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A small oasis in the cement city behind the marble stadium with a beautiful summer garden full of bougainvillea, jasmine and other greenery. Delicious traditional Greek cuisine served in a very hospitable environment. Established in 1940 the taverna is now run by third generation Vyrinis.



1. Dolmades (made with vine leaves) with egg and lemon sauce
2. Fava (pureed yellow split-peas served with onion, capers and tomato)
3. Chickpea rissoles served with a yoghurt, garlic and lemon sauce
4. Meatballs (made with freshly minced beef garlic and mint)
5. Spinach & cheese pie
6. Baked aubergine (eggplant) with onions and tomato
7. Giant beans baked in a tomato sauce with ‘singlino and graviera cheese’
8. Feta cheese in fyllo pastry with honey and sesame seeds
9. Aubergine (eggplant) salad with garlic and crushed walnut
10. Tzatziki (yoghurt, cucumber and garlic) with dill and carrot
11. ‘Home-made’ Spicy Cheese
12. Freshly Fried Potatoes


13. Vyrini
(tomato, feta, capers, olives, whole meal rusks with a vinaigrette dressing)
14. Green
(spinach, roka with flaked graviera cheese and a vinaigrette dressing)
15. Fresh seasonal greens (boiled)
16. Lentil and chopped red, green and yellow pepper salad with cumin

Main Course

17. Beef lemonato
18. Lamb with oregano
19. Rabbit (zakinthino)
20. Pork bites with wine and rosemary
21. Grilled burger (freshly minced Greek beef) served with fresh tomato sauce)
22. Grilled chicken fillet souvlaki
23. Grilled pork chop served with fresh tomato and basil sauce
24. Dessert of the day

Alcoholic Beverage

25. Ouzo 200ml
26. Tsipouro 100ml



27. Moshofilero Mpoutari 750ml
28. Vivlio Xora 750ml
29. Santorini Sigala 750ml
30. Ktima Gerovasileiou 750ml
31. Adoli Gi 750ml


32. Agiorgitiko Mpoutari 750ml
33. Ktima Gerovassiliou 750ml
34. Vivlio Xora 750ml
35. Katogi Averof 750ml
36. Surah Nico Lazaridis 750ml
37. Red House Wine 1000ml
38. White House Wine 1000ml


39. Amstel 500ml
40. Heineken 500ml
41. Kaiser 500ml
42. Mythos 500ml
43. Alfa 500ml
44. Fischer 500ml


45. Water 1000ml
46. Coca Cola 250ml
47. Sprite 250ml
48. Fanta 250ml
49. Souroti soda 250ml


50. Illy Espresso





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Opening Hours

  • Monday 12:30 - 01:00
  • Tuesday 12:30 - 01:00
  • Wednesday 12:30 - 01:00
  • Thursday 12:30 - 01:00
  • Friday 12:30 - 01:00
  • Saturday 12:30 - 01:00
  • Sunday 12:30 - 01:00

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