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Continuing a tradition of 40 years, from 1970 in Piraeus, now and in the center of Athens. We welcome you to a place that was made for you with love and a dose of nostalgia as old full special flavors and traditional recipes. Choosing the purest and freshest ingredients, In our attempt to thank you, we have created delicious and mouthwatering dishes.
Try the traditional recipe of kebabs, hand skewered, our spicy appetizers and Giaourtlou made in a unique way, that will surprise you.



1. French fries
(Freshly homemade chips)
2. Tzatziki
(Our manufacturing)
3. Spicy cheese deep
4. Feta cheese
(Olive oil, oregano)
5. Feta cheese roast
(Greek cheese of excellent quality combined with tomatoes and peppers grilled)
6. Gruyere fried (saganaki)
7. Baked potato
(Stuffed potato with yogurt and chopped dill grilled)


8. Soutzouki
(A spicy recipe with fluffy handmade soutzouki, pitas, onion, roasted tomatoes and peppers)
9. Sausage
(A lighter sentence, accompanied by roasted tomatoe, onion and mustard)
10. Pastrami
(A special dish with chopped pastrami and fluffy pitas)
11. Clay
(A unique recipe combining meat with red or white sauce and various cheeses, tomato and pepper)


12. Greek salad
(A cool combination of tomato, cucumber, peppers, olives, capers, olive oil and oregano)
13. Neoklassiko
14. Lettuce
(Chopped lettuce with spring onions and olive oil)
15. Cabbage – Carrot
(With olive oil and lemon)
16. Ntakos
(Traditional Cretan dakos combined with fresh chopped tomatoes, feta, olives, olive oil and oregano)
17. Beetroot
18. Greens
(Fresh seasonal greens, olive oil and lemon)
19. Grilled Tomatoes
20. Grilled peppers
21. Zucchini
22. Eggplants
(The grill combined with yogurt and tomato sauce)
23. Grilled vegetables
(A wonderful combination of various fresh vegetables grilled)
24. Pumpkin boiled
Try the traditional souvlaki wrapped our fluffy pita along with the meat you prefer and
complimented with vegetables and sauce of your choice.


25. Kebab
(Pitas, tomato, onion, tzatziki)
26. Pork Gyros
(Pitas, tomato, onion, tzatziki)
27. Chicken gyros
(Pitas, lettuce, tomato, sauce)
28. Skewered pork
(Pitas, tomato, onion, tzatziki)
29. Skewered chicken
(Pitas, lettuce, tomato, sauce)
30. Soutzouki
(Pitas, tomato, onion, tzatziki)
31. Sausage
(Pitas, tomato, onion, tzatziki)
32. Giaourtlou
(Pitas, yogurt sauce)
Optional Additions: potatoes, lettuce, sauce, ketchup, mustard, red sauce.


33. Souvlaki
34. Souvlaki chicken
35. Kebab
36. Pitas / small pitas
(Classic, whole, maize)
37. Bread
Skits accompanied with bread or pita.
In all the dishes except the classic pie you can choose:
whole wheat pita (black)
pie or corn (yellow)


38. Kebab
(The traditional recipe with juicy, handmade kebab 3pcs.)
39. Pork Gyros
(Juicy and crispy, cut and comes on your plate)
40. Pork meat
(Raw, marinated pork fillet into small pieces, tied to his spit 2pcs.)
41. Chicken fillet
(Fluffy, marinated pieces of chicken on the spit past 2pcs.)
42. Chicken Gyros
(Juicy and crispy, cut and comes on your plate)
43. Sausage
(Selected snack grilled)
44. Soutzouki
(one spicy, handmade recipe, cooked in charcoal)
45. Burger stuffed with cheese
(A unique flavor that you should try with fluffy burger stuffed with white or yellow cheese 3pcs.)
46. Chicken burger
(A lighter selection of delicious meat chicken with chopped tomato and pepper 3pcs.)
47. Seftalia
(Made with traditional methods, grilled)
Portions accompanied by 2 pies, roasted tomatoes, grilled peppers and onions.


A unique, delicious dish with 2 pies, meat of your choice, and yogurt sauce
served in a pan, baked directly into the coals.
48. Kebab Giaourtlou
49. Pork Giaourtlou
50 Chicken fillet Giaourtlou
51. Pork Gyros Giaourtlou
52. Chicken Gyros Giaourtlou
53. Giaourtlou special


Delicious and juicy meats, cooked in charcoal.
Served with fresh fries or fried dumplings of your choice or dressing.
54. Veal chop
55. Pork chop
56. Small pancetta
57. Chicken ribs
58. Fillet chicken breasts
59. Veal Liver
In all dishes, except the classic pie you can choose:
whole wheat pita (black)
or pitas corn (yellow)


60. Coca Cola / Light / Zero 250ml
61. Sprite 250ml
62. Orange juice / without carbonated 250ml
63. Soda 250ml
64. Souroti 250ml
65. Bottled Water 1Lt

Beer barrel

Very cold draft beer, served in a chilled glass
66. Glass 250ml
67. Glass 400ml

Beer bottle

68. Fix 500ml
69. Fix Dark 330ml
70. Heineken 500ml
71. Amstel 500ml
72. Amstel Pilsner 500ml
73. Kaiser 500ml


74. Bulk wine rose / white 500ml
75. Malamatina (retsina
76. Ouzo Hatzopoulos
77. Tsipouro Hatzopoulos

Lenten Menu

78. Handmade vegetable burger
79. Potato salad
80. Fish roe salad
81. Eggplant salad
82. Split peas
83. Beans
84. Baked potato
85. Fresh french fries
86. Grilled vegetables
87. Zucchini boiled
88. Greens / beetroot
89. Salads
90. Mushrooms pleurotous





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