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Sushake Restaurant is located in Skiathos. In a beautiful and pleasant environment we expect you to enjoy delicious flavors. With creative cuisine all day.



1. Edamame
(Braise green beans with smoke sea salt)
2. Ebi Tempura
(Deep fried shrimps with bread crumbs and spicy mayo sauce)
3. Shanghai sticks
(Fried roll minced beef with vegetables and sweet & spicy sauce)
4. Uni shots
(Shots with uni and secret spirit of our bartender)


5. Sonomono (mix seaweeds)
(Spicy marinated seaweeds and pickled radish)
6. Green sake
(Mix green salad and sliced salmon with poppyseed dressing)
7. Green ebi
(Mix green salad and braised shrimp with wafu truffle oil dressing)
8. Kani Kama (Quinoa)
(Quinoa with fresh sliced tomato, avocado, cucumber and crabstick with scented oil dressing)
9. Amazu Veggies
(Pickled, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, onion with amaso dressing)


10. Zusake
(Chopped avocado, salmon, spring onion, spicy mayo topped with red tobiko and ponzu sauce)
11. Il Toro
(Chopped pineapple, tuna, spring onion, spicy mayo topped with green tobiko and ponzu sauce)


12. Shake<
(Sliced salmon, cucumber, spring onion and mirin with yuzu oil)
13. Tekka
(Sliced tuna, sesame seeds, spring onion and sriracha with yuzu oil)
14. Fish of the day
(Sliced fish of the day, tomato, ginger and onion with yuzu oil)

Hosomaki (8pc)

15. Ebi
(Blanched shrimp roll with cucumber and mayo)
16. Kani
(Blanched crab meat with avocado)
17. Kemuri
(Smoked ell with tomato)
18. Shake
(Fresh sliced salmon and wasabi)
19. Tekka
(Fresh sliced tuna and wasabi)
20. Veggie
(Julienne carrot, cucumber, avocado and red bell pepper)

Uramaki (8pc)

21. Tempura salmon
(Fried salmon, sesame seeds, carrot and teriyaki sauce)
22. Hawaian
(Sesame seeds, avocado, pineapple, mango topped with kiwi and exotic fruit salsa)
23. Boston<
(Tempura shrimps, black tobiko, cucumber and teriyaki mayo salsa)
24. Spicy shake
(Sliced salmon, sesame seeds, spring onion and sriracha with spicy mayo sauce)
25. Chilly Tekka
(Sliced tuna, sesame seeds, spring onion and sriracha with spicy mayo sauce)
26. California
(Crab meat, sesame seeds, avocado, cucumber topped with orange tobiko and mayo)
27. Avocado split
(Crab stick, sesame seeds, cucumber topped, with avocado, salmon and unagi sauce)
28. Kamekaze
(Tempura shrimps, avocado, cream chegse, topped with unagi and teriyaki sauce)
29. Sushake blossom
(Crab meat, sesame seeds, avocado, salmon, wakame with a salmon roe and mayo)
30. Green dragon
(Unagi, sesame seeds, cucumber, cream cheese, topped with avocado and unagi sauce)
31. Salmon lover
(Sliced salmon, sesame seeds, avocado and cream cheese)
32. Mango twist
(Sliced tuna, sesame seeds, cucumber, avocado topped with mango and spicy teriyaki sauce)
33. Kani kame roll
(Tempura soft shell crab, avocado, spring onion and wakame seaweeds)
34. Catch of the day
(Fish of the day, sesame seeds, cucumber and rocket salad)


35. Nigiri samazama (12pc)
(Rice bites topped with salmon, tuna, shrimps, fish of the day and tangy glaze)
36. Sashimi samazama (9pc)
(Sliced salmon, tuna and fish of the day with wakame goma)
37. Maki samazama (16pc)
(Spicy salmon roll, chilly tekka roll, California roll and vegetable roll)


38. Vegetable Udon
(Udon noodles with vegetables)
39. Shrimp Udon
(Udon noodles with shrimps)

Sushake exclusive

40. Foua la la (8pc)
(caramelized green apple, mango, pear topped with fouagra, caviar, gold flakes and tangy honey glaze sauce)


41. Ice cream
42. Fruit platter

Sparkling wines

43. Moscato D’Asti truffle hunter Leda, Italy
44. Prosecco Brut Zardetto, Italy

White wines

45. Sorokos, arvanitidis winery, chardonnay – malagouzia, Thessaloniki, Greece
46. Apla, oinops wines, Malagouzia – Asyrtiko – Roditis, Drama, Greece
47. Moscato Spinas, Strataridakis Winery, Creta, Greece
48. A&A, Sigalas Winery, Asyrtiko – Athiri, Santorini, Greece
49. Nycteri, Sigalas Winery, Asyrtiko, Santorini, Greece
50. Malagouzia, Gerovasileiou winery, Epanomi, Greece
51. Magnum Malagouzia 1,5lt, Gerovasileiou winery, Epanomi, Greece
52. Ktima Biblia Chora, Sauvignon Blanc – Asyrtiko, Drama, Greece
53. Techni Alypias, Ktima Techni Oinou, Asyrtiko – Sauvignon Blanc, Drama, Greece
54. Viognier, Delas Freres, Cotes De Beaune, France
55. Gruner Veltiner, Weingut Nigl, Kremstal, Austria

Rose wines

56. Merlot, Fortant, Languedoc, France
57. Avdiros, Ktima Vourvoukeli, Syrah – Pamiti, Xanthi, Greece
58. Apla, Oinops Wines, Xinomavro – Cabernet Sauvignon, Drama, Greece
59. Petale De Rose, Regine Sumeire, Provence, France
60. Magnum Bibloinos 1,5lt, Ktima Biblia Chora, Drama, Greece

Red wines

61. Sorokos, Arvanitidis winery, Xinomavro – Cabernet Sauvignon –
Merlot, Thessaloniki, Greece
62. Tempranillo Vendimia, Finca Nueva, Spain
63. Laforet Bourgogne, Joseph Drouhin, Pinot Noir, Bourgogne, France


64. Moet Chandon Brut
65. Moet Chandon Rose
66. Dom Perignon Brut
67. Cristal Brut

Cocktail List

68. Geisha’s Paloma
(tequila shiso infused, mescal, agave, lime juice, grapefruit soda)
69. Natsu Spritz
(aperol, elderflower, campari, rose syrup, grapefruit bitter)
70. Fasshon
(Japanese whiskey, ginger, handmade vanilla syrup, elderflower, lime juice, angostura bitter)
71. Sailor Moon
(sailor jerry rum, lime juice, handmade chilli syrup, ginger mango puree, sugar syrup, passion fruit foam)
72. Guperu
(G’vine gin, handmade rose syrup, red wine, lime juice, creme de mure, cherry bitter)
73. Yorokobi
(vodka coconut infused, coconut cream, pineapple puree, vanilla syrup, lime juice)
74. Kudamono
(Zacapa rum, mango puree, passion fruit puree, lime juice, rose syrup, angostura bitter)
75. Yoshimura
(vodka, lychee, dry vermouth, handmade strawberries marmalade, cherry bitter, lime juice)
76. Japanese Mojito
(sake, lime, sugar, shiso leaf, cranberry juice, soda)




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