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Two friends that share the same love for good food, Panayiotis Mazarakis and Tasos Dimas, exploit their knowledge in the foodstuffs sector and establish the first restaurant “Tzitzikas & Mermigkas” in Ano Patisia. They brought in fashion the “grocery-style decoration”, with cans and jars on shelves, old advertisements of products and the classic tables with cutlery drawer. They collected recipes from various places around Greece, chose the best raw materials and begun to creatively develop the tried and tested, beloved to all of us Greek cuisine!
The second restaurant opens in Halandri. A historic tavern of pre-war Greece “Ta Kalamia” is converted into a beautiful restaurant signed by the awarded set designer Eleni Manolopoulou. The restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful garden ideal for moments of freshness and relaxation.
Next station was Syntagma. Tzitzikas & Mermigkas’ popularity motivated the creation of a restaurant in the heart of Athens. Not only our Greek friends but foreign visitors both from abroad and the rest of Greece as well quickly made it a favorite culinary haunt.
Our continuously increasing clientele led us to create a restaurant in the center of Kifisia. At the quiet pedestrian street Drosini, next to the shopping center, we found the suitable place for the new Tzitzikas & Mermigkas.



1. Tzitzikas salad
(a variety of ten fresh-cut vegetables, anthotiro cheese
from Amfilochia and manouri cheese from Falani with
a mustard vinegret dressing)
2. Tzitzikas salad (for 2 persons)
3. Spinach Salad
(spinach, crispy bacon, pine nuts, croutons, parmezana,
pomegranate and vinegret sauce from balsamic vinegar)
4. Spinach salad (for 2 persons)
5. Green salad
(with aromatic olive lemon sauce)
6. Organic fava salad
(from Dilopho, domain Antonopoulos)
7. Tirosalata
(with feta, philadelfia cheese and peppers)
8. Stamnagathi wild greens from Crete


9. Warm organic fava
(with spring onion, apaki (smoked pork from Crete)
and white truffle oil)
10. Trilogy of grilled mushrooms
(Portobello, plevrotous, and white mushrooms with
white balsamic vinegar, honey and thyme)
11. Mermiga’s small pies
(handmade pastry with mizithra cheese
and fresh aromatic herbs)
12. Revithada from Mani
(chickpeas, spinach, peppers, olives, tomato, lemon,
dill and (siglino) smoked pork from Mani)
13. Kagianas alliotikos
(Eggs sunny side up, oil rusk from Kithira, smoked pork
from Mani, yogurt and fresh tomato sauce)
14. Green balls
(with kalathaki Limnou cheese and herbs)
15. Kritharoto with variety of mushrooms
(orzo with mushrooms and parmesan flavored
with white truffle oil)
16. Cheesedonuts with handmade tomato jam
17. Vlitokorfes saganaki greens
(with fresh tomato, feta cheese from Tyrnavos and herbs)
18. Fried gruyere from Naxos
(with sesame, Tauyetus honey and bacon)
19. Vegetables mille-feuille
(mastelo cheese from Chios, grilled
vegetables with a basil dressing)
20. Meatballs with fresh mint and fried potatoes
((fresh beef and pork minced meat))
21. Roumeliotiko
(grilled shredded pork served
with grilled tomato on a pita bred)
22. Grilled soutzoukakia
((meatballs) with tomato sauce,
yogurt and potato sticks)
23. Fresh fried potatoes
24. Bread


25. Pork chops
(with orange and Tauyetus’ honey sauce, carrots,
sesame and baby potatoes)
26. Grilled chicken fillet
(marinated in mustard and spices, served with
vegetable’s tagliatelle and fresh potato chips)
27. Santorinio
(pork fillet with wine sauce and capers served with
aubergine and potato mash)
28. Oriental kebab
(fresh beef, pork and lamb minced meat) with tzatziki,
tomato, onions and pita bread)
29. Beef liver on the grill
(with potato mash and caramelized onions)
30. Mastihato
(chicken fillet served in a kantaifi pastry nest with
Chios mastic sauce and bacon)
31. Beef fillet
(with mushroom sauce and grilled vegetable)
32. Marinated spicy souvlakia
((beef, pork, chicken)
served with butter baby potatoes)
33. Veal stew cooked
(with mavrodafni (sweet wine) and figs served
with carrot and chestnut mash)
34. Baby goat
(with rosemary finished with tsipouro, served with
roasted potatoes and zucchini)
35. Burger on the grill
((fresh beef and pork minced meat) served with
homemade fries and green salad)


36. Grilled seabream with wild greens
37. Deep fried seafood
(with beetroot and potato chips and traditional garlic
sauce from Kefalonia (cod, baby prawns, kalamari frozen))
38. Squid (frozen) cooked on the grill
(served with organic fava and caramelized onions)
39. Seafood kritharoto
(Orzo cooked with fresh mussels, kalamari and shrimps (frozen))
40. Cuttlefish on the grill with lemon risotto spinach
41. Steamed mussels
(with garlic and herbs finished with white wine and ouzo)
For any allergy or intolerance please let us know.


42. Profiterole filled with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate per serving
43. Baklava with pistachio
44. Chocolate pie with vanilla ice cream
45. Hot oriental halva
(with semolina, milk and pine nuts)
46. Yogurt
(with greek traditional jum)
47. Ice cream per serving
48. Selection of fresh fruits (for 2 people)


49. Greek coffee
50. Espresso
51. Cappuccino


52. Fix, Vergina, Kaiser, Heineken (500ml)
53. FIX dark (330ml)
54. Buckler (without alcohol) (330ml)
55. Vergina Weiss (500ml)

Small local Breweries

56. Nisos Tinou Pilsner (500ml)
57. Septem Evoias Pilsner (500ml)

Refreshments (250ml)

58. Coca-Cola
59. Coca-Cola light
60. Green Cola (with stevia)
61. Epsa
(soda water, lemon, orange)
62. Souroti
63. Bottled water (1L)
64. Sparkling water from Florina (1L)


65. Standard
66. Special
67. Liquer
68. Tsipouro (shot)
69. Mastiha (100ml)

Sweet Wine (500ml)

70. Anthemis Moschatos from Samos (500ml)
71. Moscato d’ Ifestia from Limnos (750ml)
(Sparkling Semi-Sweet, Moschato Alexandrias)
72. Moscato d’ Ifestia from Limnos (200ml)
(Sparkling Semi-Sweet, Moschato Alexandrias)

Non bottled wine (500ml)

73. White Madinias
(Moschofilero (Lantidi domain))
74. Rose Merlot (Migas domain)
75. Red Agiorgitiko from Nemea
(aged in oak barrels (Lantidi domain))

By the Glass

76. White Madinias (Lantidi domain)
77. Rose Merlot (Migas domain)
78. Red Agiorgitiko (Lantidi domain)
79. Anthemis Moschatos from Samos (sweet wine)
80. Moscato from Limnos (sweet wine)
81. Katogi Averoff Rose
(Rose Demi Sec Wine PGI Makedonia)
82. Anthosmias Rose Demi Agiorgitiko

Ouzo (200ml)

83. Mini
84. Barbayanni blue-green
85. Plomari
86. Samara
87. Idoniko K. Lazaridis
88. Pitsiladi
89. Tetteri


90. Tsilili with anise (200ml)
91. Apostolaki from Thessalia (200ml)
92. Idoniko K. Lazaridis (200ml)
93. Tsipouro from Tirnavos (100ml)
(Agricultural Winery Cooperative of Tirnavos)

Red Wines (750 ml)

94. Ikosi(20 Years Anniversary wine
(Tzitzikas and Mermigas) Syrah/ Merlot / Xinomavro)
(Tzitzikas and Mermigas in collaboration with
the Claudia Papagianni winery, which was responsible
for the wine making, offers you an anniversary red organic
wine made from the exquisite varieties Syrah, Merlot,
Xinomavro for a special price.)
95. Akres Skoura Cabernet, Agiorgitiko
96. Theodorakakos Perivleptos
(Agiorgitiko, Mavroudi)
97. Papaioannou
98. Orino Spyropoulou Syrah, Agiorgitiko
99. Kyr-Yianni Paragka Xinomavro, Syrah, Merlot
100. Averof Wine Cellars Agiorgitiko, Cabernet
101. Porto Carras organic merlot
102. Argiros Atlantis Mantilaria, Mavrotragano
103. Antonopoulos private collection
(Mavrodaphne, Merlot)
104. Gaia Agiorgitiko
105. Lantidi Aenaon Merlot
106. Alpha Domain Syrah
107. Gerovasileiou Domain Grenache, Merlot, Syrah
108. K. Lazaridis Amethystos Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
109. Vivlia Hora Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
110. Megas Wine, Skouras Domain
(Agiorgitiko, Cabernet Sauvignon)
111. Gerovassiliou Avaton
(Limnio, Mavrotragano, Mavroudi)
112. Kapnias Chatzimichali
(Cabernet Sauvignon, aged in oak barrels)

Rosé Wines (750 ml)

113. Katogi Averoff Rose
(Rose Demi Sec Wine PGI Makedonia)
114. Spyropoulou Meliasto
(Agiorgitiko, Moschofilero)
115. Anthosmias
(demi sec, Agiorgitiko,
Moschofilero, Malagousia)

White Wines (750 ml)

116. Ikosi (20 Years Anniversary wine Tzitzikas and Mermigas)
(Sauvignon Blanc & Assyrtiko
(Tzitzikas and Mermigas in collaboration with Claudia Papagianni winery,
which was responsible for wine making, offers you an anniversary white
wine made from the exquisite varieties Sauvignon Blanc & Assyrtiko for
a special price.)
117. N. Lazaridis Dama Koupa
118. Strofilia Savatiano, Roditis, Sauvignon Blanc
119. Domain Papagiannakou Savatiano
120. Orino Spyropoulou Moshofilero, Roditis
121. Psiles Korfes Moschato from Samos
122. AvantiS Asirtikos, Moschato, Viognier
123. Kyr-Yianni Paragka Roditis, Maiagouzia
124. N. Lazaridis Xrisos Leon chardonnay
125. N. Lazaridis Mavro Provato Sauvignon, Semillion
126. Nasiakos Mantineia Moshofilero
127. Little ark Lantides Maiagouzia, Assyrtiko
128. Palivos Petrines Plagies Chardonnay, Maiagouzia
129. Amethistos K. Lazaridis
(Local wine from Dramas
Sauvignon Blanc, Semiion, Asirtikos)
130. Hatzimihali Gerakofolia Chardonnay in barrel
131. Vivlia Hora Sauvignon Blanc, Asirtikos
132. Domain Gerovasileiou Malagouzia, Asirtikos
133. Kyr-Yianni 4 Limnes Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay
134. Maiagouzia Gerovasiliou
135. Santorini, Sigalas pop, Asirtikos 100%





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