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The Beach Bar is located in Perissa, Santorini.

Overlooking the endless blue sea we are waiting for you to enjoy your coffee or drink and delicious flavors.


1. Bread per person
2. Greek salad
(tomato, cucumber, pepper, feta, onion, olives, sea fennel, olive oil)
3. Santorini salad
(mini tomato, Katsouni, caper , caper leaves, rusk barley bread, cod fish fillet)
4. Salmon Salad
(spinach, rocKet, mini tomato, sesame seeds, smoked salmon, orange vinaigrette)
5. Bulgur Salad with Vegetables >
(cracked wheat, tomato, spearmint, peppers, onion lemon olive oil dressing, arabian bread)
6. Beach Bar
(rocKet, spinach, dry figs, walnuts, roguefort cheese, vinsanto dressing)
7. Santorinian Fava
(mini tomato, capers, onion sauce)
8. CreeK Trilogy
(tzatziKi, eggpland dip, garlic pure, arabian pita bread)
9. Tomato Fritters
(with tzatziki)
10. Goat Cheese
(with local tomato spoon sweet)
11. Calamari
(fried with aromatic yogurt dip)
12. Shrimps Saganaki
(in tomato sauce, feta cheese)
13. Santorinian white eggpland
(with feta cheese and herbs)
14. Grilled Pork Pancetta
(fresh fried potatoes, B.B.Q. sauce)
15. Cured beef rolls
(stuffed with cheese, tomato, peppers)
16. Country style Sausage
(grilled with pita bread and mustard dressing)
17. Fresh Fries Potatoes
18. Cyciadic cheese Platter
(4 different cheeses)
Main courses
19. Santorini’s Garlic Spaghetti
(with tomato sauce, mizithra cheese)
20. Shrimp Kritharoto
(tomato sauce, pormezan cheese)
21. Seafood Linguinni
(shrimps, calamari, mussels, tomato sauce)
22. Cod fillet with garlic Purree
23. Yiaourtlou
(with veal-lamp patty, pita bread, tomato sauce, yogurt, onion)
24. Grilled chicken fillet
(with gruyere sauce, salad, rice)
25. T bone beef Steak
(with fresh fried potatoes, homemade spicy sauce)
26. Today’s special
(Ask the waiter)




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