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Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant Pelekanos, with an excellent view of the largest Caldera in the world, accompanied by wonderful music.

Enjoy the friendly environment and the unlimited views of the island, including the world-famous sunset of Oia, which highlights the unique village and disappears into the Aegean Sea. Indulge in friendly service and beautifully selected quality products.

Emphasizing on the comfort of our customers, we have developed a large terrace for the long hot summer days and nights. At Pelekanos restaurant, time goes back to the older times of the island, with the best quality and friendly atmosphere on offer.

Our choice of a musical background – Greek music and jazz, accompanied by excellent service and quality. Pelekanos restaurant guarantees a pleasant experience in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


1. Greek Coffee
2. Iced Espresso
3. Iced Espresso
4. Iced Espresso with Ice-Cream
5. Cappuccino
6. Iced Cappuccino
7. Hot Chocolate
8. Hot Chocolate Viennese
9. Iced Chocolate
10. Iced Chocolate Viennese
11. Nescafe (hot or iced)
12. Iced Coffee with Ice-Cream
13. Tea (hot)
14. Irish Coffee
Soft Drinks
15. Sprite, Club Soda (tuborg), Tonic (tuborg),
0,25 lt (Bottle)
16. Coca Cola, Ice Tea, Fanta (orange or lemon)
0,25 lt (Bottle)
17. Mineral Water ioli 1lt
18. Sparkling water souroti 0,75lt
19. Sparkling water souroti 0,33lt
20. Mythos (0.33 lt)
21. Heineken (0,33 lt)
22. Yellow Donkey (local fresh & bio 0,33 lt)
23. Red Donkey (local fresh & bio 0,33 lt)
Fresh Juice 0,33lt
24. Fresh Orange Juice 0,33lt
25. Fresh Banana Juice 0,33lt
26. Fresh mixed Juice 0,33lt
Fruit Juice (amita)
27. Orange 0,33lt glass
28. Peach 0,33lt glass
29. Pineapple 0,33lt glass
30. Lemon 0,33lt glass
31. Banana 0,33lt glass
32. Apple 0,33lt glass
33. Tomato 0,33lt glass
34. Greek Salad
(Tomatoes, cucumber, colored peppers, onion, olives, capers, feta
cheese, oregano)
35. Ruccola
(Ruccola leaves, sun dried tomatoes, flakes of
parmesan cheese & balsamic vinegar. Served on a pita bread nest)
36. Santorini (seasonal)1
(Santorini cherry tomatoes, Katsouni (local cucumber), onion, capers
and chloro cheese)
37. Caesar
(Lettuce, chicken fillet, bacon, sweet corn, garlic flavored croutons,
parmesan cheese and dressing)
38. Smoked Salmon*1
(Lettuce, sundried tomato, garlic flavored croutons, pomegranate,
parmesan cheese and strawberry sauce dressing)
39. Tzatziki (yogurt dip)
40. Fava beans (bio)
(local specialty served with capers and
sun dried tomatoes)
41. Dakos cracker bread bites
(With tomato, feta cheese, parsley,
oregano and basil olive oil)
42. Fresh tomatoes fritters
(local specialty)
43. Grilled eggplant slices
(covered with tomato, feta cheese
parsley and basil pesto)
44. vegetables & halloumi cheese
(grilled and sprinkled with balsamic
45. Grilled haloumi cheese
(With dry figs sauce)
46. Chloro cheese (bio)
(fresh local goat cheese)
47. Saganaki (fried cheese)
48. Manouri cheese9.80
(Almond coated manouri cheese covered
with honey and sesame)
49. Cheese pastry roll
(Fried pastry roll stuffed with feta
cheese, chloro (fresh local goat) cheese
and sundried tomato, served with
tomato sauce dip)
50. smoked salmon*
51. Shrimps* Saganaki1
(grilled shrimps served in spicy tomato
sauce and feta cheese)
52. Grilled Shrimps*1
(sprinkled with oil-lemon sauce
& fresh Ruccola)
53. Octopus*1
(Marinated with sun dried tomatoes,
capers, garlic, vinegar and olive oil.
Served on green salad)
54. Sardines
(garlic & parsley flavored sardines,
baked in the oven and sprinkled with
lemon olive oil)
55. Grilled Mussels*1
(served with lemon olive oil)
56. Calamari*1
fried or grilled
57. Corn bread portion
58. Multigrain bread portion
Main dishes
59. Mousaka (light)
60. Soutzoukakia
((small burgers) in tomato sauce, flavored with various spices)
61. Giouvetsi
(Tender beef cooked in ceramic pot with tomato sauce and Hilopites
(traditional Greek noodles))
62. Roast Lamb*
(flavored with rosemary, thyme
garlic and honey)
63. Chicken Fillet1
(grilled and flavored with basil olive oil)
64. Chicken breast strips
(sautéed with mustard cream)
65. Pork fillet medallion
(sautéed with mavrodafni wine, mustard, caramelized onion & mushrooms)
66. Fresh Bream
(grilled in the oven (350-450gr))
Includes one of the side dishes below)
1. Wild rice flavored with variety of herbs
2. Potato wedges
3. Mixed salad
67. Chicken fillet risotto1
(Bites of chicken fillet, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese & cream)
68. Shrimps risotto
(Shrimps*, tomato sauce & cream cheese)
69. Vegetables risotto1
(Carrots, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, cream & parmesan cheese)
70. Carbonara with cream and bacon
71. Mozzarella
(Mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and tomato sauce)
72. Santorini
(Local recipe with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, oregano, caper,
garlic and olives)
73. Chicken1
(Tender chicken bites, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and cream cheese.
(recommended with penne pasta by the chef))
74. Caldera
(Shrimps* and mussels* in tomato sauce & colored peppers)
75. Pelekanos
(Tender pork fillet bites, colored peppers, fresh mushrooms, garlic
and tomato sauce)
76. Lobster-spaghetti /kilo frozen
(Lobster cooked in tomato sauce.)
77. Lobster-spaghetti /kilo fresh
(Lobster cooked in tomato sauce.)
*All sauces above can be combined with spaghetti or penne
Flavors : Vanilla cream, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana
Cookies, Braunies
78. 2 Scoop of ice cream (with choice of garnish)
79. Each extra scoop of ice cream
80. Milk shake (3 scoops of ice cream)
Desserts (home made)
81. Panna Cotta
(Madagascar vanilla pudding served with red- currant topping)
82. Cheese Cake
(With blackberry topping)
83. Mille-feuille (Napoleon)
(Crashed pastry with custard cream or chocolate cream)
84. Profiterole
(Puff pastry stuffed with vanilla ice cream covered with hot
chocolate sauce)
85. Baklava
White wine
86. Glass* wine Argiros (250 ml)
87. Aidani* Argiros 0,75 lt
88. Atlantis* Argiros 0,75 lt
(Asirtiko, Mandilaria)
89. Amethistos Lazaridis 0,75 lt
(Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Asirtiko)
90. Katsano* Gavalas 0,75 lt
(Katsano, Gaidouria)
91. Ktima Alpha (Sauvignon Blanc) 0,75 lt
92. Domain Argiros Barrel* (Asirtiko) 0,75 lt
93. Nichteri* Hatzidakis (Asirtiko) 0,75 lt
94. Santorini* Argiros (Αsirtiko) 0,75 lt
95. Chardonnay Gerovasiliou 0,75 lt
Rosé wine
96. Αtlantis * Αrgiros (Αsirtiko, Mandilaria) 0,75 lt
97. Vivlia Chora (Syrah) 0,75 lt
*Local Wine
Red wine
98. Glass* Wine Argiros250 ml
99. Vinsanto* Αrgiros (4 years) glass 100 ml
100. Αtlantis* Αrgiros 0,75 lt
(Μantilaria Μavrotragano)
101. Semeli (Agiorgitiko) 0,75 lt
102. Aenaon Landidis (Merlot) 0,75 lt
103. Ovilos Domain Vivlia Chora 0,75 lt
(Cabernet Sauvignon)
104. Domain Gerovasiliou (Syrah Merlot) 0,75 lt
(Syrah & merlot)
105. Μavrotragano* Αrgiros 0,75 lt6
106. Prosecco Tosti 0,20 lt
107. Prosecco Tosti 0,75 lt
108. Dom Perignon brut 0,75lt
109. Moet Chandon brut 0,75lt
*Local Wine
110. Martini (extra dry, Bianco, Rosso)
111. Campari, Aperol, Grapa, Sanderman (porto)
112. Jaegermeister, Fernet Branga
113. Ouzo (Plomariou), Raki (Crete)
Whisky – Scotch
114. Famous Grouse, J/W red label, Cutty Sark, Haig
115. Canadian Club, J&B, Jameson
Malt Whiskies
116. Glenfiddich, Cardhu
117. Langavulin, Dalwhinnie
118. Glen Kinchie, Oban, Talisker1
119. Clynelish
120. Glen Ord, Granggamore1
Blended Whiskies
121. Chiva’s Regal, J/W Black label, Dimple
122. J/W blue Label
123. Wild Turkey, Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam
124. Stolichnaya, Absolut
125. Gray Goose1
126. Cuervo (white or yellow),
127. Don Julio (blanco)
128. Don Julio (reposado)
129. Bacardi, Havana Club, Caschaca Rio De Janeiro
130. Captain Morgan, Havana Club
131. Gordon’s, Beefeater, Bombay, Tanqueray
132. Metaxa 3*
133. Metaxa 5*
134. Metaxa 7*
135. Courvoisier V.S
136. Hennesy V.S, Napoleon V.S.O.P
137. Amaretto, Bailey’s, Batida, Cointreau,
138. Drambuie, Frangeliko, Grand Marnier, Kahlua,
139. Malibu, Sambuka, Southerh Comfort, Mastic
140. Bloody Mary1
(Vodka, tomato juice, fresh
lemon, waster sauce, Tabasco, salt, pepper)
141. Caipirinha1
(caschaca, fresh lime & sugar)
142. Cosmopolitan1
(cranberry, vodka, lime &
143. Daiquiri strawberry1
(rum & strawberries)
144. Dry Martini1
(Dry vermouth & gin)
145. Fruit Punch1
(fresh fruit juice & alcohol of your
146. Marquerita1
(tequila, cointreau & fresh lemon)
147. Marquerita 1
(strawberry (tequila, cointreau &
fresh strawberries)
148. Mojito1
(rum, sugar, fresh lime,
peppermint, soda)
149. Pina Colada1
(rum, pineapple & cream of
150. Sex on the beach1
(vodka, peach schnapps,
cranberry juice & orange juice)
151. Tequila sunrise1
(tequila, fresh orange juice
& grenadine)
Champagne cocktail
152. Kir Royal (with crème de cassis)
153. Kir Imperial (with vinsanto)
154. Mimosa (with fresh orange juice)
155. Puccini (with Mandarin liqueur)




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