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80 years of history ‘in the heart’ of Athens, in Monastiraki Square, Savvas’s name is synonymous of very good taste! We were the first and remain the first in service, quality and taste. Try our great range of classic gyros pork or gyros chicken sauce from our own famous recipe as our traditional kebab, Lachmatzoun authentic, handmade pita, pastourmali, Giaourtlou, specialties and so many other flavors that will not leave you unmoved. Our reputation has not come across as the outside! Many people try to copy our products, but they succeed only in name. Because authentic flavors, quality and attention to detail will only find in restaurants Savvas from Monastiraki!



1. White bread
2. Pita


3. Fried eggplant special
(With yogurt and fresh tomato sauce)
4. Eggplants fried
(With fresh tomato sauce)
5. Fries
6. Fried sweet peppers
7. Chili peppers
8. Pastourma (portion)
9. Soutzouki with pita bread (portion)
10. Pastourmali
(Pastrami, soutzouki, tomato, cheese, wrapped in filo pastry)
11. Lahmacun
(Pie, fresh minced meat mixed with chopped tomato, onion, peppers and spices)
12. Tzatziki
13. Homo
(Mashed chickpeas with tahini)
14. Soutzouki wrapped
(With cake)


15. Feta cheese
16. Feta cheese roast
17. Spicy cheese (our production)
18. Fried
19. Special Fried
(Pastrami, soutzouki, melted baked tomato, pepper (or hot pepper))


20. Salad baked Bosporus (plain or spicy)
(Eggplant, pepper, tomato baked, slice, onion)
21. Seasons salad
(cabbage carrot)
22. Cucumber salad
23. Traditional
(Tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives, feta cheese)


24. ‘Giaourtlou’ Specialties Savvas
(4 pcs. Kebab with pita bread, yogurt, fresh tomato sauce)
25. Giaourtlou half portion
(2 pcs. Kebab with pita bread, yogurt, fresh tomato sauce)
26. 3 pieces Giaourtlou portion
(3 pcs. Kebab with pita bread, yogurt, fresh tomato sauce)
27. Giaourtlou with round beef – lamb (doner)
(With pie, yogurt, fresh tomato sauce)
28. Moussaka
(Fresh minced meat, aubergines, potatoes, bechamel)
29. Variety meat
(Gyros pork-chicken-beef (doner), souvlaki pork-chicken,
2 kebabs, pita bread, tomato, onion, potatoes, sauce)
30. Variety gyros with pita
(Gyros pork, chicken, beef-lamb (doner) accompanied with tomato,
onion sauce)

Wrapped time

31. Our traditional kebab cis
(1 pc. Kebab burger wrapped in pita bread, tomato, onion)
32. Our traditional forensic
(2 pcs. Kebab patties wrapped in pita bread, tomato, onion)
33. Kebab neat 1 pc
34. Gyros wrapped chicken or doner (beef – lamb) or pork
(With pie, tomato, onion, sauce)
35. Soutzouki wrapped
(With cake)
36. Lahmacun wrapped
(With pie, tomato, onion)
37. Lahmacun wrapped with chicken filling
(Tomato, onion, sauce)
38. Lahmacun wrapped stuffed pork
(Tomato, onion, sauce)
39. Lahmacun wrapped with doner filling (beef – lamb)
(Contain tomato, onion)
40. Lahmacun wrapped with kebab
(Tomato, onion)
41. Lahmacun wrapped double kebab
(Tomato, onion)


42. Shish kebab (portion)
(4 pcs. Kebab burgers with grilled pita, roasted tomato, onion)
43. Shish kebab half portion
(2 pcs. Kebab burgers with grilled pita, roasted tomato, onion)
44. Shish kebab 3 pieces portion
(3 pcs. Kebab burgers with grilled pita, roasted tomato, onion)
45. Skewer pork (portion)
(Pie, tomato, onion, potatoes, sauce)
46. Skewer chicken fillet (portion)
(Pie, tomato, onion, potatoes, sauce)
47. Mix pork shish kebab with (serving)
(Pie, baked tomato, onion, potatoes, sauce)
48. Mix chicken souvlaki kebab (portion)
(Pie, baked tomato, onion, potatoes, sauce)
49. Gyros chicken (portion)
(Pie, tomato, onion, sauce)
50. Gyros doner (beef-lamb) (portion)
(Pie, tomato, onion, sosi)
51. Gyros pork (portion)
(Pie, tomato, onion, sauce)
52. Mix Gyros pork kebabs (portion)
(Pie, tomato, onion, sauce)
53. Mix Gyros chicken kebab (portion)
(Pie, tomato, onion, sauce)
54. Mix Gyros doner (beef-lamb) with kebab (portion)
(Pie, tomato, onion, sauce)

White wines

55. Loose 1/2 lt
56. Bulk 250ml
57. Moshofilero Boutari 375 ml
58. Moshofilero Boutari 750 ml

Rosé Wines

59. Loose 1/2 lt
60. Bulk 250ml
61. Boutari Rosé demi sec 375 ml
62. Boutari Rosé demi sec 750 ml

Red wine

63. Loose 1/2 lt
64. Bulk 250ml
65. Boutari Naoussa 375 ml
66. Boutari Naoussa 750 ml


67. Amstel bottle 500ml
68. Heineken bottle 500ml
69. Heineken box 330ml
70. Kaiser bottle 500ml
71. Fix / Myth bottle 500ml
72. Fix glass 400ml
73. Fix glass 250ml

Alcoholic Drinks

74. Ouzo Mini carafe 200ml
75. Ouzo Plomari carafe 200ml
76. Ouzo glass
77. Raki carafe 200ml
78. Raki glass
79. Whiskey glass
80. Vodka bottle 350ml
81. Vodka glass
82. Cognac glass


83. Fresh orange juice
84. Coca cola / Coca cola light bottle 250ml
85. Coca cola / Coca cola light box 330ml
86. Fanta bottle 250ml
87. Fanta box 330ml
88. Sprite bottle 250ml
89. Sprite box 330ml
90. Soda box 330ml
91. Tea iced lemon / peach box 330ml
92. Bottled water 1 lt bottle
93. Bottled water bottle 500ml
94. Carbonated water bottle 750ml
95. Carbonated water bottle 250ml

Special drink

96. Hairan 500 ml





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