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The good name of a company is not bought but earned through years of experience. Arapakos since 1978 won the bet and now daily transfers to his sons the knowledge, the secrets, but above all the love for excellent taste, quality and the art of enjoyment. … because many generations will come to enjoy our excellent cuisine. Arapakos restaurant is a family affair. That is why we always have with us the staff who will take care of you as a member of our family.



1. Bread
2. Gulled «talagani» with onion jam
3. Eggplant roils stuffed with «feta»
4. Fried «feta» in a crust sheet with honey & sesame
5. Chicken sticks with BBQ sauce
6. Grilled vegetables
7. Shrimp pies with sweet chilly sauce
8. Smoked fried cheese with honey
9. Local Gruyere
10. French fries
11. Tarama
12. Tzatziki
13. Spicy cheese dip
14. Garlic dip
15. Split peas «Fava»
16. Eggplant salad


17. Greek salad
18. Arapakos” Greek Salad chopped with «dako», Florina pepper & vinegrd'tte
19. Baby Spinach with rocket, cherry tomatoes, quinoa, shrimp and mustard mayon-noise sauce
20. Rocket salad with spinach, parmesan & cherry tomatoes
21. Green salad with «apaki», gruyere and sundried fruits
22. Potato salad with broccoli & smoked trout
23. Variety of Boiled Vegetables («horta», zucchini, beetroots, broccoli)
24. Cabbage - Carrot
25. Lettuce salad
26. Broccoli
27. Boiled greens
28. Boiled zucchini
29. Beetroots


30. Grilled octopus with fava beans and lemon oil
31. Fried calamari with black tarama
32. Grilled shrimps with tartar sauce
33. Fried shrimps with tartar sauce
34. Shrimps "saganaki"
35. Mussels in wine sauce
36. Fried crayfish with chilly-mayo sauce
37. Fries small fish
38. Grilled sardines
39. Marinated anchovies
40. Smoked cero
41. Boiled Octopus with vinegar
42. Grilled cuttlefish

Fresh fish

43. Snaper portion
44. Stripped red mullets portion
45. Stripped red mullets
46. Red Mullets
47. Cod fish
48. Snaper
49. Sea Bass
50. Sea Bream
51. Dentex/Dente
52. White Bream
53. Sole
54. Grouper
55. Black Grouper
56. Scorpion fish
57. Lobster
58. Squid
59. Lobster spaghetti
60. Clumps

Chef suggests

61. Sea bass fillet with celeriac puree
62. Orzo wth shrimps and Parmesan cream
63. Fish soup
64. Seafood linguine
65. Shrimps pasta
66. Salmon Fillet with tabbouleh salad
67. Couscous with saffron and seafood
68. Garganelli with beef ragout and «mizithra»
69. Gnocchi with mushroom ragout


70. Beef Potty / Burger de boeuf
71. Turkey Patty / Burger de dinde
72. Chicken fillet with vegetables saute & sauce demiglase
73. Pork fillet with sweet potato mashed parmesan sauce & truffle oil
74. Rib Eye with bebepotatoes & «mavrodafni» sauce


75. Mille Feuille
76. Ekmek
77. Orange pie with ice cream
78. Yogurt mousse
79. Fruit salad




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