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The high aesthetics that characterizes the place, the magnificent view from the upper level of ‘AMMoudi’, the experienced friendly and helpful staff, the fresh fish, the quality of the raw materials and the recipes of the distant past guarantee unforgettable unique moments.



1. Greek salad
(Tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, green peppers, feta cheese, oregano, olive oil, vinegar stsagones)
2. Cretan Rusks
(Cretan rusk, peeled tomato, goat feta cheese, oregano, olive oil)
3. Boiled salad
(Variety of boiled seasonal vegetables)
4. Rocket salad (for 2 people)
(Lettuce, rocket, parmesan peel, pine nuts, sun dried tomato, sun dried Black Corinth raisins, honey sauce)
5. Ammoudi special (for 2 people)
(Chopped lettuce, lettuce hearts, peeled tomatoes, radish, carrot, olives, onion, pickles,
capers, dill, olive oil, vinegar)

Τraditional appetizers

6. Toasted bread
7. Santorini fries hand cut
8. Spicy cheese dip
(Goat feta cheese and hot peppers)
9. Tzatziki (yoghurt, garlic, cucumber)
10. Eggplant salad Agiorgitiki
(Baked local flasks or white aubergines with garlic, onion and parsley, extra virgin olive oil)
11. Fried zucchini
(zucchini fried accompanied with dips tzatziki)
12. Cheese saganaki 5.50€
13. White fish roe salad
14. Santorini fava beans with capers, onion and olive oil
15. Tomato balls Santorini
16. Zucchini balls Santorini
17. Halloumi grilled
( halloumi in nest of puff pastry with oil and black sesame)
18. Feta cheese goat in Crust with honey and black / white sesame
19. Stuffed gialantzi
20. Mastelo with mastic, honey and sesame
21. Eggplant rolls
(Handmade rolls stuffed with black or white eggplant Santorini, goat feta cheese and herbs)
22. Variety grilled vegetables
(Fresh seasonal vegetables with balsamic sauce)

Seafood appetizers hot

23. Squid spawn
24. Fried fish (anchovies, smelt, smelt)
25. Fried squid
26. Mussels steamed
27. Mussels saganaki
28. Chowder
29. Crumb crayfish fried
30. Crumb crayfish saganaki
31. Grilled squid kilo
32. Sun dried octopus – Grilled

Seafood appetizers cold

33. Anchovies marinated in vinegar
34. Mackerel smoked
35. Salmon marinated in lemon
36. Sea urchin salad
37. Shellfish (clams, glossy) kilo


38. Shrimp fried
39. Fried shrimp
40. Shrimp with ouzo and orange

Spaghetti and seafood risotto

41. Seafood risotto
42. Linguini or spaghetti with seafood
43. Linguine with shrimp and fresh tomato sauce

Fish in coal (per kilo)

44. Swordfish slice
45. Cod
46. Language
47. Scorpion fish
48. Bass
49. Bream
50. Grouper
51. Blackfish
52. Sterile
53. Beetle
54. Mullet
55. Grilled shrimp
56. Sheepshead
57. Porgy
58. Crab legs
59. Lobster


60. Assorted seafood
61. Special seafood

Amoudi Special

62. Chowder Chowder (kg)
63. Lobster with spaghetti or linguini (kg)
64. Kritharoto Lobster (kilo)

For meat eaters

65. Filetarismeno grilled chicken
66. Beef fillet

For vegetarians

67. Linguini or spaghetti vegetables
68. Vegetable Risotto


69. Ouzo 200 ml
70. Raki 200 ml
71. Whiskey simple
72. Whiskey special
73. Vodka simple
74. Vodka special
75. Gin
76. Tequila simple
77. Tequila special
78. Rum
79. Baileys
80. Campari
81. Lemonchelo
82. Fernet Branca
83. Metaxa 7 stars

Bulk Wines

84. Santorini White Wine (liter)
85. Santorini Red Wine (liter)
86. White Wine Santorini (half liter)
87. Red Wine Santorini (half liter)

In glass

88. Assyrtiko Athiri Sigalas White
89. Red Wine Santorini
90. Sangria
91. Vinsanto
92. Muscat


93. Fix 500
94. Mythos 500 ml
95. Alfa 500 ml
96. Heineken 500 ml
97. Donkey Yellow 330 ml
98. Donkey Crazy 750 ml


99. Fresh yogurt with sweet
100. Donuts with honey and walnuts
101. Chocolate soufflé
102. Panna cotta candy
103. Donuts with ice cream
104. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate, strawberry
105. Season fruits


106. Greek
107. Double Greek
108. Espresso
109. Double Espresso
110. Espresso Macchiato
111. Cappuccino
112. Latte
113. Freddo Espresso
114. Freddo Cappuccino
115. Frape
116. Ice coffee
117. Tea (black, green), chamomile

Water – Soft Drinks

118. Bottled water 1 L
119. Nero San Pellegrino 750 ml
120. Souroti 250 ml
121. Coca Cola (light, zero) 250 ml
122. Fanta (lemonade, orangeade) 250 ml
123. Sprite 250 ml
124. Soda 250 ml
125. Fresh orange juice 300 ml
126. Orange juice 300 ml
127. 300 ml Mixed Juice


128. Gin Fizz
(Gin, Soda, Fresh Lime)
129. Tequila Sunrise
(Tequila, orange juice, grenadine)
130. Sex on the beach
(Vodka, Peach Snaps, Orange juice)
131. Margarita
(Tequila, Cointreau, Fresh Lime)
132. Long Island Ice Tea
(Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Bacardi, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, coca cola)
133. White Russian
(Vodka, Milk Cream)
134. Cosmopolitan
(Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry juice, slice of lime)
135. Mojito
(Rum, Soda, Black Sugar, Mint Leaves, Fresh Lime)
136. Mojito Ginger
(Rum, Soda, Black Sugar, Mint Leaves, Fresh Lime, Ginger)
137. Mojito Masticha Liqueur
(Masticha, Fresh Lemon Juice, Soda, Mint)
138. Gin Martini Dry with green olives
139. Ammoudi Cocktail
(Ouzo, Sprite, Drops of Grenadine)

White wine

140. Sigalas Santorini
Light blonde colour with a slight greenish sheen and Fine citrus aroma.
Exceptional depth of Flavour and acidity.)
141. Sigalas Assyrtiko Athiri
(Assyrtiko and Athiri.
Light blonde colour, bright with aromas oF ripe citrus Fruits.
Pleasant aftertaste with refreshing acidity.)
142. Chatzidakis Santorini
(100% Assyrtiko.
Light yellow with a golden sheen and a subtle citrus scent.)
143. Argyros Santorini Assyrtiko
(Aidani, Athiri, and Assyrtiko.
Crystal clear yellow colour.
Aromatic with hints of citrus and a flavour that gives a cooling sensation and potency due to its high acidity.)
144. Argyros Aidani
Scented of small white flowers, pear and herbs.
Of a medium volume with a very long aftertaste.)
145. Argyros Atlantis
(90% Assyrtiko, 5% Aidani and 5% Athiri.
Bright yellow colour and a distinctive aroma with hints of citrus
and a high acidity of Assyrtiko.)
146. Gavalas Nichteri
(Intense yellow colour, mature tea flavour with hints of apple, dried fruit and vanilla.)
147. Gavalas Kastano
(Yellow colour, aromas of honey, lemon and apricot, with a matching acidity and a long pleasant aftertaste.)
148. Thalassitis
Lemon colour with aromas of citrus leaves, unripe fruit and hints of floral camomile.
Long lemon aftertaste.)
149. Gaia Assyrtiko Wild Ferment
Lemon colour. Aromas of green apple and kiwi frruit combined with green almond.
Dry with high acidity.)
150. Grand Reserve Santo Wine
(100% Assyrtiko
Golden colour. Strong flavours of dried fruit, honey and tea.
The intense acidity aged with hints of vanilla, oak and spices contribute to its long and strong aromatic aftertaste.)
151. Μοσχοφίλερο Μπουτάρης
(100% Moschofilero.
Whitish-yellow colour with a green sheen and an intense aroma of flowers and citrus fruits with a full and long aftertaste.)
152. Retsina Prorogos Lafazani
(Roditis and Savatiano.
Light yellow colour with aromas of citrus fruits and retsina with a soft and full flavour.)
153. Lafazanis Chardonnay
Yellow with a gold sheen and aroma of ripe white flesh fruit with hints of butter, vanilla and dried fruit.)
154. Ktima Gerovasiliou
(Assyrtiko and Malagouzia.
Bright yellow colour with a green sheen.
Aromas of exotic fruits with hints of pepper, jasmine, orange, melon, herbs and lemon. Pleasant taste with a lemon finish.)
155. Magiki Plagia
(Sauvignon Blanc.
Balanced fruity aroma with a light body and pleasant aftertaste.)
156. Four Lakes
Golden colour, Floral aroma with hints of lemon, pineapple and velvet oily aftertaste.)
157. Thema Pavlides
(Sauvignon Blanc and Assyrtiko.
Green yellow colour with a complex aroma of exotic fruits, in particular grapefruit and peach.
A taste of freshness with a long aftertaste.)
158. Ktima Biblia Chora
(Assyrtiko and Sauvignon Blanc.
Light green yellow colour with intense fruity aromas of peaches and exotic fruits. With rich flavour.)

Rose wine

159. Atlantis Argyros
(80% Assyrtiko and 20% Mandilaras.
Bright rose colour with flavours of strawberry, apple, cherry and a hint of prune)
160. ΕΑΝ Sigalas
(Mavrotragano, Mandilaras and Agiorgitiko.
Aromas of red fruit, flowers and lots of fresh spices, with a rich body and refreshing acidity.)
161. Old Vineyard (Palaios Ampelos)
Rose colour with a rosy sheen.
Strawberry and cherry flavour, mixed with caramel and fresh butter.)
162. Thema Pavlides
Aromas of strawberry, forest fruits and pomegranate.
Sweet with a long aftertaste of mature fruit and caramel.)

Red wine

163. Sigalas Mavrotragano
(Bright glossy red colour.
Aromas of red forest fruits, bitter chocolate, tobacco with strong tannins and a long aftertaste.)
164. Atlantis Argyros
(90% Mandilaras, 10% Mavrotragano.
Body full of fine tannins, complex aromas of red fruits with hints
of plum and sweet spices. Long aftertaste.)
165. Kameni Santo Wines
Bright purple colour with aromas of red fruits and a light hint of vanilla.
Strong acidic taste.)
166. Chateau Julia Merlot
(100% Merlot.
Rich red colour with complex aromas of small forest fruits, mint and eucalyptus.
Fruity taste with strong tannins and an intense long aftertasrte.)


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