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Overlooking the Roman Forum and along the train tracks, in an idyllic location – only a few meters from the station Monastiraki Metro – located Restaurant MOMA Rest & Cafe.

In April 2008, three good friends, known to all Giourkas Seitaridis, Victoria Seitaridis and Dimitris Govas, They created a separate area to welcome their friends and more.

Taking into consideration the respect to the traditional architecture of the region, a silversmith old historical center of Athens entirely reconstructed and transformed into a modern and modern room all day while retaining the flavor of a bygone era.



1. Bread and Dip
2. Anise pita bread and dip
3. Bruschettas
(With fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto)
4. Gruyere cheese
(With carob flour and oat breading,
sprinkled with grape sweet preserve)
5. Cheese pie from skopelos with honey
6. Bruschettas
(With artichoke, smoked pancetta, mozzarella and spicy saffron sauce)
7. Baked kataifi
(Stuffed with mozzarella, parmesan
and smoked metsovone cheese.
Served with fig sweet preserve. & spearmint leaves)
8. Steamed Mussels
9. Fresh tomato tartare
(With groats, shrimp and mustard,
Honey and avocado sauce, garnished with chives)
10. Fried ravioli
(Stuffed with cream cheese. Served with tomato jam, baby spinach, and parmesan)
11. Chicken satay skewers
(With teriyaki and barbecue sauce)
12. Beef Meatballs
(With sweet wine sauce and onion rings)
13. Dish of the day
(please consult the staff)


14. Moma salad
(With arugula, tomato, cucumber, peppers of various colours,
olives, caper, whole-wheat rusks, anthotyros & balsamic sauce)
15. Spinach salad
(With anthotyros, pomegranate, croutons, roasted sesame seeds and aged balsamic sauce)
16. Arugula salad
(With grilled haloumi, florina peppers, cashews, fried arabic pita bread,
cherry tomatoes and balsamic sauce)
17. Caesar’s salad
(With coloured leafy vegetables, chicken fillet, croutons,
crispy bacon, corn, parmesan flakes and ceasar’s sauce)
18. Salmon salad
(With mixed vegetables, artichoke, pineapple cubes, caper and orange and honey sauce)
19. Mixed salad
(With grilled beef fillet, mushrooms, caramelised apples, parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette)
20. Tuna salad
(With boiled lettuce hearts, cherry tomatoes, boiled potatoes, spring onions,
fresh herbs and sweet mustard vinaigrette)


21. Vegetable Risotto
(With cream cheese and green apple)
22. Wild Mushroom Risotto
(With port wine, thyme, spring onions, parmesan, and truffle oil)
23. Chicken Risotto
(With baby spinach, peppers of various colours, ‘samos’ sweet wine, and parmesan)


24. Mozzarella Rigatoni
(With tomato sauce, arugula, and basil pesto)
25. Zucchini, dill and garlic linguine
(With dried tomato sauce and anthotyros)
26. Chicken tagliatelle
(With cherry tomatoes, spring onions,
cream cheese and poppy seeds)
27. Pork pancetta linguine
(With tomato jam, almond flakes and parmesan flakes)
28. Chicken linguine
(With blue cheese, walnuts and baby spinach)
29. Ravioli stuffed
(With cream cheese, with bacon and artichoke, in a light cream sauce)
30. Smoked salmon tagliatelle
(With spinach, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, vodka, cream, sweet paprika and parmesan cheese)
31. Tagliatelle with mushroom paste
(Chopped beef fillet, parmesan flakes and truffle oil)
32. Fresh salmon tagliatelle
(in squid ink with buffalo mozzarella)
33. Homemade coq au vin lasagna
(With parmesan flakes)
34. Fresh Gniocchi Di Mare
(With mussels, shrimp*, crab tails and fresh tomato in white mustard sauce)


35. Margherita
(With tomato sauce and mozzarella)
36. Spinach
(With onion, mozzarella and parmesan flakes)
37. Potato
(With feta cheese, mozzarella and finely chopped radicchio)
38. Greek
(With tomato sauce, mozzarella, feta cheese, green peppers, olives and onion)
39. Tartufo
(With mozzarella, mushroom paste and truffle oil)
40. Minced meat
(With gruyere, caramelised onions and anthotyros)
41. Pineapple
(With smoked pancetta, mozzarella and cherty tomatoes)
42. Barbecue
(With barbecue sauce, mozzarella, chicken, bacon, and onion)
43. Carbonara
(With mozzarella, bacon, mushroom, and cream)
44. MOMA
(With tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, basil pesto and baby arugula)

Main Courses

45. Pork fillets
(With thyme sauce and chips)
46. Chicken Mille feuille
(With mozzarella, prosciutto and tomato served with aromatic rice)
47. Turkey burgers
(With herbs and aromatic rice)
48. Parchment baked fresh salmon
(With zucchini slices, mustard sauce and aromatic rice)
49. Beef fillet
(With sweet wine sauce, mashed potatoes and arugula salad)
50. Dish of the day (please consult the staff)

Dishes for 2

51. Mixed Grill
(With chicken fillets, mini kebabs, pork fillets, smoked pancetta, chips,
crispy pita bread and mustard and barbecue dips)
52. Seafood platter
(With shrimp*, calamari*, steamed mussels, taramosalata (fish roe spread) and aubergine spread)

Traditional Menu


53. Fava
(mashed yellow lentils with spring onions, caper leaves, oil, and lemon)
54. Tzatziki
55. Zucchini balls with yogurt sauce
56. Fried calamari*


57. Greek salad
(With tomato, cucumber, onion, green peppers, caper, olives and feta cheese)
58. Dakos salad
(With whole-wheat rusks, fresh tomato, feta cheese, caper, olives and virgin olive oil)

Main courses

59. Moussaka
(With poached potatoes, aubergines, minced beef and béchamel sauce)
60. Yogurtlu kebab
(Made from minced beef and lamb
with roasted tomatoes, pita bread,
chips and yogurt sauce)

Fitness Menu

61. Fitness Milkshake
(With low-fat milk, honey, bananas,
cinnamon, mocha-flavoured
protein powder & digestive biscuits)
62. Low-fat omelette
(With egg whites, turkey,
anthotyros cheese & cherry tomatoes)
63. Sweet Vanilla-flavoured omelette
(With egg whites, quaker,
peanut butter, honey,
bananas and cinnamon)
64. Groats
(With mixed vegetables,
dried fruit, fresh mozzarella,
cherry tomatoes and
white balsamic vinaigrette)
65. Rockburger
(With mixed vegetables,
turkey burgers, anthotyros
and orange and honey sauce)
66. U Salad
(With mixed vegetables, chicken,
turkey burger, parmesan, whole-wheatcroutons, garlic, onion and honey sauce)
67. Whole-wheat spaghetti
(With tuna, Cherry tomatoes,
lime zest, and virgin olive oil)
68. Turkey burgers
(With oatmeal, served with quinoa and herbs)


69. Crushed Millefeuille
(with patisserie cream)
70. Tart
(with pralines chocolate
and berries sauce)
71. Cheesecake
(with home-made preserved sour cherries)
72. Banoffee
73. Soufflé
74. Cheesecake
(with an oreo cookies base and dulce de leche)
75. Apple pie
(with walnuts and caramelized apple sauce)
76. Doughnuts
(with honey and nuts (or chocolate))
77. Fruit Salad
(with seasonal fruits)
78. Fruit salad
(with seasonal fruits, yogurt and honey)


79. All desserts are accompanied by ice-cream


White Wines
80. ‘Moma’ Ktima Dogkas
81. Afrodite Ktima Dogkas
(Semi-sweet Moschato)
82. Akres Ktima Skouras
83. Ktima Karipidi
(Saunignon blanc)
84. Santorini Ktima Sigalas
(Asirtiko – Athiri)
85. Ktima Gerovassiliou
86. Τhema Ktima Pavlidis
(Asyrtiko – Sauvignon Blanc)
87. Ktima Alfa
(Sauvignon Blanc)
88. Ktima Vivlia Chora
(Sauvignon Blahc-Asirtiko)
89. 4 Limnes Kyr Gianni

Rosé Wines
90. Akres Ktima Skouras
(Ágiorgitiko – Moschofilero)
91. Ktima karipidi
92. Akakies Kyr Giannis

Red Wines
93. Moma Ktima Dogkas
94. Afrodite Ktima Dogkas
(Semi-sweet Agiorgitiko – Merlot)
95. Kokkino se mavro Ktima Mitravelas
96. Portes Ktima Skouras
97. Ktima Alfa Helones
98. Ktima Karipidi
99. Ktima Vivlia Chora
(Merlot – Cabernet Sauvignon)
100. Nea Drys Antonopoulos
101. Naoussa Boutaris

Sparkling – Dessert
102. Deus Cavino
(Semi-Sparkling Sideritis – Moschato)
103. Deus Rose Cavino
(Semi – Sparkling Syrah)
104. Moschato D’Asti
(Moschato Bianco D.O.C.G.)
105. Prosecco Brut
(Prosecco D.O.C.G.)
106. Bava Rose
(Malvazia D.O.C.G.)
107. Moet Brut N.V
(Champagne Blend A.O.C. Champagne)
108. Vinsanto
(Asirtiko – Athiri – Aidani)


109. Mythos Glass (300ml)
110. Mythos (500ml)
111. Kaiser (500ml)
112. Vergina Weiss (500ml)
113. Fix (330ml)
114. Red Donkey (330ml)
115. Nisos (330ml)
116. Volcan (330ml)
117. Voreia Stout (330ml)

118. Simply
119. Special
120. Premium


121. Quinoa salad with chicken fillets
(avocado, grilled zucchini and cheddar cheese)
122. Mixed salad with saute shrimps
(egg, dried tomato and sichuan pepper)
123. Veloute soup with chicken
(croutons and chopped chives)
124. Beef soup
(with vegetables and bruschetta with mozzarella)
125. Brioche bread with bacon
(poached egg, hollaindaise sauce and spinach salad with sesame)
126. Multigrain bread with avocado
(poached egg, hollaindaise sauce, spinach and radicchio)
127. Multigrain bread with smoked pork fillets
(mustard sauce, arugula, scrambled eggs and onion)
128. Multigrain bread with smoked salmon
(cream cheese, cucumber, poached egg and caper)
129. Bread with pork fillets
(mustard sauce, grilled haloumi cheese and mixed salad)
130. Bread with marinated shrimps
(avocado, bbq sauce and radish)
131. Bread with beef fillets
(puree avocado, mushrooms and graviera cheese)
132. Yogurt with muesli
(honey, seasonal fruits and strawberry sauce)
133. Strudel with apple
(raisins and orange flavor)
134. Croissant with patisserie cream
(and berries sauce)
135. Chocolate brownie with walnuts
(and chocolate sauce)





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