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After 30 years of success, restaurant pirofani was moved by Kaminia in Peiraiki for 2 years. In a unique environment overlooking it sea ​​you can enjoy many varieties of seafood and fresh fish. With the care of certified chef Eva Bona, world judge and Secretary General of the Acropolis Chef Club of Athens all the dishes are unique from fresh local ingredients with great taste and knowledge. Together with her son Konstantinos Kokkosis they create special taste suggestions and invite you to try them. The friendly staff and the warm space will make you feel very comfortable. Every Saturday after 21:30 and each Sunday after 17:00 you can enjoy live music by combining with nice flavors. The restaurant area is available for any kind of event.



1. Bread baked individually
2. Musical stuffed vine leaves
3. Fava (with onion and tomato)
4. Fava with salt pork
5. Crab Salad
6. Pepper Pirofani stuffed with cheese
7. Esme spicy in a cup nut
8. Spicy cheese dip (made from genuine feta cheese)
9. Saganaki cheese
10. Talagani or grilled haloumi
11. Feta cheese pie with sesame seeds and spicy sauce balsamic vinegar
12. Feta
13. Graviera
14. Tomato balls
15. Sea balls
16. Crayfish meat
17. Potato Chovoli
18. French fries
19. Eva Country Potatoes
(accompanied by dressing)
20. Garlic sauce – Tzatziki
21. Salted
(ask us for the day savage fishes)
22. Smoked mackerel
23. Lovely platter salted


24. Mussels with rice
25. Mussels ala cream with Spaghetti
26. Cuttlefish in wine sauce
27. Cuttlefish with spinach
28. Cuttlefish giouvetsi
29. Shrimps spaghetti individual
30. Shrimps spaghetti company
31. Seafood spaghetti individual
32. Seafood spaghetti company
33. Seafood risotto individual
34. Seafood risotto company


35. Amvrosia
(with 25 different seasonal ingredients, vinaigrette of virgin olive oil, balsamic, honey and petimezi)
36. Rocket Eva
(with nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, grated Parmesan cheese and cream with petimezi and balsamic)
37. Piraeus Mostra
(carob nuts with fresh tomato, olive oil and soft Cretan cheese, capers, Greek herbs and olives)
38. Spinach in the pan
39. Fresh Seasonal Grass
40. Greek salad
41. Greek salad (in nut nest)
42. Cucumber and tomato with fresh oregano

The chef suggests

43. Peskandritsa with talieteles
44. Sea urchin spaghetti
45. Fishermen’s burger
(for young and old children)
46. Mussels saganaki Cocondino
(with sauce containing mustard)


47. Grilled octopus sundried
(depending on tentacle)
48. Octopus with vinegar flavored with honey
49. Sea urchin in juice
50. Fresh Shells
51. Mussels smoked in his saucepan
52. Mussels saganaki
53. Mussels fried with the shell
54. Squid portion
55. Fresh fried / roasted / stuffed squid
56. Shrimps fried
57. Shrimps saganaki portion (275gr No 4)
58. Shrimps with aromatic spicy sauce (9 prawns No 4)
59. Lobster/Kolochtipa (upon request)

Nicolas’ fish

60. Small Fish of the day
(anchovy, fry, smelt, sardine)
61. Salted cod
(accompanied by greens)


62. Varvayannis
63. Apalarina
64. Pitsiladi
65. Euzin
66. Plomari
67. Mini


68. Giokarini 200ml
69. Dekaraki 200ml
70. Barbajim 200ml
71. Bulk


72. Bottle of Music
73. Drink
74. Shot
75. Raki with honey in the briquette 200ml
76. Treat musicians individually

Wines in bulk

77. White 500ml
78. Rose 500ml
79. Semi-sweet 500ml


80. Small 100ml
81. Large 220ml


82. Kaizer 500ml
83. Fischer 500ml
84. Alfa 500ml
85. Amstel 500ml
86. Fix 500ml
87. Heineken 500ml

Beers draught

88. Mythos 330ml
89. Mythos 500ml


90. Coca cola 250 ml
91. Loux 250ml
92. Gazoza
93. Orangeade
94. Soda
95. Carbonated water





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