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Shamone was born in February 10,1955 in Kypseli Athens named as Sevasti Georgiou. Only child of a mother teacher and a father flamboyant performer. Winter 1967 a couple of months before dictatorship her father disappears after a long trip to the Caribbean’s. Possibly Castro’s Cuba. Long depression till the age of 17. Summer1972 her mother gets in a new relationship. Sevasti leaves Greece and installs to Montreal. She takes the name Chevonne and works in a pet shop and later as a dog whisperer. As a gifted dog whisperer she takes a job in a circus. Her poodle shows became very popular and starts touring all over. During the tour she dates with a producer of the porn industry and gets promoted as a pornstar changing her name to Shamone. Shamone makes 137 movies in 7 years. Among them her blockbusters “Shamone’s dogy trap”, “Shamone’s fuck out”, “Shamone and the dogy style”, “Shamone bites and lust”…
As a winner in A.V.N. awards at best sex scene category 1984-1985 she becomes a must of every extravagant party. In 1987 Michael Jackson releases the hit single Bad singing “Shamone Shamone, lay it on me all right…” At the same year, the sudden death of her closest friend and mentor Andy Warhol drove her crazy. She abandoned her career and left U. S. February 10, 2012 turns back to her hometown opening her own night club.
Shamone is back.





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