta
129. Soda
130. Tonic
131. Fanta Blue
132. Fanta Lemon


133. Mineral water Zagori 1lt
134. Zagori Sparkling 750ml


135. Amstel 500ml
136. Heineken 500ml
137. Alfa 500ml
138. Corona 355ml
139. Amstel Radler 500ml
140. Alfa Weiss 500ml
141. Volkan Blonde 330ml
142. Volkan Black 330ml
143. Draft Beer Mythos 300ml
144. Draft Beer Mythos 500ml

Bar Drinks / Cocktails

145. Ouzo 200ml
146. Tsipouro with anise 200 ml
147. Tsipouro without anise 200ml
147. Limoncello, Masticha, Absinthe
149. Baileys
150. Absolut / Smirnoff / Grey goose
151. Johnny Walker red / black
152. Bombay / Tanqueray /Hendrick’s
153. Jose Cuervo
154. Bacardi
155. Aperol / spritz
156. Metaxa 5*
157. Kir Royal
158. Margarita classic / strawberry
159. Mojito
160. Pina Colada
161. Cosmopolitan


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