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Here at Old Ithaki we want our visitor to know that they will never leave the restaurant unsatisfied. We know that you will be coming back because the taste and scent of our cuisine will be remembered for life. Mr Manolis and his wife Paraskevi and 2 sons Panos and Christos, along with our selected chefs, for past 35 years our dishes bearing in mind to satisfy and impress even the most demanding Greek food enthusiast. Our prime role is to create Greek traditional dishes with only fresh ingredients delivered by the Greek nature. The fresh meat as long and the fresh fish comes directly from the Greek county and sea. Our chef combine the modern as long and the traditional flavor so to serve the best experience in a dish that our customers can enjoy and leave satisfied.


Appetizers Cold

1. Bread per person (with katiki Domokos or kopanisti)
2. Tzatziki
3. Cheese Salad
4. Eggplant salad
5. Potato Salad
6. Fish roe salad
7. Feta cheese with olive oil and oregano
8. Gruyere
9. Assorted cheeses
10. Smoked Salmon
11. Fava of Santorini
12. Various greens
13. Vegetables boiled
14. Marinated anchovies

Appetizers Hot

15. Spicy feta cheese saganaki
16. Grilled Halloumi
17. Fried cheese (saganaki)
18. Anchovies fried or whitebait
19. Grilled Sardine
20. Homemade Meatballs
21. Small cheesepie
22. Grilled Vegetables
23. fresh french fries
24. Baked potato
25. Homemade Spinach with feta
26. Homemade cheesepie
27. Zucchini balls
28. Peppers fried or spicy grilled peppers
29. Cheese balls
30. Eggplant fries
31. Fried zucchini
32. Giants
33. Sausage
34. Meze for two pperson


35. Greek salad (tomato, cucumber, peppers, lettuce, olives, feta cheese)
36. Lettuce (lettuce, onion, cucumber, dill, olives)
37. Seasonal (cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot, arugula, Cap)
38. Salad Ithaca bathed by gentle vinaigrette (lettuce, cabbage, arugula, scallions,
capers, peeled tomatoes, cucumber, sundried tomato)
39. Rocket with parmesan, raisins, pine nuts, sun dried tomato,
arugula with balsamic and honey thyme
40. Assorted vegetables for two person (boiled mixed vegetables,
zucchini, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, potato)
41. Traditional Caesar Salad
(lettuce, grilled chicken, bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing)
42. Cretan Ntakos
(Cretan barley rusks, fresh tomatoes, feta, olives, oregano, capers and oil)
43. Spinach salad (spinach, cherry tomatoes, radishes sherry, bacon, sundried tomatoes,
ricotta, walnuts and vinaigrette sauce with thyme honey)
44. Avocado salad with salmon (avocado, smoked salmon, crisp red and green,
cabbage, lemon, dill and yogurt sauce)
45. Mexican special for two person (white and red cabbage, carrots,
red beans, corn, tuna, barbecue sauce)

Greek Cuisine

46. Moussaka (base zucchini and eggplant, ground beef, bechamel)
47. Filled (traditional island recipe with raisins and pine nuts)
48. Cabbage rolls (cabbage leaves stuffed with rollakia in rice
fresh minced herbs and dill)
49. Dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs)
50. Lamb oven (… like making mom)
51. Lamb Kleftiko (Roumeli recipe, cooked with lamb
in grease-proof paper, potato, tomato, peppers and cheese)
52. Zoutzoukakia (recipe Smyrna, minced meat, tomato, herbs)
53. Beef casserole (Pilioritiki traditional recipe
with beef in a pot and noodle)
54. Chicken with potatoes
55. Baked chicken with noodles (recipe of Ioannina)
56. Pork (with potatoes for two people,
classical Arcadian recipe with whole potatoes braised for five hours)
57. Pastitsio (a recipe that contains three kinds of cheese)
58. Variety of Greek cuisine (dolmades, moussaka, chicken,
lamb, spinach pie, cheese pie)

Grilled Meats

59. Pork Chops
60. Skewered pork
61. Veal steak
62. Skewered veal
63. Chicken souvlaki
64. Chicken fillet
65. Beef burger with fresh minced
66. Turkey burger
67. Lamb milk
68. Tenderloin
69. Tenderloin special (stuffed with tomatoes, feta cheese, ham, peppers)
70. Fillet beef
71. Variety meats


72. Fish soup (fish boiled with vegetables)
73. Fish boiled with vegetables
74. Meat soup
75. Chicken Soup
76. Shrimp Soup


77. Spaghetti Tsigana
78. Spaghetti Napoli
79. Spaghetti Bolognese
80. Spaghetti Carbonara
81. Macaroni Butter

Flavors Sea

82. Anchovies or fried whitebait
83. Fried squid frozen
84. Grilled squid frozen
85. Grilled octopus frozen
86. Grilled shrimps frozen
87. Fried shrimp Spetsiot Recipe
(frozen shrimp finished with ouzo, with tomato and feta)
88. Mussels recipe Santorini
(with fresh mussels, tomatoes, feta extinguished in wine)
89. Crayfish
90. Salmon grilled fresh
91. Variety of fish (taste from across the sea)
92. Various Fish A kilo
93. Seafood risotto special (shrimp, mussels, peppers)
94. Shrimp pasta special for two person (Cephalonian recipe)
95. Lobster pasta for two person (Cephalonian recipe)
96. Mussels with rice (the best appetizer with mussels)
97. Fillet fish (grilled or fried)


98. Greek
99. Greek double
100. Filter coffee (French)
101. Filter coffee flavors
102. Nescafe frappe
103. Nescafe hot
104. Espresso
105. Espresso double
106. Cappuccino
107. Fredo
108. Freddoccino
109. Irish
110. Hot chocolate
111. Chocolate cold

Refreshments Bottle 250ml

112. Coca cola
113. Sprite
114. Fanta
115. Soda
116. Aura carbonated bottle 330ml
117. Mineral water bottle 1lt
118. Orange juice glass
119. Juices various (glass)

Beer Bottle 500ml

120. Mythos
121. Heineken
122. Amstel
123. Imported Bottle 330ml
124. Beer keg jug 500ml
125. Beer keg jug 250ml


126. Ouzo glass
127. Ouzo carafe 200ml
128. Tsipouro glass
129. Tsipouro carafe 200ml
130. Metaxa 3*
131. Metaxa 5*
132. Metaxa 7*
133. Whiskey
134. Whiskey specials
135. Campari
136. Vodka
137. Martini
138. Tequila
139. Jeans
140. Baileys
141. Tia Maria
142. French liqueur
143. Greek liqueur


144. Breakfast in the…foot
(two toast, honey or jam, fresh orange juice, butter, filter coffee or tea)
145. Breakfast ‘ITHACA’
(two eggs with bacon, toast, butter, honey, jam, fresh orange juice, filter coffee or tea)


146. Toast cheese, butter
147. Toast cheese, ham
148. Toast cheese, ham, tomato
149. Club sandwich

Ice Cream

150. Cream
151. Chocolate
152. Strawberry
153. Lemon
154. Pistachio
155. Granita
156. Mixed
157. Special





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