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Restaurant Naoussa started in 1992, serving traditional food by my mother and my brother Kyriakos, who is the chef of the restaurant. My other brother Kostas is responsible for the quality of service. After many years of successful traditional food distribution in the old taverna ‘Naoussa’, our restaurant moved to the cliff of the Caldera of Santorini next to the Central Metropolis of Fira, the capital of Santorini, with the same successful Traditional Greek Cuisine at reasonable prices in a beautiful place overlooking the Caldera of Santorini and the famous sunset of the island. ‘We are waiting for you to enjoy our special Greek Cuisine’!


1. Bread and butter or dip (per person)

Cold Appetizers

2. Tzatziki
3. Eggplant dip
4. Eggplant dip with pittas
5. Tzatziki with pittas
6. Fish roe dip
7. Fish roe dip with pittas
8. Cheese dip
9. Cheese dip with pittas
10. Grilled Red peppers
11. Spicy peppers
12. Dolmades (Vine leaves stuffed)
13. Octopus with oregano vinegrait
14. Feta Cheese
15. Mix dip for 2

Hot Appetizers

16. Saganaki Cheese
(hard cheese crisp fried)
17. Mushrooms a la crem
18. Grilled Octopus
19. Cheese Triangles
(feta cheese wrapped in fillo pastry)
20. Cheese croquettes
21. Feta baked
(Feta cheese baked in the oven with herbs and spices)
22. Bougiourdi
(Different type of cheese melted in a clay pot with herbs)
23. Spinach pies
(Spinach,feta cheese wrapped in fillo pastry)
24. Eggplant Croquettes
25. Flogeres
26. Halum Burek
27. Tomato balls
28. Mushrooms Pleurotous grilled
(with garlic and vinegraite sauce)
29. Fava local
(Fava beans mashed)


30. Season salad
31. Greek salad
32. Chef’s Salad
33. Nisouaz salad
(tomato, lettuce, cucumber, red beans, tuna, carrots, anchovies, peppers, dressing)
34. Potato salad Naoussa
35. Chicken Salad
36. Tomato and Cucumber
37. Broccoli
38. Green Salad
39. Lettuce Salad
40. Cabbage Salad
41. Beetroot
42. Caesar Salad
(lettuce, bacon, anchovies, croutons, parmesan and garlic dressing)
43. Santorini salad special
(with tomatinies, katsouni, chloro cheese, local products)
44. Rocket Special Salad

Greek Plates

45. Moussaka
46. Chicken in lemon sauce
(with rice or potatoe or pasta)
47. Beef braised in tomato sauce
(with rice or spaghetti)
48. Beef 'Stifado'
49. Lamb in Lemon sauce Baked
50. Fish Plaki
(with rice)
51. Soutzoukakia (stewed meatballs)
(with rice or spaghetti or homemade mashed potatoes)


52. Briam
(mixed cooked vegetables ratatouille style)
53. Stuffed vegetables
(tomato, peppers)
54. Everyday more choice


55. Spaghetti with butter
56. Spaghetti Napoliten
57. Spaghetti Bolognese
(mince meat sauce)
58. Spaghetti Carbonara
(cream, ham, onion, mushrooms)
59. Spaghetti “Naoussa”
60. Spaghetti ala chef
(garlic, mushrooms, cream, parsley)
61. Spaghetti with Shrimps
62. Spaghetti with Prawns (for 2)
63. Spaghetti with mixed Seafood
64. Lobster Spaghetti (for 2)

Special Plates

65. Fillet Naoussa
(beef fillet with special sauce)
66. Prawns Flambι
(with Madagascar pepper, and mushrooms in a light cream sauce)
67. Prawns Beure Blanc
(Prawns sautι with garlic, white santorinian wine and fresh lemon sauce and mushrooms)
68. Pork fillet in oregano sauce
69. Chicken Souvlaki
70. Beef Burger Stuffed with Cheese

Grilled Meat

71. Fillet of beef with Chefs butter
72. Fillet of beef with peppercorn sauce
73. Fillet of beef with red wine sauce
74. Pork chop
75. Beef Steak
76. Veal Steak
77. T-Bone
78. Variety of sausages on the grill
79. Lamb loin chops
80. Pork Kebab
81. Pork Kebab Oriental
82. Beef Burger
83. Chicken Fillet Grilled
84. Chicken Breast American
85. Mixed Grill for two

Grilled Fish

86. Sea Bream grilled
87. Sea Bass grilled
88. Red Snapper grilled
89. Tiger prawns grilled
90. Fresh Sardines grilled
91. Mix Fish plate for two
(with salad, wine, bread and water)
92. Lobster grilled
93. Fresh Fish (daily)
(Please check with our waitors for more choices)


94. Amstel 500ml
95. Mythos 500ml
96. Fix 500ml


97. Ouzo glass
98. Ouzo carafe 250ml
99. Ouzo Plomari
100. Glass Raki
101. Raki carafe


102. House wine carafe 1/4 lt
103. House wine carafe 1/2 lt
104. House wine carafe 1 lt

White wines 750ml

105. Koutsoyannopoulos Assyrtiko
106. Sigalas Santorini Assyrtiko athiri
107. Hatzidakis Aidani Assyrtiko
108. Argyros Ktima
109. Lazaridis Amethistos

Rose wines 750ml

110. Fysalis
111. Akakies

Red wines 750ml

112. Koutsogannopoulos ambelones
113. Naoussa Boutari
114. Boutari Grand Reserve


115. Greek coffee
116. Nescafe Frappe
117. Nes cafe
118. Espresso
119. Cappuccino


120. Coca Cola
121. Sprite
122. Fanta
123. Soda
124. Tonic
125. Bottled water(small)
126. Bottled water(big)
127. Water in a big glass bottle


128. Yogurt with honey and walnuts
129. Homemade Baklava
130. Dessert of the day




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